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Spotify Addict Spotted (Freestyle Friday)

Welcome to Freestyle Friday where rules don’t exist and style points don’t matter! Today’s Feature: Music! Since Christy gave Jennie and I Premium Spotify for Christmas, we’ve been building and sharing playlists with each other. It’s become a bit of an addiction and I’m always looking for new songs and lists for running, making it through the work day and… Continue reading Spotify Addict Spotted (Freestyle Friday)

Adventures in Imperfection · Short and Sweet

My fantastically skewed and warped approach to 2014

Happy New Year, friends! A girl like me can hardly resist the urge to list, categorize and hoard New Year’s resolutions like a crazy squirrel.  In fact, my mom confided that I was born with a label maker and a journal instead of a silver spoon. In typical January 1 fashion, I sat down this morning with magazines, Pinterest, photo… Continue reading My fantastically skewed and warped approach to 2014