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Biscuits (Music While You Wait)

  Sorry I missed you last week. I’m working on some things. All the things.  I have ideas. A mission. A plan. Two posts I’m writing. Gimme another week.  Creating a thirty-two day mindfulness series. Gimme two three weeks. Side note: This morning, I was comparing my skills to others. Parenting, wife-ing, housekeeping, working.  Comparison is… Continue reading Biscuits (Music While You Wait)

Music While You Wait

Life is Good…(Music while you’ll wait)

Hubs and I just finished devouring some homemade smoked pizza with all sorts of veggies fresh from the garden. And the pig who sacrificed his life for the sausage and pepperoni sprinkles? Well, he was from the ‘hood grocery store up the street and we weren’t on speaking terms anyway. YUMMY! My sweet son has been divvying up… Continue reading Life is Good…(Music while you’ll wait)

Music While You Wait

Ba-Bye Metaphors and Hidden Meanings! (Music while you wait)

Hey y’all! I hope you have had a great week. Been a little too serious over here on the MamaMick side, so I’m lightening things up a bit before posting my last piece in the Life is a Highway series next week. You guys rock for reading all of my sentimental ramblings. Today’s post doesn’t… Continue reading Ba-Bye Metaphors and Hidden Meanings! (Music while you wait)

Music While You Wait

Alive and Kicking! (Music while you wait Vol. 3)

Alive, kicking and barely breathing these days. But smiling and grateful (or is that code for clueless and punchy?) Just a note to check in and provide music while you wait. I’m only through half of the blog reading I wanted to get caught up on in April, but there’s light at the end of the… Continue reading Alive and Kicking! (Music while you wait Vol. 3)

Music While You Wait · Short and Sweet

Music while you wait (Vol. 2)

Hey friends! Just a quick note to let you know all is well in MamaMick land. I have so many fun and exciting things to share with you, but “day job” planes, trains and automobiles have kept me all tied up. I appreciate your visits here and on my photography site. In fact, it feels like… Continue reading Music while you wait (Vol. 2)

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Blowin’ Smoke

Sharing one of my very favorite songs from artist Kacey Musgraves–a country cutie who ain’t afraid to get after it.

Remember how I promised Friday Favorites up next? Um yeah.

It’s going to take a little longer than a few days to do any justice to your favorite things. Let me be honest; the day job has taken over this week, I’m going to the P!nk concert tonight and the Soldier post from yesterday completely drained me emotionally. Nothing better than a blogger with baggage, right?

Talk amongst yourselves about your daawgs and your daawghters and give me till next week?

And the next time you see me put the gauntlet of a deadline out there, remember…

I’m just blowin’ smoke….