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Monday? You’ve got this. (Short Read!)

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest that we take between two deep breaths.” ~~Etty Hillesum ***** Monday, right? You have a big list rowing waves in your head. Groceries Graduations Taxes Work Kids We can approach this week one of two ways. With dread and trepidation and angst that… Continue reading Monday? You’ve got this. (Short Read!)

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If You Give a Mom a Day Off: Shiny Objects Part Two

If you give a Mom a day off, she’s going to lay in bed. While she’s laying in bed, she’ll enjoy pancakes fed to her by an attentive husband and doting children. Then, she’ll realize she’s dreaming, wake up, and see cobwebs on the ceiling. She’ll hop out of bed to grab a broom. The… Continue reading If You Give a Mom a Day Off: Shiny Objects Part Two

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Is it Airborne??!?

*Sputter Hack Cough* Ewww!  What the….? I didn’t know stuff could even ooze out of there. Is that even a real color? Oh, hey! How long have you been standing there?  I didn’t know I left the door open. Sorry about that gross display. Just have a minor case of Writer’s Block today and… Wait! Come… Continue reading Is it Airborne??!?

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Be Brave (Part 2)

Remember yesterday’s instruction to Be Brave? Here’s a little more to get the juices flowing as you head into another challenging week of work/parenting/caregiving/being-all-you-can-be. Christy, a talented blogger and newly found friend, reminded me that “brave” is her word for 2014. Her kind comments (and enduring bravery) reminded me of a fantastic song by Sara Bareilles.… Continue reading Be Brave (Part 2)

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My week as a BoHo Chick

Zero to Hero-ish blogger here. It’s publishing day in the blog halls of MamaMick, so let me move the pile of laundry off my desk and check out the assignment.  Day 6: Publish a post that includes a new element I’m going to take a stab at photojournalism. Photography is a passion and a hobby of… Continue reading My week as a BoHo Chick

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Blowin’ Smoke

Sharing one of my very favorite songs from artist Kacey Musgraves–a country cutie who ain’t afraid to get after it.

Remember how I promised Friday Favorites up next? Um yeah.

It’s going to take a little longer than a few days to do any justice to your favorite things. Let me be honest; the day job has taken over this week, I’m going to the P!nk concert tonight and the Soldier post from yesterday completely drained me emotionally. Nothing better than a blogger with baggage, right?

Talk amongst yourselves about your daawgs and your daawghters and give me till next week?

And the next time you see me put the gauntlet of a deadline out there, remember…

I’m just blowin’ smoke….

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Why I will NEVER love the Kansas City Chiefs again…EVER!

A feeling of longing and desire washed through my body. I didn’t want to be drawn in, but the temptation was too much and the decadent promise of an old lover lured me back like expensive chocolate and cheap booze. I shot the TV a passing glance and just hoped that my husband wouldn’t catch… Continue reading Why I will NEVER love the Kansas City Chiefs again…EVER!

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Dear Kansas

  Dear Kansas, Thank you for the beautiful morning. Truly, there is no place like home. Yours Forever,    Dorothy FIVE MINUTES LATER…. Dear Kansas, Your weather sucks! Skipped town, took the dog and am keeping the shoes. Dorothy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ,