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A Dog’s Life: A Short Lesson in Being Ever-Hopeful

Most stories spin in my head until my brain demands that I write them down. The horror comes when the inspiration arrives during a time when I have nothing to write on or no device to record my thoughts. Such was the case today while running with my husband, and German Shorthair Pointer, Cleve. We had six more miles and a story unfolding like the running path in front of us.

Handsome Cleve

Cleve eyed a squirrel, gave the Dad the hopeful look and a promise he’d catch it if Daddy would just let go of the leash. Daddy said, No. Not today. 

Another squirrel crossed our path. Cleve gave him a hunter’s prance and puppy dog eyes. Again, Dad said no. But Cleve remained positive, prancing, and confident that another opportunity to chase down a squirrel would present itself. He hunted for squirrels the entire 6.75 miles with a bold look of joy and optimism on his face.

What would happen if we became like our ever-hopeful dogs? Possess a positive attitude and not accept any truth other than this is kind of cool, and things are gonna work out fine. Imagine if we could read the expressions on our pet’s faces and hear their words–feel the magic of being ever-hopeful, never doubting, full of joy, and oh, so content.

Ever hopeful~~

That a piece of food will fall from the table

That we will get the whole bag of Pupperoni’s

That our owner will take us for a ride

–with the windows down

May I have some eggs, Daddy?

Never doubting for a moment~~

That they will remember to feed us dinner

Forget that they already fed us dinner–and feed us again

That God sent the sunbeam just for us to lay in

Macy Grey

Full of joy~~

When our loved ones come home

When they give us kisses and pat our heads

When they say our names

When we go for a walk

Wanna go for a run?

And, oh so content~~

To snuggle on the couch next to you

To sleep under your chin when it’s cold

To claim you as their own

Boo (RIP) and baby Cleve

Perhaps humans should adopt our pet’s open hearts and ever-hopeful spirits. Do they ever look less buoyant after a missed squirrel, no table scraps, or a rainy day?  No, my friends, they don’t. Because they know each day is an opportunity for another walk in the sunshine, a fantastic meal, and a great belly rub.

Another chance to be full of joy and ever-hopeful.


You see me, right?


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74 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life: A Short Lesson in Being Ever-Hopeful

  1. You’re speaking my language!! I so love this. What I love about dogs is how they live in the moment, not constantly future-projecting what if’s, and not dwelling in the past. They just are. They love and accept we who feed them every day, and we who love on them every day, returning that love a hundred fold. Beautiful post!

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  2. Faith, Mama, they have faith in us and the world. Excellent post – so bright and real – and amazing photos, especially the new ones of you. Red looks good on you.

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    1. Oh yes, Carrie! I love your perspective about adopting their attitude. My dog definitely moved me to the right frame of mind. One moment, I was whining about my achy knees, the next I was helping him look for squirrels. I always appreciate seeing you here. Thank you, Carrie 🙂

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  3. Well that was 6 kinds of sweet! I love my puppies… they are so important to me and I mourn the ones I have lost! We should ALL adopt the way a dog thinks and looks at life (as long as they have good owners)! I was at the vet with my guys this week for their annual dental clean and checkup and noticed a picture on the wall that said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” ― Josh Billings
    AMEN! 😀 ❤

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  4. When they pay bills and worry about careers and letting down their families, THEN I’ll look and see whether or not their optimism inspires me. If all we had to do was love, and be kept, then I think ANYONE would be an optimist.

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  5. Unconditional love all over, aren’t they Michelle. Shoot, I should try that roll over thing with a hang dog look, tongue hanging out…maybe I’ll get my belly rubbed too 😀 Mind you, I don’t know about the squirrel chase thing though 🙂
    Great chainsaw shot, remind me to not get between you and any wood looking to be reduced in size 😀 A woman with a mission 🙂

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  6. Loved everything about this post. Every. Single. Little. Thing. But now I want you to write the same post, but in the narrative of a cat. Those entitled assholes behave a wee bit differently. 🙂

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    1. Bahahaha!! Oh my goodness–you are so right. They like their bellies rubbed as much as the next guy…as long it’s their idea AND they deem you a worthy human.
      Thanks for the belly laugh, Nancy. You always make my day 🙂

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    1. Where would we be indeed?! The older I get, the more I love our pets. And thank you for the kind words – I had my husband and two good friends on the other side of the camera cracking me up. People we love always help uncomfortable situations, right?
      Have a great week! I’ll be over to visit you soon 🙂

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  7. Awwww Cleve! Such a handsome boy. That is the sweetest pic of him as a puppy. So tiny!

    And gurl……my BBF is HAWT! Love the pics. ALL of them. Of course I clicked the via. Just call me Pandora.

    Here’s one for you:



    1. SQUEE!! It’s my BBF!!
      I knew the Cleve-man might draw you in. We (literally) ran into three pooches the same breed as Sadie-girl. Of course, I thought of you.
      And, of course, I knew you’d click the link. Thanks for peeking – I’m trying to pick one (two) for my book 🙂
      Now – I’m gonna click your link if this stupid iPad will let me! It’s being cantankerous this morning…must need a belly rub 🙂


  8. A hot chick with a chainsaw!Love it! ❤

    Hope requires vulnerability and dogs aren't afraid to show it to their trusted humans. They bark when they hear a noise, cower when they're scared, lick something if it's interesting and don't care if they look silly doing it. Definitely some lessons in this for me. xxoo

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  9. I’ve longed to come back in another life as a pampered house pet, but never thought before why wait? I can start today. Beautiful read to start my week. Squash (?) photobomb is my fave dog pic. Love the new ones of you on the site…so pretty!


