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Ten Unusual Signs of a Stress-free Week

Happy Friday everyone! ‘Scuse me while I self-indulge and do a happy dance. I have had a great week! It’s been awhile, and I found myself uncovering the remnants of such. Here are some of the signs that reveal a perfect seven-day stretch. The TSA thinks I’m MIA. I haven’t sniffed an airport in ten… Continue reading Ten Unusual Signs of a Stress-free Week

Humor · Monday Muchness

I Assume that the F-Bomb is an Inappropriate Mantra?

Are we done yet? I taste blood Wait, am I bleeding? Jeez! How hot is it in here? I can’t see I can’t feel my legs You want me to put my what where??? I’m all tingly! I can’t breathe! *Gasp *Cough  Am I dying? Bad word! Bad word! Bad word! ^%*(%*$(*% Did this internal… Continue reading I Assume that the F-Bomb is an Inappropriate Mantra?

Adventures in Imperfection

One Hot (Yoga) Mess of a Mama

lines~~curves shadows~~light yin~~yang good days~~bad days Our lives are a ballet among contrasting landscapes and emotional highways. One moment, we are screaming down a back road in a sweet Chevelle with the windows rolled down and our hair flying everywhere. The next instant, we are pulled over getting a speeding ticket. The day is ruined.… Continue reading One Hot (Yoga) Mess of a Mama

Adventures in Imperfection

As the Crow Flies

A year ago at this time, I was feeling smug and cocky. I’d just finished making my Vision Board, wrote about it on my blog and blathered on about its existence on Facebook.  Kind readers like you encouraged me, built your own vision boards and shared your personal “Word for the Year.” I took your words, plastered them… Continue reading As the Crow Flies