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A Chorus of Lovely Voices





What’s missing?

A voice.

Is it your voice? Is it mine? Shall we sing solo or harmonize?

Am I funny? Am I poignant? Am I speaking the truth? Does what I have to say matter?

I’ve been blessed and fortunate to meet an entire traveling band of insightful people. After general appearance and the way a person makes me feel, the next thing I notice is their voice.

Thunderous or mute

Emphatic or subtle

Confident or apprehensive

Truth or lie

Then I wonder how that person crafted their voice. How did they weave through the noise to find their one true note? Tone is not only evident in writing, but revealed through speech, mannerisms, and quiet (or loud) daily living. Do people express it best through sound, words, actions, or pictures? It’s with the notion of voice that I uncover the orchestra’s pit for a mini-series that starts on Monday.

The three women you are about to meet have blown me out of the water with their words – syllables dipped in grace and slathered with the sweet sauce of knowing one’s self–a truly decadent, and rare gift.

Pic2Rose Lockinger will be with us on Monday as she shares her journey with finding her voice and speaking personal truth. Rose is a mama, a professional, and a writer who will inspire you. What person hasn’t spoken their heart because they were too afraid, crippled, or chastised? Rose does so with grace, inclusion, and insight.



Dailyn Lewis will be next. I’ve known Dailyn since she was a teenager, and her mama is still one of my most favorite people in the whole world. Dailyn’s long legs have dangled IMG_3920over the side of shared lake bank more than once, and her witty remarks kept us on our toes. She’s a philanthropist, a writer, and a Colorado wanderer who possess a kind soul older than the Rockies. She hasn’t yet told me what she’s writing about, but I already know it will be amazing–just like she is.



Rounding out the series will be sweet Sammie Schurig. Like Dailyn, I met Sammie because I adore her mom, and this little red-headed apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. FullSizeRender (31)Sammie is a D1 swimmer with eyes on the future, and a heart always in the right place. She’s a beautiful writer whose voice rings clearer every time I read her prose. On a side note, she’s always packing a swimsuit just in case my husband is around, challenging her to a grudge match in the pool.



Each of these young women have inspired me in different ways, and I know they will do the same for you. If you want a sneak peek, you can find these lovely ladies here:

Rose: LinkedIn, Facebook, & Instagram

Dailyn: Blessed Blossom Love; silly_dai

Sammie: Sammie Schurig; Instagram

Photo cred to Dailyn

See you on Monday! I can already hear the orchestra warming up.


30 thoughts on “A Chorus of Lovely Voices

  1. I can say with a certainty that it would not be my favourite genre of music. Though I am sure also it will be great. As per some of the put out questions above the ladies and short bios, I actually believe body motion is the best way of expressing onself. Think for a moment a deaf Arab person in a country under siege, like Palestine. How would he express his thoughts? At times things are good and he is doing great and at times he’s scared out of his mind just because he sees an Israeli drone or two.
    But to a person that can hear we ask them, and get a response, they don’t always show their feelings through action, or better yet sign language.
    And even music, the deaf person feels the beat to it to like or dislike it, he doesn’t hear it to like it or dislike it. But enough about deaf people, good luck with that concert, I’m sure it’ll be great!

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  2. I can’t wait to experience these three voices, new to me. And that video! Holy cow! Such a beautiful voice and girl. I noticed that these three voices you will be sharing all look like they could have come from Ireland- where Miss Devlin is from. Will catch them all when I can, as tomorrow is a travel day; from the southeast back home to the northwest.


    1. Of course you would notice, Susan! It’s so funny how it all happened organically. I picked these three lovelies independent of each other. What a sweet surprise to note that they are all have those gorgeous strawberry locks 🙂

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  3. So glad you are back on the internet. I sure have missed you! I hope to see you around or running on 29th. We need to sit down and talk one of these days.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Bob!
    Oh my goodness! Is this serendipity or what? I just e-mailed you seconds before your comment 🙂
    Thanks for the welcome – I’m not quite back yet, so I’m thankful to have these lovely ladies to stand in for me. The first piece was published last week, and it was so good. The second comes on Monday, and I adore that young lady.
    Thank you for always being a wonderful friend and supporter. Yes! Let’s get together soon!!


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