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God is in the Parking Spaces: A Guest Post by Joanne Jamis Cain

I try not to take my peaceful state of mind these days for granted. Blessed in many ways, there was a period in my life when my faith was not in a good place. Some sad events were going on that had me thinking I was being punished for some bad deed(s) I had committed somewhere along the lines of my life. I wasn’t even sure what the deeds were. I was caught up a depression, the likes of which I had never experienced.

There was a group of friends who saw me through this bad period. They shared their own experiences, strength and hope with me. Not necessarily church goers, they none the less had their core grounded in a power greater than themselves.

For a while, they were the source of my everyday strength. When I was down, they lifted me up. When I was fine, they encouraged me to grow. They hung out with me when I was depressed. I got tired sometimes of their relentless optimisms, but I kept coming back for more. I envied their serenity and peace of mind. They were willing to cede unmanageable parts of their life to God.

Little by little, their faith began to seep into my heart. My friends were living happy lives, though not necessarily problem- free. I was getting brave enough to give faith a new go.

English: Parking spaces, Moira They run parall...

Say a prayer!

Around this time I owned a street front business with challenging parking. Many times, I would arrive with supplies to unload only to find no parking spaces available. One day I decided to ask God to have a space available to me when I got there. Miraculously, there was a space waiting for me, right across the street from my store. I thought hmmmm, probably just a coincidence. The next time I did the same thing. Prayed. Parking space again. Then, bravely, I started to ask for parking in other areas of the city. Again, I would almost always find a space when I needed it.

This tiny turning over was the sprout of my renewed faith. I slowly began to turn over (i.e. give up control of!) my slightly more annoying problems and ask for help. I didn’t ask that it be done my way. I didn’t have the strength for that and besides, my way was not working.  Slowly, my problems began to get solved. I really didn’t do anything but pray for help and WAIT.

It takes some self control not to force solutions. Personally, I like to be in charge and call the shots. But there is a calm and peace in not feeling compelled to solve every problem or climb every mountain. Letting my faith take over is a heck of a lot less stressful.

Today, my life is in a better place. It’s not always perfect (far from it!) but today I live day to day knowing that whatever life throws at me, things will work out if I just have faith. One of my friends once said, God never hurries but he’s always on time. I find that to be true time and time again.

Thanks for stopping by my space!


Joanne Jamis Cain blogs at Katherine’s Daughter

I’m a Pittsburgh based blogger who loves to write about ordinary things….only I prefer viewing them through an extraordinary lens. Chance meetings or phone calls, gorgeous nature sightings- luck or spiritual grace? Follow me as I look for meaning in every day moments and experiences.

You do not have to be religious to follow this blog, just interested in a deeper connection to the universe, or the God of your understanding. If you are frazzled by life, have health or mental well being issues, this blog may help you relax and have a clearer focus or perspective.

My Sisters and I on the Beach at Siesta Key (L to R) Cally, Mary, Me


I loved this! Joanne finds the best ways to make the ordinary…extraordinary! If you haven’t already, please visit her where she blogs at Katherine’s Daughter. Her words, her insight, her space will make you feel calm, grounded, and welcome the moment you cross the threshold. And, as she mentions, you don’t have to be religious to recognize the times a higher power speaks to you.

This just in: Joanne is a new grandma! I received the happy news while sitting in the Kansas City airport on Sunday. Congratulations, Grandma! She’s gorgeous.

Hello, Penelope Katherine~~

Thank you, Joanne, for providing a beautiful and poignant way to look for God in the spaces and for sharing Him in mine. xo

44 thoughts on “God is in the Parking Spaces: A Guest Post by Joanne Jamis Cain

  1. The pleasure is all mine, Joanne! Reading this each time fills my heart with a sense of calm joy. We all need a bit more of that, right?
    Congratulations on the bambina, and thank you again for sharing your words in my space. Xo

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  2. Joanne, this gave me the serenity I needed today. I seem to have gotten the pray part down but have been stumbling with the WAIT. I have been lovingly guided through every moment of my life and I sometimes need a reminder of that. I love it when God puts people and messages right where we need them. Congratulations on your new granddaughter!

