Adventures in Imperfection

Your Prayers Will Be Answered

Come fly with me

Cooper Hawk’s view through the Flint Hills

Over the ancient ocean’s shelf

Texaco hill and wild horses

Deer right where he said they’d be

Burnt in March

Green in May

We picked a day to soul search,

revisit the ridges

where I drafted a 76-page love letter

to a green carpet

and Kansas wind on the 333rd day

Dress shopping

Killing darlings and flight patterns

Talking to Goose

(Talking to God)

We prayed for the prairie ponies

—they came in droves

Always a white one

Butterflies at my hem and a

Jack rabbit that rendered us speechless

A blue hour sunset with a third battery to end the night

Answered prayers

And one more flight

Flight, video, and edits by @Codyjamestracy ALL MUSIC @ladygaga and writer Michael Tucker, musician, and several involved (in the YouTube description) Lebel: Interscope

From the videographer, Cody James Tracy: We had this idea to shoot a drone video to Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga not long after Top Gun Maverick was released in theaters. For nearly 10 days I was going over flight paths at Teter Rock and how I was going to fit in the footage and tell a story knowing full well I’d have to adjust on site. After a photo shoot and using two of my 3 drone batteries, we were relaxed counting our blessing enjoying to solitude and peace. A prop plane was in the area and turned in our vicinity. The horses collected atop the hill like the herd animals that they are. That is when I used to final battery and viewed the ponies.

All drone footage was flown within regulations of Part 107 ALL MUSIC Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand with writer Michael Tucker May 3, 2022 Interscope Records Top Gun Maverick Music Harold Faltermeyer Lady Gaga Hans Zimmer

14 thoughts on “Your Prayers Will Be Answered

  1. Oh wow Michelle, a beautiful country and a beautiful soul within it. Everything came together as even the horses did. Silhouetted by the sun and as calm as can be. I’m surprised as close as the drone was it hadn’t at the least made them a bit skittish but they were just being themselves. And you dear lady, looking great and enjoying the adventure in heart and mind…was it for the video? Or a soul just wanting to be free 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  2. Michelle!!! I love seeing your name in my Inbox! I am so glad you posted. I have missed you. I have been writing but not posting. I don’t feel my journal entries are good reading material. I should go back to short stories. So good to see you! ❤️❤️❤️

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  3. We were just talking about people we had not seen at church on Sunday. You came to mind and how much I would like to see you again, church or coffee shop. Then on Tuesday I received your email and your wonderful video from the most beautiful place on earth, the Flint Hills. You are such a spectacular artist! God Bless

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  4. Your video is absolutely beautiful and so soothing to the soul. I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga. Her song, “Hold my Hand” was perfect for your video.

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