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Ten Unusual Signs of a Stress-free Week

Happy Friday everyone!

‘Scuse me while I self-indulge and do a happy dance.

I have had a great week! It’s been awhile, and I found myself uncovering the remnants of such. Here are some of the signs that reveal a perfect seven-day stretch.

  1. The TSA thinks I’m MIA. I haven’t sniffed an airport in ten days. That’s the longest stretch since before Christmas. That said, I do miss the cattle calls, Southwest pretzels, and luxury coach seating.
  2. There is craft paper laying everywhere. Nothing says “no stress” like a pile of vintage paper, a glue gun, and 467 new projects in Pinterest.IMG_0660
  3. I made a mistake without beating myself up. Hubby took me with him to a real estate job so I could take pictures of the house while he did whatever it is realtors do. These homes were built by a dump site, so the nearby waste management company bought them. The homes have remained vacant, and now they want them back on the market. Long story short, I forgot to take pictures of the interior of the second home. How did it happen? Shiny Objects. Scott lured me outside with his blue eyes, and then I found a horse barn–Hay! I love the smell of hay! Look at the pasture. A chicken coop! Oh wait, that was the first house, this one just has horses. Look at the pretty flowers and gorgeous old trees. I wonder what’s in here… My squirrel brain didn’t stand a chance. Even when Scott asked if I had taken the pictures, I said yes. Had this been last week, I would have huffed and puffed and threw the camera at him. Instead, we laughed over my shiny object moment, and I didn’t even blame him for my mistake.
  4. The laundry boasts piles of sweaty yoga pants and running shorts. I made it back to yoga and running this week. I still shuffled up the hills like an old person running after the 4:00 dinner special, but I did it! Thanks to my hubby, I even went in the rain when it would have been easier to stay inside. Regarding yoga, I had been forgoing the 5:30 a.m. sessions so I could edit my book instead. The writing stalled with two chapters left, so I decided to grab the mat instead of the keyboard. It worked! Monday was a hot mess, Wednesday was filled with Louisa and Lindsey Stirling. Friday was a power hour led by the sweetest, little blonde assassin ever. In all instances, I left the studio with a sense of calm gratitude, inspiration, and dripping wet, bird’s nest hair.
  5. My girl graduated from college and I didn’t lose my sh*t. Open house, graduation, and a barbecue afterwards.
    Pay no attention to the ripped pants….

    I got teary-eyed when she walked down the stairs with the cap on her head, but nothing like the clinging-grab-around-the-knees-and-drag-across-the-floor sessions when she left four years ago. No one will ever know how hard Tanna worked to snatch that diploma from the Dean’s hands. After four years of late night calls, weekend study sessions, and SnapChat silliness, she finally did it! Now, it’s off to nursing school and a temporary home in the bedroom that’s nestled next to mine.

  6. My fingernails are ragged and dirty. After graduation on Saturday, I spent almost eight hours on Sunday in my yard playing with the birds, bees, and petals. Everything is planted or in bloom. I’m not super happy with my snapdragons this year, but the petunias and zinnias are making up for lazy dragon’s less-than-stellar performance.
  7. My kitchen smells like garlic and the stove top is dirty. Few things make me happier than cooking for my guys. It’s been a comfort food type of week, so I’ve been channeling the Pioneer Woman and the Barefoot Contessa (Scott calls her the “The Bare-breasted Contessa”–sorry, Ina!). It’s been a little cooler here, so I’ve opted for heartier meals like Shepherd’s Pie and Roasted Garlic Pork Chops. In fact, I’m thinking about running a semi-regular foodie theme–complete with pics and recipes. Whaddya think? Wanna come over for dinner? Next up–burnt butter frosted cupcakes (courtesy of the Nigella Lawson–the Domestic Goddess).
  8. The FitBit app tells me I’m averaging 7 hr 1 min of sleep. That’s over an hour more than the six weeks prior. Am I having a good week because I’m sleeping better or am I sleeping better because it’s been a good week? Things that make you say hmm…….
  9. My foot doesn’t look like an elephant stump. A funny thing happened in April. Doc B. diagnosed me with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and a blood clot in my foot. Minnie-Polka-Dot-PumpsThis week, less travel and more physical activity has done wonders for a bad foot – the blood thinners have helped, too. I can almost fit into these sweet little numbers again!
  10. I’ve been reading more books than social media. And, I’m almost all caught up on my blog reading. Every once in a while, I choose a week to sign off of Facebook. On Sunday, I removed the app from my phone, and have completely ignored it since. It’s nothing personal against my friends or family–it’s a tactic I need to use when I’m overwhelmed. It’s amazing how much more time I spend in the real world when I’m not buried in my phone. I haven’t given up Twitter yet, but I used that for a different purpose this week, and tweeted happy thoughts and inspirational stuff. I know it’s kinda cheesy, but it makes me feel good.

