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If You’re Afraid of a Journey, Don’t Buy Shoes

Each weekday, my son is up and out the door at 5:30 a.m. for Washburn Football work-outs. Even though he’s responsible for his alarm, the mama in me still sets a Kramer just in case. Dane didn’t need prompted to get out of bed this morning, but I did. I’d planned to run, water the… Continue reading If You’re Afraid of a Journey, Don’t Buy Shoes

Adventures in Imperfection

Thanks For Keeping Me Going

The hills, they lie.   Whether you’re a runner, a biker, a walker, or human being trying to muddle through life, the hills can reach up and grab you with their dirt, gravel,or asphalt arms. They choke you with an alternative reality and can convince you that you’re: slow old fat out of shape out… Continue reading Thanks For Keeping Me Going

Adventures in Imperfection

Miles Away and Free Fallin’

It would have been easier to stay inside. Chain my legs to the desk and motor on. It would have been normal or even acceptable to complain about the falling temperatures and how the 1-2 inches of snow were wreaking havoc with my plan to run outside. I run year-round, all-weather, but fifteen degrees makes… Continue reading Miles Away and Free Fallin’

Freestyle Friday

Ten Unusual Signs of a Stress-free Week

Happy Friday everyone! ‘Scuse me while I self-indulge and do a happy dance. I have had a great week! It’s been awhile, and I found myself uncovering the remnants of such. Here are some of the signs that reveal a perfect seven-day stretch. The TSA thinks I’m MIA. I haven’t sniffed an airport in ten… Continue reading Ten Unusual Signs of a Stress-free Week

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A Sexy Peek Under Mother Nature’s Skirts

I am an easy date. Give me a blue sky and a fragrant flower tucked in at the collar, I’ll hand over my digits. Throw in an afternoon of hooky, and I can’t keep the sun from kissing my skin. Add to that, a woodsmoke Autumn breeze and a running trail; I’m pledging eternal love.… Continue reading A Sexy Peek Under Mother Nature’s Skirts

Adventures in Imperfection

Hit the Ground Running

I really needed to run. My mom and I were sitting together Sunday morning before she went to church. I was quiet like I always am and she worried like she always does. It’s what mammas do. She keeps a post-race marathon picture of me on her refrigerator. I looked so young. I telegraphed her a message, “Don’t worry about… Continue reading Hit the Ground Running

Friday Fun

It’s a good thing he’s cute…

Dear Dad, I’m reaching out to you before Mom tattles on me. I think she’s pretty mad, so if she shows up before you finish reading, just hide me somewhere. The Rat Rod will do. I’m very sorry about what happened out on the trail last week. I didn’t know that her knee was hurting before we… Continue reading It’s a good thing he’s cute…

Completely Random

Is it Airborne??!?

*Sputter Hack Cough* Ewww!  What the….? I didn’t know stuff could even ooze out of there. Is that even a real color? Oh, hey! How long have you been standing there?  I didn’t know I left the door open. Sorry about that gross display. Just have a minor case of Writer’s Block today and… Wait! Come… Continue reading Is it Airborne??!?