Adventures in Imperfection

Your Prayers Will Be Answered

Come fly with me Cooper Hawk’s view through the Flint Hills Over the ancient ocean’s shelf Texaco hill and wild horses Deer right where he said they’d be Burnt in March Green in May We picked a day to soul search, revisit the ridges where I drafted a 76-page love letter to a green carpet… Continue reading Your Prayers Will Be Answered

Adventures in Imperfection · Photography

Magic is At Our Fingertips

Hello friends and 2023! I can’t even begin to remember when I last posted, so if you are reading this after all these years – thank you. I won’t likely post much, but did want to tell you a little secret. I published a book! Just a little one with some photos and poems. Since… Continue reading Magic is At Our Fingertips

Guest Posts · Lil Mama's Love Letters

Invisible Ink: a Guest Post by Christy Anna Beguins

“and Anna begins to fade away.” ~Counting Crows, “Anna Begins“ I think I’m going to stop writing about you. It’s not like you ever read my work anyway. Not like it ever truly mattered to you. Or I ever mattered. Truly. To you. I always wanted you to read. You knew this. And you would… Continue reading Invisible Ink: a Guest Post by Christy Anna Beguins