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Home is where the Heart is

  I’ve heard it stated “Home is where the heart is.” I believe there is real truth to this statement. However, I also believe your heart can consider more than one place to be your home. Today I live in Topeka, KS with my beautiful family and we consider Topeka our home. But, I had… Continue reading Home is where the Heart is

Short and Sweet

Run like a dog!

“Run like a dog” was the morning’s mantra pasted on Facebook. Flippin’ -30 outside and my dog (Cleve) would still want to run. For miles. He’s the one who usually gets me outside even in the craziest of conditions.  We ran yesterday at 24 degrees, but today’s 20 mph north wind and 9 degree air temp are… Continue reading Run like a dog!

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The KC Chiefs: Should I take them back?

This morning, before the first rays of daylight even hit my face, I was awake and “they” were on my mind…AGAIN. Fuzzy images of Dwayne Bowe running down the side line, Alex Smith completing passes and a defense that reminds me of the good old Derrick Thomas days. Damn memories. I texted my BFF,  “I’m tempted… Continue reading The KC Chiefs: Should I take them back?