Adventures in Imperfection

Life Lessons on the Deck of a Longboard

Instructions for Living Life~ Pay attention Be astonished Tell about it –Mary Oliver ***** Note: I wrote a version of story that follows almost four years ago. If you read the original what you didn’t see was the fall-out. At the time, my deeply private (and barely teenage) son was mortified by his mom’s whimsical… Continue reading Life Lessons on the Deck of a Longboard

Adventures in Imperfection

A Blind Date (of sorts) A Guest Post by Eric Wood (StomperDad)

My wife and I had discussed numerous times about inviting someone to come live with us. We knew it would be long term. We knew once they moved in they would be with us for many, many years. We also knew that they would not be able to care for themselves for many years. It… Continue reading A Blind Date (of sorts) A Guest Post by Eric Wood (StomperDad)

Adventures in Imperfection

Teaching Our Children to be Humble and Kind–With Swagger

Imagine who you want your kids to become. Be that! ~~Source Unknown A great quote, don’t you think? A mantra, an action, a deed. Words that are striking and impressive on a page, a screen, in a notebook, on a bookmark, in a tweet, a Facebook post. What’s the catch? The meaning? The beautiful metaphor?… Continue reading Teaching Our Children to be Humble and Kind–With Swagger

Adventures in Imperfection

A Piece of Pie and a Cup ‘o Joe

Approaching a teenage boy is a lot like capturing a wild animal. You can’t make any fast movements, don’t dare back them into a corner and be sure to bring food. My teenager has gone from a chubby cherub to a man-child overnight. Since football ended and wrestling started at the end of November, he’s… Continue reading A Piece of Pie and a Cup ‘o Joe

Adventures in Imperfection


Ever had one of those days where you’re plugging along, big smile on your face and feeling pretty durned good about life? “Dude, you rock! I got this life stuff all figured out.” Then you get thrown a curve ball. Not a horrible hook, but just God’s little off-speed reminder, “Um, not so fast. You… Continue reading Selfie-Concious

Adventures in Imperfection

There Goes my Heart

I should have recognized what was going on when the frenzy emerged last week. Days filled with excessive cleaning, organizing and rearranging. Evenings spent dead heading flowers, demolishing weeds, cleaning out personal e-mail files and packing up boxes of stuff I don’t use any more. Clean, purge, organize, numb. Repeat. I’ve learned that when I get into a… Continue reading There Goes my Heart

A Little More Serious · Favorite Things

Two Tickets to TannaLand, please….

Do you know this pretty little flower? Do you have one growing in your garden? I don’t think so. There’s not another like her and she’s all mine! It’s my girl, Tanna. Aka: Tanna Banana–one of the loves of my life. At the end of her rookie semester in grade school, we received the obligatory progress report which… Continue reading Two Tickets to TannaLand, please….