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Hey You: A Guest Post by Lizzi Rogers

I smile, so huge; grinning in the low light
My eyes soaking up your form
Your perfection; so soft,
So smooth, so warm
So coconut good; a

“Hey, You”
Our eyes catch and lock; hearts still stuttering
Fingers tracing symphonies on my skin
Still amazed by what happened –
Letting new truth sink in.
Glorious, you
Taste like

“Hey, You”
Twixt borrowed sheets we curb our voices; laugh
It was unexpected, yet it feels so right
Time outside of time, and sun
Could not undo our night.
Such a mess, but

“Hey, You”
New to this but expert, you played my body so well
Your caress bliss; each sense used in the game
Giv’n over to you; tongue; hands; touch
You made me lose my name
Never before you
Did I

“Hey, You”
Drenched in each other’s scent, lying tangled
Nuzzling, you bite; I buck and smile and hiss
Holyf*ck, yes, YES, please…more
Oh so…oh…verymuch this…
Lips full of me:
Mark me

“Hey, You”
I’m holding tight to every moment’s memory
For a future blue-skied, gold-day when
Once more I taste your kiss; I’ll wrap
My arms ‘round you again
With (implied) glitter, I
Love you,


Lizzi Rogers


She tries to focus on the Good, and take everyone with her in realising that (in a way) experience is what we make it; that life can be lived in Silver Linings, that Love Wins, that people are stronger together, and are likely infinitely better if they can muster the courage to #BeReal and show compassion to one another.

She is the Considerer; a bit of a princess, a committed glitterbomber, and a total goofball. Her soul, distilled in pixels and sent to you through the magic of the Blogosphere, is yours to read. Enjoy.


A heartfelt hug and huge thank you to Lizzi, who blogs at Considerings: Life In Silver Linings. She’s the giver of hearts, healer of souls, and my prime edu-ma-ca-tor of how to use WhatsApp. In fact, I’d “make” her send me a voicemail just so I could hear her English rose voice. Here’s a sample: Driving You Wild

Her smile and words remind me that we always have something to be thankful for, even on the darkest days.

In addition to writing at Considerings, she shares her glitter and sparkles via poetry at The Well-Tempered Bards. She also writes, moderates, supports, and pushes neurotic writers over ledges when they get too chicken (*raises hand) at the award-winning Sisterwives page.

Thank you, Lizzi, for you sharing your beautiful love letter and for crooning Elvis when I needed it the most. xo


Lil Mama’s Love Letters: “Stop Drop and Love Letter was inspired by a love-letterscombination of our affinity for love letters and the beauty of discovering something wonderful and unexpected in the world. Over the past few months, The Love Letter Library has been composing hand-written love letters and leaving them in random locations in our little corner of the world.” ~Nicole Ahr

I’m hopeless romantic without a poet’s quill. Start with Nicole’s inspiration, and let your love show. Do you have a love letter penned in your heart? To a child? A parent? Your adoring spouse? The one who got away? Whether it’s to someone in your life now, or someone who used to be – write to them and seal it with a kiss in this space. They never have to know…unless you want them to.

Programming note: Accepting submissions for January publication. One more guest post for December, and then I’m back with a few words of my own.


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