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The Proper Care and Feeding of a Blog

Oh hey! ‘Scuse the mess! Mercy me, if I’d known you were going to stop by, I would have baked cookies and fixed my hair. But, we’re friends, so the chaos doesn’t matter, and I’m glad you’re here. It’s October in the halls of MamaMick, and while others are sipping warm pumpkin concoctions, I’m obsessing… Continue reading The Proper Care and Feeding of a Blog

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A Sexy Peek Under Mother Nature’s Skirts

I am an easy date. Give me a blue sky and a fragrant flower tucked in at the collar, I’ll hand over my digits. Throw in an afternoon of hooky, and I can’t keep the sun from kissing my skin. Add to that, a woodsmoke Autumn breeze and a running trail; I’m pledging eternal love.… Continue reading A Sexy Peek Under Mother Nature’s Skirts

Adventures in Imperfection

Tackling Imperfection (and laundry): One Pile at a Time

“We need to spruce up our laundry routine,” utters the adoring husband. He slides a donut in under my nose and backs away before fangs appear. It’s a wise peace-offering and not the first time he has placated with carbohydrates to save himself. “Whaddya mean?” my inner voice screams. “I can barely manage to blah,… Continue reading Tackling Imperfection (and laundry): One Pile at a Time

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Misadventures in Tennessee (Not all who wander are lost)

My work week may have started like yours, like many of ours do. Mine was a random Monday full of meetings and phone calls, fires to put out, and issues to manage. After a quick pack-job, I was out the door by 5 so I could reach Omaha before dark. Little did I know that… Continue reading Misadventures in Tennessee (Not all who wander are lost)

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Who’s Your Daddy?

I am surrounded by fantastic dads. I was raised by one and I’m married to one. My husband was raised by a great father and my brothers/brothers in-laws are awesome dads, too. I pray to One and am surrounded by daddy friends and coaches who are amazing, too. See a theme here? It would be easy to get mushy and sappy, and… Continue reading Who’s Your Daddy?

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If You Give a Mom a Day Off: Shiny Objects Part Two

If you give a Mom a day off, she’s going to lay in bed. While she’s laying in bed, she’ll enjoy pancakes fed to her by an attentive husband and doting children. Then, she’ll realize she’s dreaming, wake up, and see cobwebs on the ceiling. She’ll hop out of bed to grab a broom. The… Continue reading If You Give a Mom a Day Off: Shiny Objects Part Two

Adventures in Imperfection

Lipstick, Laundry, and a Broken Book

If we were to meet and I was wearing lipstick, it would be a signal to call the family, complete your bucket list, and watch the cows come home. Wearing lipstick is like hang-gliding in the mountains – sounds like fun, seems like it would be pretty, but likely to end in disaster. Doing laundry,… Continue reading Lipstick, Laundry, and a Broken Book

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Sugar? Yes Please!

Welcome back to Freestyle Friday! Todays Feature: Extra sweet, calorie-free photos from my space to yours. Today’s Challenge: Grab a cup of coffee, peruse the photos, and stay till the end for a sweet sing-a-long. ***** Life happens, right? Best-laid plans get changed, derailed, or lost on a plane.  Deadlines get missed; birthdays are forgotten, and… Continue reading Sugar? Yes Please!

Adventures in Imperfection

The Little Engine that Could

Right now this family is composed of three train cars plus me and Macy Grey. In the sleeper car is my husband – sick with what appears to be influenza A. He’s finally asleep after a night of chills, fever and misery. In the coal car is my son – drained and depleted from a… Continue reading The Little Engine that Could