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    1. Hi Karen,
      Seems that God (and Christy!) put you in my life at the right time, too. Same goes for Joanne…her submission idea came on the most perfect of days and I just knew it’d resonate here. In fact, I’ve been itching to publish this since late November!
      Thank you for always stopping by and adding a touch of your grace to my space. xo

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  3. I am a big fan of Joanne and really enjoyed her guest post. I’ve long had a hang up with prayer, and something about the way she described it was really helpful. And yes, calming. I’m going to savor this one awhile 🙂


    1. “hang up with prayer” – you are singing my song, Kristen! My sister and mom have always been so “good at it,” and I felt selfish in my prayers. It was my sister who pointed out that prayer works and looks different on each of us. She helped me recognize that when I dig in the dirt or plant a seed, that’s my version of faith and prayer. It made my heart sing. As Joanne mentioned, God is in our spaces.
      Thank you so much for always being here–you make my heart happy. xo

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      1. Yes, that’s exactly it. I feel selfish and silly asking for things, even if they’re not for me. Might as well open the door and yell it outside.Speaking of, outside is also where I feel connected. And I like what Joann said about not being afraid to put our prayers out there (no matter what they look like) and letting go. I’m a big believer in things working out for the best, though I got away from that, and blogs like yours and Joann’s lead me right back.

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    1. Hi Marilyn,
      Hello! Thank you for visiting Joanne over here – how fun to share her beautiful granddaughter with us. AND, I love your idea about printing it out and saving for her.
      Thank you again for taking the time to visit my space 🙂


  4. This is so poignant and honest and enriching.

    You nailed it with your observation about letting go and accepting that not everything can be controlled. I’m not sure when it happened to me, but at some point in the last year I found this peace, I mean, it was extraordinary and all encompassing. So much so that I actually thought I might be dying, seriously! I was THAT at peace with life and with my place.

    I am grateful to have found this peace. It’s a priceless commodity, lemme tell you.

    Bravo on your journey from there to here! Great post.

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  5. Interesting post that got my head thinking about prayer and meditation. Second part was ok first bit… see problem is I have no concept of a God or Higher Power that praying to would work – there is no all listening seeing thing in my concept – my higher power is an energy that ties humanity together in a will to want the best for all humans.
    Therefore for me to pray for something for me also doesn’t work as that’s against my concept of the Higher Power that works for me. So I only ever pray for (in my odd way) health and happiness for others never for me as that would fuel my self-obsession and my self-pity when I didn’t get the parking space I prayed for.

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  6. This was my concern at first too. I didn’t want to set myself up for disappointment. It was the example my friends set for me of their Higher Power. I saw it working in their lives and decided to give it a try.
    If I pray for things and and I don’t get what I want I am ok with it. It means God has another plan for me. And I am not on the planning committee, lol. I can accept what He sends my way because I trust Him to know what is best for me. It took a long time for me to see it this way. Blessings to you Futheron.

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  7. Recently divorced, I often pray for God to be my husband. He shows up and points me in the right direction and to the right people: usually men of integrity to help me navigate doing business on my own. But then again, I’m not alone. HE is with me.


      1. It is from Isaiah 54:5.
        ” For your Maker is your husband-
        the Lord Almighty is his name-
        the Holy One of Isreal is your Redeemer;
        Vs 6
        ” The Lord will call you back as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in spirit-
        a wife who married young, only to be rejected, ” says your God.”
        So whether it’s a parking space or getting help with taxes for the first time in your life, God is interested in our lives.


  8. Well said Joanne. One thing that I think should be pointed out to those who are new to faith – it is my experience that when you ask God for help you will inevitably get what is right for you and yet He does not take you around challenges or help you avoid challenges – rather he will take you right through the middle of the storm or fire or battle and you will emerge from the far side stronger for the experience. I can’t tell you how many times I have arrived on the far side of a challenge with metaphorical smoke rolling off me from the flames that were so close and yet I remain unscathed.

    Thank you so much for the reminder Joanne – we all need others to help us keep faith through the hard times.

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