    Tell me about your week! What are the signs you find in your heart or home that signal you’ve had a bliss-filled or peaceful week?

If you’ve had a bad week, I’m sorry and am sending you my healing vibes. I don’t write to flaunt my happiness, or make you feel worse. Instead, I write joy to remember joy. That way, I have memories to read when the bad days surface. And, on the days when that doesn’t work, I find my favorite Lindsey videos.


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59 thoughts on “Ten Unusual Signs of a Stress-free Week

  1. LOVE this! So glad you have had a good week! You deserve it! And the video rocks doesn’t it?? I have watched it several times and recommended to others. She is fab! Her music just makes you feel good! 🙂
    Have an awesome weekend dearest! 😘


    1. Thank you, my friend. I almost didn’t publish this because it felt so “me centered.” But, then I thought…what the heck! Maybe somebody will listen to Lindsey…and, then you did! Thank you! Thank you!
      So, are you going sky-diving again this weekend??

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I WOULD if I could, but it’s not cheap and my friends wouldn’t be able to go with me. Kind of boring to go by yourself. But I will go again soon.. 🙂
        I love Lindsey. My daughter introduced me to her a couple of years ago. She is an awesome performer. This video was featured on something not too long ago. I was on YouTube looking at something and saw it. Her videos are beautiful! I love Elements and Shadows. They rule! 😀


  2. Yea! That’s so awesome about your daughter…and everything else good this week. Enjoy the joyful moments…and hang onto them tight. Love me some Lindsay Stirling. It’s hard not to feel happy after watching her dance and play that violin like a faerie sprite. So much energy. Yea! again. I hope this next week is even more awesome.


    1. My absolute favorite song from Lindsey is her version of Hallelujah…I can’t remember if I included it in this one. She is so talented, and her bigger message is amazing. Glad you liked her, too. Sending you happy and calming vibes as you get ready for your next adventure!! Xo


      1. Thanks. I need those calming vibes more than you know. I’m feeling bad for snapping yesterday at my #2 daughter. Anger is not a good thing…ever. Now to start repairing what I broke because of my petty pride. Sigh. Sometimes it’s hard being human.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I have the first big kick off event of my season tomorrow and your blog just put my head in the right place! How awesome of a week you had! I think it is great to share joy like this because it’s just like melted butter- you want to spread it on everything (and you can’t get enough!). Love you and thank you for this beautiful post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWESOME! (Launch) Party at Joanne’s house! I’ll keep my eye open for it, and spread the word.
      Melted butter…mmmmm…what a high compliment. Sometimes, I make toast just to have butter 🙂


  4. Well done child of the Universe….now can you stand in that truth and do it everyday? 🙂
    Stay in that mindset regardless of children’s ripped dud’s, forgotten photo’s or the starving hordes.
    Believe it or not kind lady, all of that can happen, or you can be in the happiest place in the world and…those events are still there…it is only you that change…ask yourself why…and you are on the road to healing! 🙂
    And another great post my friend (written while dancing in an elevator? 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Going well thank you Michelle, it should be up and going come September (fingers crossed 🙂 ).
        Now if I don’t let another little hiccup distract me, I’ll be fine…a soulmate has rocked up 😀
        That tends to distract a tiny bit…and the energy…wow!!!
        And yes, I have a post already written to follow the first post about this experience 12 months ago about this person First Love. I didn’t think I would ever see her again…but…the universe had other ideas 🙂
        I won’t post it just yet, it may pre-empt the situation a little so I will post it in (hopefully), the next few weeks 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL, my sweet friend, and I’m SO glad you had such a marvellous week. SO impressed at your run in the rain (rain is a dealbreaker for me, for all sorts of things) and HOORAY for the graduation and the blooming beauties in the garden.

