Friday Fun

Ready to Re-On-Vay


“It’s time to re-on-vay…”

This is the phrase that my best friend Kelsey whispers to me every time we go on vacation together.

“Re-on-vay” is short for “let’s relax on vacation and let’s not say the whole sentence because we are too relaxed to finish it.”

Our families have been doing the re-on-vay together for almost ten years. What a blessing to find another set of people just as dysfunctional as we are who get along well enough to travel together. They tolerate my need to be at the airport at the butt-crack of dawn and I tolerate their need to do things that involve deep water and sea sickness.


So friends, we are off to someplace paradise for a while with my bestie and her husband as well as another fun couple making their first trip to the tropics. Even though the homestead will be in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa (and 5 dogs) I’ve got the pre-vacation jitters as I try to prepare both of my kids to tackle situations I’d normally micromanage if I were here. As difficult as it is for me to leave them and the always-a-gnat-in-my-ear responsibilities, I’m old enough to know that this quality time with BD and friends is a much-needed reboot and kick in the pants as well as an opportunity to grant some independence to Tanna and Dane.

And, before you get the urge to throw snowballs at my head, let me provide a little gift for you. I know that this time of year can be stressful, so hop over to Brene’ Brown’s site and read this short article, “The show must go on. But at what cost?” It was exactly what I needed yesterday when I found myself drowning in a pile of Christmas lists, bills, work assignments and high school wrestling schedules.


Now pop an umbrella in your hot chocolate, throw in some ear buds and escape from the self-inflicted chaos with my playlist. Perhaps you can re-on-vay today, too.

Psst: The Kenny Chesney sandwich is just for you, Christy. xo