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Your Music – Your Way

When my favorite song comes on

Welcome to Freestyle Friday where rules don’t exist and style points don’t matter!

Today’s Feature: More music! Last week, I asked you to provide me with your favorite happy and dancy songs. My goodness – you responded with gusto!

Today’s Challenge: Click on the link below to get access to the list you helped create. I’m still a Spotify newbie, so feel free to poke around their website to get the full scoop. If you aren’t a Spotify user already, you will have to register (via phone app or on your PC). Unless I did it wrong, you shouldn’t have to pay a dime to gain access to our list. Your gift to me is now my gift back to you. Don’t you love how that works?

Here’s the playlist: Freestyle Friday Feel Good Tunes

Note: if I missed one of your requests, or you have another to add, just let me know in the comments below.

TGIF Friends – time to dance our way into the weekend! Special thanks to Cindi from An American in Norway for sending this clip my way.

25 thoughts on “Your Music – Your Way

  1. My old laptop isn’t up to it. i created and account, signed in and then entered the link you provided Mama and it will take me there but all it shows is that it is your account – other than that the page is black and green with no buttons or writng. I hovered around the page in case there was a hidden button but no luck. Thanks for all your hard work Mama and as soon as I get an upgrade, I’m sure i’ll use the playlist.

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    1. Ah dang! I did make the list public, so perhaps a simple search for user: mamamickterry would help? I knew that this might be one of the downfalls in making a list…computers and cookies and firewalls differ…wait…did somebody say cookies???


      1. Bingo! I had the cookies off when I tried. After reading your comment, I went back and tried again with the cookies enabled. IT WORKED! Thanks Mama – I’m listening to your playlist as i write this. 😀

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  2. Oh WOW, is this a great playlist! Just what I needed to perk up this dreary day while I’m working … heck, I think it’ll be perfect to perk up a sunny day while I’m NOT working, too! 🙂

    (A couple nights ago, while watching the news on NRK, our favorite karaoke policeman appeared police-car-wiggling to Taylor. This viral video has hit the Norwegian air waves! 🙂 ) Thanks for the shout-out, Michelle, and an even bigger thanks for collecting all this great music!

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    1. I just love this list, too. Not only are the songs great, but the people behind the choices are top notch…very cool to have the group captured here. Thanks for taking the time to read and follow and listen. That video is viral! I’ve seen it all over this past week 🙂


  3. I noticed that officer took his hands off the wheel multiple times while his vehicle is moving. That seems…reckless. I think we should cite him. Not only for reckless driving, but also for his reason. No one should enjoy a Taylor Swift song this much.

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    1. LOL! I noticed the hands leaving the wheel, too! In fact, the part that cracked me up about the video was when he went into “cop mode” with the wave and the glare and the watch. As for enjoying T. Swift too much…I try not to dance to this song, but I just can’t help it!!

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  4. omg! I have to admit to being afraid to play that video because I looked at the title.”.police confessional ..shake it off”, and did not think of the taylor swift song (which says a lot about where my mind can reside and my lack of knowledge of all things taylor)…but i’m so glad i watched, what a treat!
    I will get to the rest of the list later…i do have one collective conscious spotify question however…
    I signed up for spottily via FB a long while ago. I am now off FB and I an’t seem to figure out how to open my old account or start a new account, as it’s tied to my FB account (and emial). basically it’s telling me if I want spotify I need to get back on FB (NO!!).
    Any wisdom?
    (sorry to hijack your comments section michelle!)

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    1. LOL! You are cracking me up, girlie! Not a hijack at all! (I was nervous about the police officer, too!)
      I’ll help where I can, but will say that Christy is the expert here 🙂
      The good news is that I signed up via FB first and then was able to come back and sign in without FB…I may have created a new account? Use your e-mail and request a new password and see if that works…I think that’s what I did to avoid the FB. Dang! I wish I was better help…yoo! hoo! Christy? Christy?
      And, speaking of hijacking…I’m heading back over to your article on What is Yoga? I have a funny story for you 🙂


    2. Apparently Spotify would only allow you to create an account via facebook for a while in ’13, but they changed it at the end of ’13.

      Try following this advice Michele to go to a sign in screen:

      Worse case, you’ll just have to create a new account, with detailed steps here:

      I’ll post one more link in another comment so this doesn’t go to spam.

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      1. Thank you, my friend! I was just being silly when I called your name. Now I feel bad that I interrupted your internet vacation with my damsel in distress call. You’re the best! Xo


      1. Thank you again, Christy.
        I’m changing my internet habits, too. I took the WP app off my phone and have replaced my “scroll time” with “run/yoga/me time”
        It’s liberating! So, it means the world to me that a) you took the time to read and b) bailed me out again. Love you!!


    1. He totally has T. Swift down! Thank goodness I don’t have a dash cam in my car. The five hour trips to Sioux Falls, SD get long and the only way to get through is to jam to anything that comes on the radio. Have a great week Cayman!!

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