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Beyond the Ruby Reds and Tornadoes–There’s No Place Like Kansas

No borders, just horizons – only freedom. ~~Amelia Earhart – Kansas Native ******* Limestone Rolling plains Creek beds Hidden caves Prairie grass Sunsets Sunflowers I grew up on a farm in north-central Kansas. An expanse surrounded by fields of wheat, soybeans, cattle, and pigs. My dad was born in the kitchen of my childhood home,… Continue reading Beyond the Ruby Reds and Tornadoes–There’s No Place Like Kansas

Adventures in Imperfection

Capturing a Light that Leaves Too Soon

For three seconds on the shortest of days, this morning’s sky held the hue of a painter’s palate smeared in pink, mauve, orange, and purple. In the periphery from my desk, I could see what looked like a sky on fire brushed with splashes of native grass and high line wires. I need my camera were… Continue reading Capturing a Light that Leaves Too Soon

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A Chorus of Lovely Voices

Music Melody Chords Cadence What’s missing? A voice. Is it your voice? Is it mine? Shall we sing solo or harmonize? Am I funny? Am I poignant? Am I speaking the truth? Does what I have to say matter? I’ve been blessed and fortunate to meet an entire traveling band of insightful people. After general… Continue reading A Chorus of Lovely Voices

A Little More Serious · Adventures in Imperfection

Prairie Burn

In my corner of the country, spring is the signal to burn the prairie. Start fresh, and purge the landscape of weeds and seeds and spindly trees. This fire-fallow cultivation is a showy signal to Mother Nature and a tell that it’s time to beckon the sprouted green aftermath. Like thunderstorms, the sensual lure of… Continue reading Prairie Burn

Adventures in Imperfection

Grow, Baby, Grow (Almost Wordless Wednesday)

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over and whispers “Grow Grow” ~The Talmud Every year, I endeavor to tease life from green monogrammed Burpee seed packets. After I shared a personal essay about growing plants, Christy sent me the angel quote–a magnet that used to set on her mom’s refrigerator. Her gentle… Continue reading Grow, Baby, Grow (Almost Wordless Wednesday)

Adventures in Imperfection · Freestyle Friday

Life Lessons on the Deck of a Longboard

Instructions for Living Life~ Pay attention Be astonished Tell about it ~Mary Oliver **** So many things make me toes-up-in-the-air happy. The scent of lilacs A pop-up thunderstorm Spools of Nutscene twine Red rust patches on an old tin roof Good wine and great friends The slant of moonbeams and Orion’s Belt in a clear sky Baby… Continue reading Life Lessons on the Deck of a Longboard

Weekly Photo Challenge

The Perfect Day (Photo Challenge: Achievement)

  When I woke up yesterday, I knew it was going to be perfect. For one, I’d just finished getting an entire eight hours of sleep after accumulating a little less than that the two previous nights. I slept like the dead despite the fact that we now have a German Shorthaired Pointer in our bed because he… Continue reading The Perfect Day (Photo Challenge: Achievement)

Monday Muchness

Through the Looking Glass

Do you remember reading books as a child? Can you recall the hours spent with your nose buried between pages that swirled with wild adventures? I do! I remember the precious moments mama read to me while tucked up under the nook of her arm and the sweet scent of her breath as she gave the… Continue reading Through the Looking Glass

A Little More Serious

The Road

The paragraphs below represent an excerpt from the poetry, passages and photos featured on the site of two kindred sisters. They are my partners in blogging crime, sugar and muchiness. Ever since the original post went up, I’ve felt a clawing need to share this story with you. But I resisted, remained still and let what lies below to marinate and… Continue reading The Road