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Magic is At Our Fingertips

Hello friends and 2023!

I can’t even begin to remember when I last posted, so if you are reading this after all these years – thank you.

I won’t likely post much, but did want to tell you a little secret.

I published a book!

Just a little one with some photos and poems. Since many of you are people who inspired me to write and speak and take photos, I just had to let you know.

Windswept takes you on a photographic journey through the riverbeds, caverns, and stars capes of your heart. Each page invites the reader to explore the beautiful, complex, and whimsical elements that etch the pages of our messy, human existence.

So, roll down the windows and enjoy the ride as we uncover the alchemy of the extraordinary inside the ordinary.

Magic is at our fingertips and under our noses if only we can remember to look.

Windswept now available

I’ve grown quieter and more introspective in my old age. More grateful, humbled and rougher around the edges. Thank you for reading this and for being here. I appreciate you more than you can possibly know.

27 thoughts on “Magic is At Our Fingertips

  1. Hello kind lady, you have been delving into that beautiful heart haven’t you? It speaks so much, even another language in the beginning. We just had to learn to listen and follow its light. So my friend, take a bow, you have deciphered and now share that meaning in this book. I can feel it speaking already. Glad to hear your voice again Michelle, hope you’ve had a delightful Christmas and the opening of a lovely New Year 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Mark,
      It is SO amazing to hear from you! I need to visit your site and see what you have been up to. This poetry journey has been a wonderful one and I’m finding that I thoroughly enjoy the medium. Telling stories and conveying feelings in a few lines is such a wonderful and rewarding practice. So nice to hear from you, Mark!

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  2. Congrats Michelle! Can’t wait to feast my eyes on it! Feast for my soul. Hope life is treating you all so well!! We need reconnect sometime soon
    Laurie B

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  3. It seems like a lot of us from the “Class of 2013” are coming back up for air after being submerged the last few years! So great to see you’ve put so many of your terrific images and tapestry of words together into a book. Congrats and woo-HOO! Looking very forward to getting a copy and curling up with it during the many rainy days (today included) here on the Oregon coast. Cheers to you, Michelle, and best wishes in the new year for you and your family!

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    1. Hi Ned!!! Oh my goodness … the class of 2013 – pretty sure it has been peeps like you who have kept me going. Excited to see where your next endeavor takes you, Ned. Always love (and appreciate) seeing you here.

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      1. Same here, Michelle! It’s a gradual return for me but something I’m enjoying introducing back into my life at my own pace — which includes enjoying your new book! Congrats! It’s beautiful!

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  4. Seeing this email pop into my inbox brought the BIGGEST smile to my face and all the feel goods. I love your book and am so happy for you on such an outstanding accomplishment! It’s just beautiful.

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  5. Great to see you again, my friend Michelle! A book!! That’s so natural for you. Ned said it well above. Class of 2013. We are!! Ten years and finding ways to say it and show it still. Life is something, here, too. Be well and I’ll be catching up with Windswept.

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