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Sugar? Yes Please!

Welcome back to Freestyle Friday!

Todays Feature: Extra sweet, calorie-free photos from my space to yours.

Today’s Challenge: Grab a cup of coffee, peruse the photos, and stay till the end for a sweet sing-a-long.


Life happens, right? Best-laid plans get changed, derailed, or lost on a plane.  Deadlines get missed; birthdays are forgotten, and sleep turns into an optional activity. What do I reach for in times of stress?


Gummy Bears – lots of them.

Licorice – dipped in root beer – so that you can slurp the syrup through the crimson canal like a sugary straw.

Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups? I’ll take two!

My mom’s white almond cake. She used to bake wedding cakes for a living and I still call dibs on the corner piece with the extra buttercream frosting.

Pop tarts should be front and center in the food guide pyramid, donuts need no explanation, and this is where I spent my time while stranded in the Chicago airport last week.



sugar2I love to whip up cinnamon rolls on snowy days and concoct homemade confections for my boys. The sound of Dane’s friends murmuring “Mmmm” in unison as they scoff up hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies is music to my ears. That also means that I get to do shots of cookie dough when nobody is looking.

I may not be a real domestic goddess, but I play one on TV!

I’m a licensed, registered dietitian and even that doesn’t stop me from eating a spoonful of crystals right from the sugar bowl. Crazy times call for anything with a carb count that screams “instant diabetes.”

When I have appointments in Omaha, I stop here every time.

Sugar? Yes Please!
Jones Bros. Cupcakes

My Omaha customer visits typically center around diabetes, prevention, and wellness – what kind of writer doesn’t leverage the irony? I know that I have a professional responsibility to spread the message of balanced nutrition and the perils of sugar. But DANG IT – cupcakes! It’s sooo hard to practice the preach when I could be eyeballs deep in sprinkles. We can’t be perfect all of the time – sometimes, life calls for chocolate, and that’s a call I’m going to answer.

iPhone import 203

 Adam Levine and Rocky Mountain Chocolate in one post?

Yes please!!


*Coming soon: an official apology to the American Diabetes Association.

67 thoughts on “Sugar? Yes Please!

  1. You’ve just made me feel so much better about my sugar addiction 🙂 thank you from the bottom of my stomach!


    1. MGM!!! How awesome to see you here 🙂
      I’m so thankful for your sweet note. I almost didn’t publish, thinking that this bit of sugar was just for me. Then I thought, “What the heck!”
      If I can help one other sugar addict come clean, well, my work here is done.
      Thank you again for stopping by today! Be sure to grab some candy on your way out! xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. where in CA? It is supposed to be hot next week, so a good week for you, altho it doesn’t sound too fun.


    1. You are so right, Malcolm. I don’t even try to hide the sugar-thing anymore.
      I love that you are a ‘cheating vegan.’ My motto to my patients used to be “Everything in moderation – even moderation!”
      Hope you are doing well and having a great Friday!


  2. We’re in Omaha quite often. I’m going to have to make a beeline to Jones Bros. since it comes so highly recommended.

    Miss you friend.
    And thank you…
    for the treats of heart.

    Under the same sky,


    1. You most definitely do, Dani!
      They were featured on Cupcake Wars a couple of years ago and their shop sits down by the new Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska building on Aksarben. Their non-cupcake food is good, too.
      AND – let me know the next time you’re going to Omaha. I’m there 2-3 times/month.
      I love that we are under the same sky – one that’s beautiful with a full moon right now 🙂

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  3. Talking about gummi bears…I found these banana flavored ones covered in chocolate. I might have moaned out loud in public when I took my first bite. My friend and I were laughing last night about how we go on these long mt. bike rides and then come back to our camping spot and pig out on goodies because we’re so famished. Kind of defeats the purpose of our hard work…or it IS the reason for our hard work maybe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my!! Banana gummi bears?!!
      Regarding the “work-out, pig-out”
      I have a shirt that says, “will run for food.” Would love to share a bike ride AND treats with you some day!!