  10. Cleve is adorable. I can just imagine him with that hopeful expression as he looks at you two on your run. Who doesn’t want to go chase squirrels? It’s very tempting. I watch them out my window and laugh all the time because they’re so dang funny. This makes me miss my dog. You’re right. If we could have the disposition of a dog, life wouldn’t get so hectic and stressful because we’d just take it as it came with optimistic hope no matter what.

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    1. Hi Charissa!
      So, I totally thought about your last night. Knowing that you had lost your dog and how this might be bittersweet. They make our lives so rich, and then sad when they have to leave. Macy Grey is a very healthy, but she’s 14 and I’m already dreading the day. Until then, we’ll continue to chase squirrels and give belly rubs 🙂
      Have a fantastic and blessed week!


      1. I know I could just go get another one, but I’m kind of picky with dogs…so I’m dragging my feet. I want a nice, lazy one like Ginger again, and that is hard to do. You don’t get those kind unless you put tons of time into training…and that’s where I don’t know if I’m on board yet. I’m kind of lazy myself and don’t feel like training a puppy again.

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      2. I totally get it! It has nothing to do with lazy at all…it’s deciding if you want to have a newborn in your house. No sleeping for anybody!! Ginger was such a pretty girl…you’ll know when/if the time is right. Xo


      3. I hope so. My son wants one so badly, but he’s only home for 2 more years before he heads off to school or mission. I figure I have to want the dog if we get one because I’m going to be doing all the work and loving on it.

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    1. Hello! I know that I’m biased, but LOVE the GSP for a running partner. In fact, I’d read in Runner’s World that it’s a very good breed for doing so. He has helped me train for several half marathons and countless others. He can go ALL DAY! In fact, he’s sometime the only reason I make myself get out the door. I can’t wait to hear about your running adventures, too!


    1. LOL!! Have you posted it yet? I’m traveling today, but I usually use my Monday mornings to read yours and Marissa’s (RockandRollSuperMom) poetry. I’m gonna have to pop right over there!!
      Thanks for taking the time to read – I knew you’d like the fur babies 😉

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  11. Even the cats who wait outside the back door never waver in their trust that they’ll get fed. I love the sentiment of adopting our pets’ positive outlook. Even when you see dogs rescued from horrible conditions, what remains? A wagging tail. A signal of hope.

    Let’s all keep wagging.


  12. OMG – I loved this post.
    “But Cleve remained positive, prancing, and confident that another opportunity to chase down a squirrel would present itself” … what a powerful doggy lesson in there to have an attitude of confident optimism because another *whatever* is bound to come along ❤

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    1. Hello, my friend! How awesome to see you here. I am so glad you received the message I was trying to convey. I love the lessons our dogs teach us. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I’m eager to get back over and visit you, too!

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      1. I never really understood the bond between human and animal until I got a cat 4 years ago. I am hopelessly smitten.
        You’re are so right – our fur-family give us so many life lessons ❤


  13. Cleve is one handsome dude. And Macy Grey? I love these names!

    Mama, you plenty positive. I’m not saying you don’t have your moments….days when you feel like you washed the lipstick in with the laundry (See what I did there?). . but your positive nature is one of my favorite things. Notice I didn’t say ‘infectious’ because truth be told, be it Cayman or that other guy, I have a personality much like my cat. Snarky, impertinent and oftentimes bitching about something or other.

    That’s why you my peep. You bring the smiles, 🙂


    1. Awww…hey thank you, my friend. You’re one of my favorite peeps for many reasons. What would life be without a snarky and clever cat? Life would be boring if we wagged tails and sniffed butts all day, right? I have my kitty cat days, too 😉
      Cleve is named after my hubby’s best friend who passed away almost 10 years ago. And Macy…well, it’s kinda obvious who her namesake is 😉

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      1. Nicely done! Great name! What does he look like?
        Ours over the years: Cody (huge cat), Shaboo, Rex, Boo. We also had two horses we didn’t get to name: Katie and Forest — shoulda been named Queen Bitch and Pretty Boy 😉

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  14. Gorgeous, heartfelt, beautiful piece.
    I truly feel that cats and dogs are God’s Prozac.
    Such AMAZING creatures.
    OMGOSH, we can learn SO much from them, right?
    For example, to live in the moment. Right. Now.
    Sometimes I look at a dog w/ his head & tongue out the window of a passing car and think, “YEAH, that’s how I want to live!!!!”
    PS great photos of your puppies!!!

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  15. I love this! It’s so true.. .and inspiring. Dogs are so hopeful and it rubs off on us, too. When I’m sad, it’s almost hard to stay sad when Indy (my bluenose pit) comes creeping up to sniff/lick/stare at my face. Too precious! Thanks for sharing. Please check out my blog – from one animal lover to another 🙂

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  16. LOVE this! And I needed this today. Feeling a bit chewed, swallowed and spit out; all in the same moment of awe, what am I doing here in over my head, I am so lucky.


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