Adventures in Imperfection


It starts as a tickle. A whiff. A verdant flash in the upper left quadrant. An undulating breeze that smells like Oklahoma. One moment, a blanket of white covers the hard bed outside your window, and then overnight it’s dotted in green and yellow. Like a bear, this winter has made me sluggish. Science says… Continue reading Hibernation

Adventures in Imperfection · Short and Sweet

My fantastically skewed and warped approach to 2014

Happy New Year, friends! A girl like me can hardly resist the urge to list, categorize and hoard New Year’s resolutions like a crazy squirrel.  In fact, my mom confided that I was born with a label maker and a journal instead of a silver spoon. In typical January 1 fashion, I sat down this morning with magazines, Pinterest, photo… Continue reading My fantastically skewed and warped approach to 2014