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Wag More Bark Less (A Repost and a Footnote)

Repost from 12/17/2013 – please read the footnote after the article to see what’s happening these days with our beloved Macy Grey.


I’m Macy Grey and I run this joint.

In case you didn’t know, my family often looks to me for advice. I’m smart and loyal and I love them with my whole heart.  In dog years, the earth has gone round the sun 72 112 times since I was born and that equates to enough experience under my collar to share some wisdom.

My little brother, Cleve, isn’t here right now to help (thank goodness), but I’ll be sure to represent and make him proud. Mama found some of these during her morning readings, so I took the best and added a few of my own.

Life Lessons that Humans can learn from Dogs:

1) Wag more, bark less

2) When loved ones come home, always run to greet and shower them with kisses

3) Don’t eat yellow snow

4) Avoid biting when a simple growl will do

5) When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle them gently


6)  Never pretend to be something you are not

7) Let others know when you’ve invaded their territory

8) Never underestimate the healing power of sunbeams and fresh air


9) Go for walks, take long naps and eat your food with gusto

10) It’s okay to tell people that you are very, very sorry. Things happen, chocolate gets eaten, furniture gets chewed. You are still loved.

11) Don’t just accept people as they are, love them as they are!



Footnote 4/23/2018: Macy has taught us lessons in unconditional love, loyalty, and the joy of chasing squirrels. Miss Macy is getting older. She sleeps during the day, and paces at night. She can’t see or hear, and sometimes forgets that the carpets (and bed, and tile, and floor lamps) are not a public bathroom. We know that her time is nearing and (soon) we’ll have to make the decision to keep her comfortable and pain-free.

Until then, we’ll be patient when she pees in the house, comfort her when she forgets who we are, and love her until she visits the Rainbow Bridge. You know she’d do the same for us.

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.
M.K. Clinton (author, The Returns)


18 thoughts on “Wag More Bark Less (A Repost and a Footnote)

  1. “Wag more, bark less”—I love that! Would make a great title for a story or book. 🙂

    Wish we could have a dog (or a cat), but my husband is too allergic. So I have to get my fix when I visit my mother in New Hampshire. I have more pictures of her cat than should be allowed.

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  2. She is like her owner, a heart of gold and always thinking of others. And I have to say she doesn’t ‘feel’ old to me energy wise Michelle, it must be that love she carries with her keeping her young within ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Well… this made me cry. I just lost my beautiful Springer – Parker – in Feb. I miss him terribly. I have stuff I need to take to the Animal Shelter for friends who work there and I just haven’t been able to get up the nerve to go. I know I will want to bring every dog home with me. There is a reason I avoid those places…. lol!
    Love on your baby as much as possible. They always seem to know. I have lost 3 Springers now and I don’t know if I will ever have another one. The Yorkie was sad for a while, but he is better now. Still doesn’t make me feel less guilty when I have to leave the house and he is alone. He has never been alone. Our summer is crazy so I can’t see getting another dog right now. It just isn’t feasible. Maybe someday ❤

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