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Tackling Blog Obstacles: Ninja Skills and Advice from Coach Daddy

You write. You edit. You publish.

Then the magic happens.

A kind blogger says some nice things about your post, you visit their site and connect. “Really? You like baseball/cat memes/skydiving/too much frosting (as if!), too?

A friendship emerges.

Friends meet friends, and soon you’ve built a community rallied around shared ideas, laughter, and sometimes tears. For me, the connections have been the best, most unexpected perk of writing.

I met Coach Daddy a year ago through a mutual bloggy friend. We connected after I read his submission to My Life in 6 Songs featured at Christy’s site. We bonded over our children, a mutual love of baseball, and the Rocky Mountains.

When he asked if I’d be interested in a guest post, I may have peed myself. Even though Eli is humble, helpful and ultra-accessible, he’s a legend in these parts. The mind monkeys took over and started throwing poo at the mirror.

What do I have to offer? What would I write? Should it be funny? Serious? He has so many great readers who are also great writers – how can I live up to that?

But, in only the way he can, Eli talked me down off the ledge and bribed me with sugar. Our e-mails back and forth sparked the idea for this post. I am so honored to share this space with a “new” friend who feels like he’s been a constant pal for a very long time.

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