    I loved the chance to wallow in this post for a while, and in all its rich, thankful, loveliness. THANK YOU for sharing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Heheh That sounds GLORIOUS! I wish the beautiful-sounding cupcakes were vegan 😉 And I wish somehow you and I could happen to magically share a plane tomorrow when I fly over ❤ I do adore you, my friend. A lot.


  6. It’s great to have a good week. Mine was pretty good, but very busy and this weekend will be just as busy. I’m looking forward to just a normal schedule next week.


  7. Yay you for having a great week!! Fantastic. And a huge congratulations to Tanna!!! What an accomplishment. Burnt butter frosted cupcakes sound amazing- I’ll definitely be over for some. My latest food accomplishment is making zucchini cornbread, gluten-free, dairy-free, and cane sugar free; and it tastes delicious. (Trying to find ways to get veggies into the kiddo- who also had to go gluten and dairy free). I use a gluten free baking mix, vanilla almond milk, and honey.

    Is it safe to fly with DVT? Or does it matter? Ever since I had tendon surgery on a foot a few summers ago, that one foot has a tendency to swell, especially if the air pressure in the plane is a bit low. Glad to hear blood thinners are helping you.

    My week was actually pretty good too. My not so little guy is doing fairly well these days, save a few instances of panic or anxiety each day that thankfully doesn’t last: it does a mother’s heart good. Got outside and am working on reclaiming a few of my beautiful rhododendron bushes from salmonberries and blackberries that have gotten way out of control. Missing my man though, as his work took him to Seattle and then he picked up an extra few days of work down there. He’ll be home tomorrow for 3 days before he’s off again. We’re very much into the mowing, trimming, weeding, planting phase of the year here in the very green Pacific Northwest.


  8. lovely post….
    lovely week!
    congrats on Tanna’s graduation….that is a big whomping deal!! proud mamma!
    and books, and gardening and cooking…oh my!
    i’m glad you wrote IS all about lovely you….huzzah!


    Liked by 1 person

  9. Love it!!! The best way to show gratitude is with a list like this! I love the idea of foodie-themed posts. I’m always looking for something different to make. The other night I made chicken, sweet potato and black bean enchiladas and I even made the enchilada sauce. I altered the recipe from a vegan cookbook that I checked out from the library. You can make any vegan recipe delicious with a little meat, butter and cheese! 😉

    I’m so glad that you’ve had such a stress free week! You deserve it! And congratulations to Tanna!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg!! I am laughing so hard. I totally agree the part about meat, butter, and cheese. If I do foodie, you wanna help? I’d like it to have a feel of “cooking nostalgia.” I bet Grandma A has some good recipes 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Sounds like a super busy week filled with hard work and reward. Maybe the break from travel and yoga combined together to get you caught up on sleep. I get really discouraged when I see the Fitbit show less than 7 hours, so I decided to take it off at night for awhile. Last night I had a beautiful nights sleep, which isn’t because I took it off, but I like The freedom from numbers. We’ll see if it lasts. Oh! I just finished The Singing Bone and really liked it, so thanks for recommending. I agree 100% on reading bringing more pleasure and peace than social media. And YES to food related posts! Knowing what a great photographer you are, that sounds like a winner and I can always use inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kristen!
      “Freedom from numbers”…always a simple concept I forget. I love the freedom of a run without a Garmin device…how about sleeping without a device, too. Genius! I’m glad you liked Singing Bone…it got a bit heavy, didn’t it? I followed it with “My Sunshine Away”…also heavy. Now I need something light! Any suggestions?


      1. My Name is Lucy Barton was a short read and light in that sense. A few books prior I read anne Tyler’s spool of blue thread. Her stuff is too quirky to be dark.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. So.. I finally got this read (pulled it up on my PC on Friday, just now getting to it). I love LIndsey Stirling, and she is on my Pandora channel when I do my writing… which seems to have taken a back seat to the back seat it used to be in… /sigh (I really need to get back to doing that…) Other than that, I’m a tad jealous of how productive your week was… but, by all means, please keep making me jealous, it might motivate me to actually do something about it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello friend!! Another Lindsey lover – I knew you had great taste!!
      Thank you for taking the time to read this. As for productivity…I’m chuckling a bit. Just this morning, I decided to take the month of June off so that I can work on my ‘real’ writing projects. I hope to be back in June, and hope to see you, too!
      Have a great rest of the week and HAPPY WRITING!!

      Liked by 1 person

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