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Biscuits (Music While You Wait)


Sorry I missed you last week. I’m working on some things. All the things. 

I have ideas. A mission. A plan. Two posts I’m writing. Gimme another week. 

Creating a thirty-two day mindfulness series. Gimme two three weeks.

Side note: This morning, I was comparing my skills to others. Parenting, wife-ing, housekeeping, working. 

Comparison is the thief of joy. Thank you, Eleanor Roosevelt. 

We are doing the best we can, right? Right!

You’re busy, too. With all the things. 

You’ll get them done. You always do. 


21 thoughts on “Biscuits (Music While You Wait)

  1. That’s a fun song (and I’m not even a fan of country). “Own your own crazy”. I find myself comparing myself to others at time. Then I remember I do things my own way and I move on 🙂 Good luck getting all your things done!

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    1. Kasey Musgraves is an amazing writer – says the things I need to hear. We humans are really good at comparing ourselves to others … and then wondering why we fall short.
      How are you, Eric?? So awesome to see you here.

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      1. I’m doing well, thanks! Just checking in on you from time to time 🙂 I think it’s only good to compare ourselves to others when we’re trying to better ourselves. But then it’s more like “What are they doing that I’m not” more so than comparison.

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  2. There’s always something to do, and life seems busier than it ever was. I think technology has a lot to do with it. It frees us up in many ways, but it also keeps us more tethered than we used to be.

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  3. Take a breath! Thanks for sharing the song- love it! Love Kacey’s voice. What a cutie. When you feel overwhelmed, remind yourself you’ll get it done. There’s plenty of time because after all, there is only now. And whenever your mindfulness series comes out is the perfect time for it to be received.


  4. Well you need to stop that stuff!!! No comparing!! You are you and they are they… You are an amazing woman who has accomplished amazing things and you will continue to accomplish amazing things!!!! I hope you had a good Mother’s Day. Mine was calm and peaceful and I got to see a brand new baby fawn less than an hour old. I am going to post about it today!!
    Have a great week my beautiful friend!!!! ❤


  5. Have faith little angel, your heart has all the ingredients for a happiness and love that we seek…all we have to do is let go the expectations…especially ours ❤
    Just go and give hubby a hug and say I love you…and hold that hug for at least a full minute. Let the world go and feel…really feel that hug. It has more beauty in it than all those 'chores' all around, and in fact will even give you much strength that this world of chores seem to take away ❤


  6. You can never win with comparisons. Of course you are looking at a highlight reel when you see your own behind the scenes. Your posts are worth waiting for!


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