Adventures in Imperfection


It starts as a tickle. A whiff. A verdant flash in the upper left quadrant.

An undulating breeze that smells like Oklahoma.

One moment, a blanket of white covers the hard bed outside your window, and then overnight it’s dotted in green and yellow.

Like a bear, this winter has made me sluggish. Science says that the biological, anticipatory eating is supposed to happen in the fall, but I seem to have embraced that stage of hibernation the best. Too much comfort food in January, and more airline miles than running miles has made me sleepy and uninterested in writing.

I have pressed my fingers to keyboards, smartphones, and notepads. E-mails, proposals, spreadsheets, longitudinal plans. I’ve been writing for Topeka Magazine and have more deadlines and stories due. Gainfully employed, helping hubs put food on the table.

But I haven’t been writing writing.

Not writing the kind of prose that feeds my soul, or yours – the person who reads these random ramblings. A favorite friend told me, I hurt when you don’t write. And it jolted me.

It would be easy to chalk off non-writing to being busy, but we are all busy with our busy-ness and deadlines and mirror lines and long lines and wrinkle lines.

I despise using busy as the excuse. Shall I blame complacency? Laziness? Writer’s block?

I’m not sure, and decided there didn’t need to be a reason. Three weeks ago, I woke up and my fingers were itchy. The sun kissed my face and an urgency kicked off the covers; write, you fool. 

I picked up a pen and started to write. Then I switched to a pencil and continued. After that, I pitched another story to the Topeka Mag editor. Then I wrote a poem. Edited a chapter. Practiced yoga. Photographed emerging sweet pea seedlings. Planted ranunculus corms.

Then, I went for a run.

My limbs lumbered toward the sun like a bud buried under the snow. Tentative at first, and then burst forth in green and wet glory. Muscle memory took over, and life happened again.

I am embracing spring this year, and celebrating it by putting pencil to pad. Even though it snowed and iced (on Easter!), I don’t plan to crawl back under the blankets. I will write here again regularly–with purpose and presence. You may see some reposts along with new content until I hit my stride–hoping to re-inject some lightness and humor along with more photography. So many ideas, so little time!

Like my garden, my ideas are in early growth and I’m plotting beds (stories) and nourishing the soil (words). I am even creating an audience participation series in May (or June!) – I can’t wait to share the details, so stay tuned.

As always, thank you for being here, and happy spring! Hibernation is over.


39 thoughts on “Hibernation

  1. Happy Spring, fresh legs! Now I gotta get out there too. Though coming out of my hibernation may include some raucous writing. Fair warning and all 😉

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  2. Being an artist is hard work. It takes focus and practice. And, working when you don’t want to work. Everyday. On some days, it’s enlightening. On, others it’s fun. And, on some days it just sucks.

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    1. You are SO right, Ray! I’ve read that one of the differences between an amateur and a professional is that a pro does it everyday and an amateur does it when he/she feels like it. Hard to be a pro if I stay hiding under the covers, right?


  3. Yay! Hearing this news of your return, so beautifully written, makes my heart happy. My own writing has faltered, and as much as I know why, I can’t do much about it other than keep trying and have patience.

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    1. And keep snapping those photos! There’s more than one way to be creative – your photos are a shrine to that notion. And, hey! I saw you over at Eli’s 6 words – your writing still inspires me 🙂

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  4. Okay, there’s so much I love in this reawakening post. The In a Relationship with mashed potatoes. Yes, please!!! The short video of you working like a wonder woman. Love! And your beautiful analogies as always. Welcome Spring…to the land and to our souls!!!


  5. Yay!!! I’m selfishly hoping that you writing on your blog inspires me to do the same. It seems like so many of the bloggers I’ve “grown up” with are mostly in a silent season. Not sure why that is but it’s a little lonely. I can’t wait to see what comes!!! ❤

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    1. I know what you mean, Karen – our gang! I love how our friendship extends beyond the writing … but I certainly miss reading you – Christy, Jennie, Mish – Kristen still pumps out amazing stories. It’s words like yours and support that keep me going. You’ll start again when you’re ready and that, dear Karen, will be a happy day. Love you!

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      1. Flowers will save us all. Could you hear your ears buzzing last week? I spent several days with Renee R, and it made me remember how gracious you and the Sisterwives were in letting me play in your flower garden for a bit. Thank you for your friendship. xoxox

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      2. Hehhe I am SO glad you got to spend time with her. She is absolutely WONDERFUL. I am also envious. We all loved having in our garden. I wish it was still growing. Alas, it was successfully burned to the ground 😢

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  6. Obviously I’m running a little behind these days! It has been a long winter. And for me, a winter of colds and hibernation. But I feel like spring is here! We are expecting more chilly weather next week but for now, I’m enjoying the sun!! How cool that you are writing for the Topeka Magazine. Is there an online link to your articles?

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    1. I’ll try to find you a link! I read your post this morning – so good! I tried to respond, but it wouldn’t go through. Anyhoo – you inspire. How awesome to realize (in the moment) that you have a chance to be brave. So many of us (me included) don’t realize that until after the moment passes. Xoxo

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