Adventures in Imperfection


It starts as a tickle. A whiff. A verdant flash in the upper left quadrant. An undulating breeze that smells like Oklahoma. One moment, a blanket of white covers the hard bed outside your window, and then overnight it’s dotted in green and yellow. Like a bear, this winter has made me sluggish. Science says… Continue reading Hibernation

Adventures in Imperfection

I Write Down Wishes So That They Come True

And when you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it ~~Paulo Coelho from The Alchemist ***** It’s no secret to the people who live inside my bubble, that I’ve been unsettled all summer. That I’m antsy and tackling bones that won’t rest. On the days that I don’t travel for work,… Continue reading I Write Down Wishes So That They Come True

Adventures in Imperfection

A Little Lost, A Little Found

“Getting lost was not a matter of geography so much as identity, a passionate desire, even an urgent need, to become no one and anyone, to shake off the shackles that remind you who you are, who others think you are.” ― Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost   Rusty barbed wire lines… Continue reading A Little Lost, A Little Found

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Retro Party: Blog Share Style

  Remember the FRIST blogger you read and felt a connection. You read one of their paragraphs and wished you had written it yourself. How you ‘squeeed!’ when they delivered a gentle throat-punch with their words. Think! Who was he or she? Do you stalk their blog scroll through old posts to learn more about… Continue reading Retro Party: Blog Share Style

Adventures in Imperfection

Lipstick, Laundry, and a Broken Book

If we were to meet and I was wearing lipstick, it would be a signal to call the family, complete your bucket list, and watch the cows come home. Wearing lipstick is like hang-gliding in the mountains – sounds like fun, seems like it would be pretty, but likely to end in disaster. Doing laundry,… Continue reading Lipstick, Laundry, and a Broken Book