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In-Your-Face Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude – a catchy phrase singing in my brain this morning. A song set on repeat that won’t go away unless I address it. Not that I would ever want that song to go away. I had been working on story #2 – the sequel to the tomato mayhem posted last week,… Continue reading In-Your-Face Gratitude

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Between Hope & the Highway: A New (and FABULOUS) Novel by Charissa Stastny

Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.  ~~Robert H. Schuller ***** I have the coolest, most talented and kind friends — in cyberspace and fur reals! Today, I’m featuring a friend whose beautiful face you’ve seen in these hallways before. She’s written another book, and I’m excited to tell you about it today.… Continue reading Between Hope & the Highway: A New (and FABULOUS) Novel by Charissa Stastny

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Pickin’ Wildflowers

I said I wanna touch the earth I wanna break it in my hands I wanna grow something wild and unruly I wanna sleep on the hard ground In the comfort of your arms On a pillow of bluebonnets In a blanket made of stars Lyrics from “Cowboy Take Me Away” by Martha Maguire, Marcus… Continue reading Pickin’ Wildflowers

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Two Truths and a Lie: Breaking into Print Part 2

Holy cow, wow! Wasn’t Monday with the authors fun? I loved learning from these talented folks; and judging by the comments, tweets and shares – you did, too! If you missed it, you can check out Part One here.  Today’s questions are a bit more light-hearted and I’ll be giving you a chance to test your… Continue reading Two Truths and a Lie: Breaking into Print Part 2

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Two Truths and A Lie: Breaking into Print Part 1

The wistful side of me wakes up every morning with good intentions and big dreams to quit my job and write stories. Then the fiscally conservative, first-born sends me to my sixty-hour-plus day-job and reminds me that writing poetry and blogging about laundry isn’t going to pay the bills. But, the dream never dies. And,… Continue reading Two Truths and A Lie: Breaking into Print Part 1

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February stands for FREE!

Wanna have a pre-Valentine’s Day party? The kind that doesn’t require high heels or two years salary? The type of party where you get to leave your wallet at home? A free-for-all? If you answered yes, read on! ***** Before I was a writer, I was a reader. As a reader, have you ever thought… Continue reading February stands for FREE!

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Who’s Your Daddy?

I am surrounded by fantastic dads. I was raised by one and I’m married to one. My husband was raised by a great father and my brothers/brothers in-laws are awesome dads, too. I pray to One and am surrounded by daddy friends and coaches who are amazing, too. See a theme here? It would be easy to get mushy and sappy, and… Continue reading Who’s Your Daddy?

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Unpolished and Earthy (Blog Tour)

Hey friends, Welcome to the unpolished, earthy leg of the Blog Tour happening right now in my neck of the woods. No hiking gear required though we might need a mower (and strapping hired hand) to get us out of the weeds. More on that later. A huge and humble thank you to Karen at Mended Musings for inviting me… Continue reading Unpolished and Earthy (Blog Tour)

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Lucy in the Sky

Like many days before, I spent last Tuesday trudging to and through the Kansas City airport. For a variety of reasons, I was just a little bit, teeny tiny sad even though I’m always thankful to have a great job and rewarding career. The good news is that it’s actually been a very fruitful meeting and… Continue reading Lucy in the Sky

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Best Seats in the House!

Hey everyone! Special thanks to Kris at who provided me with the prompt “How Sports brings us Together as a Family.” What you’ll read below is my take on the subject and easily one of the happiest posts I’ve written to date. Take a peek at the Fanatics blog for additional bits of wisdom and visit their site to pick up… Continue reading Best Seats in the House!