  4. Life is meant to be sweet, right? I think confections are God’s way of saying, “slow down and enjoy life for a moment. There will be time to die from stress later.” I’ve actually heard of the Omaha Cupcake shop, which is the Voo-Doo Donuts of cupcakes. They both ship their creations… sounds like a Christmas exchange could be in order?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG! Voo-Doo Donuts!! I may have taped that episode from the Food Network. My brother lives in Portland and brags about those donuts all of the time.
      Certainly beats fruitcake!!!
      Hope you’re doing well, Ned!

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      1. We have a Voo-Doo in Eugene which, thank Gawd, is about an hour away. If they had one here I would have to supersize my doorways. Consider me another “insider” for your Voo-Doo Donuts connection should your brother ever need to lay low for a while.

        And things are going really great here on all fronts — hoping the same for you and your family, Michelle 😉


  5. “That also means that I get to do shots of cookie dough when nobody is looking.” That made me laugh so hard!
    oh my god, this is brilliant!!
    Talk about no shame, and I mean that in a good way. We are all SO hard on ourselves about sugar, and I am not saying there are not good reasons to be. But an occasional indulgence, moderate intake just make life so much uh…um… hell, sweeter is the only word, right?
    those pics are killer.
    when you come to cali i’ll show you around and you’ll bake…perfect barter!
    Thanks for my morning sweetness!


    1. I would SO love to come to Cali and visit. Road Trip – yoga – baking! Sounds divine.
      I’m glad you liked the cookie dough shots. We have a cupcake bakery here that provides frosting shots – literally 2 TBS of frosting in a plastic shot glass. I’ve had to cut off entire contact with that establishment!!

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  6. Clearly, you’re trying to kill me #AdamandChocolateAreMyLife Wait, change that to #AdamCoveredInChocolateIsMyLife No wait, change that to #ChocolateOnAdamIGetToLickOffIsMyLife

    *gorgeous photography!

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  7. That video was fabulous!!! I didn’t know you are a registered dietician. If my A1C is even back into the prediabetic range at my next check, I’m blaming it all on you. Actually, these days, very little sweet treats pass my lips. Although, I might have had some gummy colas the other day. My snack of choice lately has been Boar’s Head plain hummus that I add chopped up green olives to, and use either celery or brown rice crackers for dipping. That, or Emerald Valley fresh salsa and organic tortilla chips. If I have a chocolate bar, it’s Theo dark chocolate with candied ginger bits in it (no dairy, as my body doesn’t like it anymore). I first realized that my lifelong issues with food had shifted, when I was stuffing Easter eggs last year. I was smelling the chocolate and enjoying the smell, but was absolutely fine with not eating it. Big moment.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bravo for you, Susan! I know you’ve been fighting the good fight with your A1C and know that you’ve made a lot of changes.
      AND, good for you for being able to smell the chocolate without eating…no way I have that will power.
      I hope you are doing well – I always love seeing you here!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It wasn’t will power. I had healed the need to eat it (the subconscious trigger). And these days my A1C, fasting blood sugar and insulin are all normal. Working on keeping them there.


  8. Two words – Cookie Butter. I had an obsession with it awhile back and when Trader Joe’s came out with a version swirled with chocolate, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. I can eat a spoonful out of the jar and my kids think I’m eating peanut butter! xo


  9. I want all of that. In fact, I might have to rouse my kid from her nappy just to make a dunkin donuts run. See, it’s the baked goods for me. Baaaaaaaked Chooooocolatey Goooooodnessssss……….
    You are evil.


  10. I “liked” this when I first read it last Saturday, but ironically didn’t have the energy to leave a comment. I had had such a sugar craving I’d eaten half a huge chocolate bar plus a couple spoonfuls of dark brown sugar (shhhhh …. don’t tell anyone about the sugar). By the time the headache set in, and then the other side of a sugar high really hit, I was stumbling around here in a daze.

