Adventures in Imperfection

Life Lessons on the Deck of a Longboard

Instructions for Living Life~ Pay attention Be astonished Tell about it –Mary Oliver ***** Note: I wrote a version of story that follows almost four years ago. If you read the original what you didn’t see was the fall-out. At the time, my deeply private (and barely teenage) son was mortified by his mom’s whimsical… Continue reading Life Lessons on the Deck of a Longboard

Adventures in Imperfection · Completely Random

Monday? You’ve got this. (Short Read!)

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest that we take between two deep breaths.” ~~Etty Hillesum ***** Monday, right? You have a big list rowing waves in your head. Groceries Graduations Taxes Work Kids We can approach this week one of two ways. With dread and trepidation and angst that… Continue reading Monday? You’ve got this. (Short Read!)

Adventures in Imperfection


It starts as a tickle. A whiff. A verdant flash in the upper left quadrant. An undulating breeze that smells like Oklahoma. One moment, a blanket of white covers the hard bed outside your window, and then overnight it’s dotted in green and yellow. Like a bear, this winter has made me sluggish. Science says… Continue reading Hibernation

Adventures in Imperfection

Where Flowers Grow in Concrete

    We are not privy to the stories behind people’s actions, so we should be patient with others and suspend judgement of them, recognizing the limits of our understanding. – Epictetus I pitched to the editor of Topeka Magazine, a story about a prison greenhouse project. I’d written two other articles for him, so… Continue reading Where Flowers Grow in Concrete

Adventures in Imperfection

Playing for the Guys Next to You

4:50 a.m. – the alarm rings its tune from the kitchen counter. No need to have set it (and checked twice)–I was awake at 4:00. Time to make sausage links. Knowing that other moms and dads were in their kitchens at the butt-crack of dawn made me smile. Understanding the reason why we were doing… Continue reading Playing for the Guys Next to You

Adventures in Imperfection

Thanks For Keeping Me Going

The hills, they lie.   Whether you’re a runner, a biker, a walker, or human being trying to muddle through life, the hills can reach up and grab you with their dirt, gravel,or asphalt arms. They choke you with an alternative reality and can convince you that you’re: slow old fat out of shape out… Continue reading Thanks For Keeping Me Going

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In-Your-Face Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude – a catchy phrase singing in my brain this morning. A song set on repeat that won’t go away unless I address it. Not that I would ever want that song to go away. I had been working on story #2 – the sequel to the tomato mayhem posted last week,… Continue reading In-Your-Face Gratitude

Freestyle Friday

Ten Unusual Signs of a Stress-free Week

Happy Friday everyone! ‘Scuse me while I self-indulge and do a happy dance. I have had a great week! It’s been awhile, and I found myself uncovering the remnants of such. Here are some of the signs that reveal a perfect seven-day stretch. The TSA thinks I’m MIA. I haven’t sniffed an airport in ten… Continue reading Ten Unusual Signs of a Stress-free Week

Adventures in Imperfection

Light Housekeeping: I’ll Scrub Your Toilets if You Read This!

It’s gonna get messy in here for a moment. MamaMick’s place boasts a cluttered desk, a monkey mind, and piles of laundry everywhere. I would rather get on my knees and scrub dirty toilets for you than have to ask for what comes next. *Grabs paper bag *Takes a deep breath Could you please do a… Continue reading Light Housekeeping: I’ll Scrub Your Toilets if You Read This!