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No Tears This Year (My Mets Friend Pays Off a Bet)

Look at this nice note Mark Bialczak sent me right before Game 1 of the World Series: “Good luck tonight and beyond, my Royals loving friend! Before the first pitch, I propose a friendly wager. The loser writes a guest post for the winner’s blog: Why I still love my baseball team and will forever, complete with… Continue reading No Tears This Year (My Mets Friend Pays Off a Bet)

Friday Fun

Crazy Sports Fan? Who Me?

Sports fans. Crazy with their antics, foam fingers, and self-imposed rituals. Some of you might think the route you drive to work on game day, or the pre-match food you eat impacts the outcome of your favorite team. I say hooey to all that! Would you like some scrambled eggs? I make them every Friday… Continue reading Crazy Sports Fan? Who Me?

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Turns out that there IS crying in baseball

I’m not a crier. Well, not really. Unless you count Hallmark commercials. Or, okay, Humane Society ads. And yeah, when a family member or friend is hurting. Or seeing pictures of my kids (and their friends) when they were babies. And yes. I cried a little when the 2014 Forever-Champions-in-my-heart Kansas City Royals made into the… Continue reading Turns out that there IS crying in baseball

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Is it just me, or is it freezing in here? (Royals baseball, baby!)

“When hell freezes over” is a phrase reserved for the impossible, improbable and “no way” type situations. I’ve heard hubs say the words when I mention him in skinny jeans as well as every time I have predicted that the Royals were heading into the post season. Well, BD…read it and weep: Our cousin, Nancy, posted this Atlanta… Continue reading Is it just me, or is it freezing in here? (Royals baseball, baby!)

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Best Seats in the House!

Hey everyone! Special thanks to Kris at who provided me with the prompt “How Sports brings us Together as a Family.” What you’ll read below is my take on the subject and easily one of the happiest posts I’ve written to date. Take a peek at the Fanatics blog for additional bits of wisdom and visit their site to pick up… Continue reading Best Seats in the House!

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The Church of Baseball

Even though a faint dusting of snow still lies on the ground, the 2013 USAAA 13-and-under state champion Rebels will be packing up cleats, adjusting cups and heading down the road for the first game of the season on Saturday. I’ve missed the baseball mamas (dads, too!) and we sisters from other misters have spent many weekends huddled together in blankets or… Continue reading The Church of Baseball