    I then I read this post. It didn’t look good.

    But now it’s Tuesday. There’s no chocolate in the house. I hear the last of the brown sugar calling my name, but to try and shut it up I decided to visit your sweet food porn here.

    Thank you for helping me conquer my addiction, one moment at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So nice to know that I’m not the only one who loves brown sugar right of of the bag. AND…I totally get the part about not having the energy to leave a comment. I hate when that happens!
      Is everything good in your corner of the world? Life seems hectic these days, but this might be the first time I ever remember you having anything less than lots of energy. Could my energizer bunny friend actually be human?!?!
      Seriously though, I hope you’re doing well and that your headache is long gone. Xoxo


  11. That’s so funny about apologizing to the American Diabetes Association:0) I’m so glad you blog…’s a blast to read your posts!


      1. Oh don’t ever worry about that! I don’t expect anyone to reciprocate in the blogging world – the fun part for me is getting to read what others are posting. I enjoy writing every now and again, but enjoy reading more.

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  12. hey momma Joy! well I am glad I was able to read this post – your pictures were great – and well, I still feel so conflicted about the whole sugar thing and I am actually getting read to share an upcoming about “how I got off sugar” – well not for a while – and as I chew on sharing that – for me it took an illness and getting rid of underlying candida – which as I am sure you know – there are more than 20 strains of if that silently hurt the body – and so for my healing – sugar had to eliminated – and it took herbs and good protein to get me there.

    and so I for those who are in awesome health – like yourself- well I say enjoy some of the gifts of different foods. and a couple weeks ago we had a very special birthday and it was a complete treat to have two layered coconut cake – I had some herbs afterwards – but seriously – every single bite – was a gift.

    and the only other thing I wanted to share on sugar – which ties into your post that highlights the decadent options and wonderful shares we can have that just splash life with fun.
    but my biggest disappointment is that this kind of stuff is not necessarily the kind of sugar consumption that is impairing health – it is all the hidden sugar and it is how all products crank up the sweetness to high sugar. For example, one single container of yogurt has like 26 grams of sugar – and then I heard crackers and certain items we would not consider sugar – well when consumed they linger and impact the body more than “eating a spoonful of crystals right from the sugar bowl” = and JJ virgin just wrote a cool book about the impact of sugar items we might no be aware of – and as a dietician I am sure you know most of this – but I was shocked at some of her shares because it is one thing to grab a slice of cake or eat reeves in ice cream – at least you know you are choosing that treat – but when people eat something as a meal that they think is apposed to give nutrients – but then that food spikes their glucose – feeds the candida that is clogging their already clogged mucosa lining… well that is sad.

    anyhow, thanks for letting me share that – have a great Friday too ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Yvette!
      How are you?!?
      Oh yes – I so know the perils of sugar. My overconsumption is always a clue that something else is going on in my life and that I need something other than sugar to fix it. As you know, it all becomes a vicious cycle after that.
      I’m working on it!!
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read and comment. I’ve been remiss at returning the favor. I have a post scheduled for this morning and then taking a break after that. Life is a bit overwhelming these days 🙂
      I hope you are well MY mama joy!! Xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well thanks momma joy ❤ ❤ ❤ – and I know I was way late to this post so it was fun to just chime in on -:)
        and here is a pic of the cake I bought…
        delish – and plenty to share…


      2. well you do what you gotta do my friend – and seriously, I really think if you are healthy and your body is strong – it is just that some of got some microbes (or whatnot) that messed up our flora and well, you know the drill Doc terry – and I still have some posts to catch up on so be back later next week – take care


  13. Hey momma-joy – I wanted to share this video from “leaf origin” – I am not promoting this company or their products, but I like this video because it raises awareness about why some people cannot have sugar – some people have certain gut fungi that gets fed by sugar – and for those folks have this in their gut – they get very sick because a chain reaction occurs….


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