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Spotify Addict Spotted (Freestyle Friday)

Welcome to Freestyle Friday where rules don’t exist and style points don’t matter!

Today’s Feature: Music!


Since Christy gave Jennie and I Premium Spotify for Christmas, we’ve been building and sharing playlists with each other. It’s become a bit of an addiction and I’m always looking for new songs and lists for running, making it through the work day and cleaning toilets.

Today’s Challenge: Think about a song (or two) that makes you feel happy, alive, and ready to dance. Share your happy song in the comments below and I’ll build a Feel Good Playlist to be shared next Friday.

Here are a few of my favorites to get you started. As you’ll see…it’s a bit cheesy. Can you help a sister out?


Programming notes: Thank you to everyone who is sending me ideas for the Friday features. The next couple of months are shaping up nicely with guest posts, ideas for future topics and book reviews. I apologize if you’ve sent me an e-mail this week. A funny thing called “day-job” derailed best laid plans for playing on my blog. I do appreciate your notes and ideas and you’ll be hearing from me soon.  ~Michelle

80 thoughts on “Spotify Addict Spotted (Freestyle Friday)

  1. “I Feel Good” by James Brown is always a good way to start off! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have not gotten into Spotify yet. I suppose I should add that to my “to do” list? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hello, my friend!
      I have been thinking about you SO much!
      Glad to hear that you are moved and am looking forward to getting caught up.
      LOVE the songs you provided. They are loaded up!
      Thank you, Victoria!!

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  2. You’re in for a trip. Spotify is the greatest thing!!! You’ll discover so much music you’ve never heard of anywhere else. My favorite example of how Spotify helped me discover new artists is The Tallest Man on Earth. People describe him as Dylanesque. I’m not sure about that. I just know that he is incredible. There are so many others, but he’s the best example for me anyway. Enjoy your Spotify ride. .

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  3. Loving this song….

    Train always makes me happy. Another singer/songwriter that is consistently happy music is Jason Mraz. “Life is Wonderful” is always uplifting!

    Okay, Boogie Shoes just came on… are rocking my Friday morning!

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    1. YAY!!
      I love that you are rocking this morning. Boogie Shoes always gets me going (and completely gives away my age).
      I love Jason Mraz and am adding “Life is Wonderful” to the list. It’s shaping up nicely!!
      Thank you, my friend!

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  4. i have to figure out spottily….there were all these notices in my inbox about 3 month for 99 cents and i kept ignoring them…i assume it’s music with ads for free and without ads are premium? I tend to Shazam music all the time and then go buy it on iTunes…
    i think i will plan to figure this out this week!
    Meanwhile….here’s my new dance jam, great to clean the house to


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    1. Christy is who pushed me over the edge to Spotify. I’m making new lists all of the time…probably when I should be doing other things. Ooopsies!!

      *scampers off to watch the Do it video ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. i dance exactly like that…all wavy/gravy and completely sure of myself, no matter what i look like! I am seriously sitting down with spottily later tonite…i have no idea how to do it, but i am assuming i can get any song ever in the whole universe, right?

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      2. LOL! wavy/gravy…now, I’m hungry!

        There is not a single song I’ve searched for that I haven’t found. It took me a little bit to figure it out, but I didn’t break the internet in the process, so I guess it’s all good ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. Hello gorgeous!! A few of my fave happy, make you dance songs: Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite and A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley. Take care!!

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      1. Oh no – I’m an old style rock guy, i would be embarrassed to add to a list that has a lot of new and modern artists on it – I don’t even know any of the bands that have been suggested so far.

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      2. I LOVE old style rock! Remember…my space is your space. This is where you come to be yourself ๐Ÿ™‚
        I’d be honored to have you participate, but i’ll be careful not to hound you, either ๐Ÿ™‚


      3. This 1976 live version of Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon is a classic. Stevie Nicks’ range and passion in the finishing is unearthly. It is hard for me to listen to this without be swept away in the emotons being expressed. It may have been cocaine fueled but what rock wasn’t in the 70’s?

        A close second was Loverboy.’s “Turn Me Loose” on their debut album in 1980 – Many of the songs on that album were excellent – “Working for the Weekend”, “Lovin’ Every Minute of It”, etc. These were awesome trucking songs, especially late at night with thousands of miles of open roadway ahead and nary a car in sight. Out west of your neck of the woods Mama, there are empty roads where at 2am anyone capable can cruise at 90 mph and no one cares. (Some bennies and a west coast destination added to this experence.)

        And, of course, i would be remiss if i didn’t mention Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “I Love Rock and Roll” and Jett’s other songs including “Crimson and Clover”.

        And finally Nick Gilder’s “Hot Child in the City” and “Roxy Roller”

        There is a whole raft of really great rock songs from that era and I am too tempted to listen to them to the exclusion of new music and that’s not good. But that said, it was a happening time in music.

        Hope this stuff isn’t too old for you Mama – a young’un like yourself likely has more modern tastes. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      4. Oh Paul!
        I grew up listening to these songs. I don’t have good wifi here, so I’ll write more later.
        But I will say…Hot Child in the City was playing when I went “cruising” with my hubby for the first time. Your selections are awesome…I’m glad you played!


  6. Okay…Charissa’s Faves:
    Van Morrison: Wavelength & Brown Eyed Girl
    Bruce Cockburn: Creation Dream & Northern Lights
    Eliza Gilkyson: Beautiful Dreamer
    Johnny Cash: I Walk The Line
    The Standells: Dirty Water
    The Blasters: Marie Marie
    Lone Justice: I Found Love

    ummm…I could go on…and on…and on…but if you spotify any one of these it will lead you to treasure like you would never believe.

    oh lil mama…if only we were sitting in my room, listening to my 45s and spinning and spinning them on my lil record player…and talking while Karen Carpenter sang…sigh

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  7. I love, love, love this Friday assignment, Michelle.

    I shall offer you “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen and “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel. I’ve sang both of these as loud as possible with 30,000 other people in the Carrier Dome and as softly as I could alone in my apartment with my headphones on. Yeah, real headphones at 2 a.m. when I got home from work. I know you knew that I’d go old school for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hello Mark!
      I was hoping I’d hear from you! I’m a huge fan of both songs (and artists, duh!) and giggled out loud at trying to sing quietly under the guise of head phones.
      I’m adding to the list right now. Thank you, my friend!


    2. Interestingly enough…Movin’ Out by Billy isn’t on Spotify. All cover artists?? It’s the first song I haven’t been able to find ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      Might require some deep double duty detective work ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. It just hit me that I think he’s one of the artists that pushed back and said no because they don’t pay enough royalties. That was out there in the news and I read it, Michelle.

        So instead I will put up “Peg” by Steely Dan.

        Happy Saturday. I hope you’ve coffee’ed up. I have. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  8. I feel like I could give lots, but I’m on the run, so I’ll go with two. Of the more recent variety, Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars/Marc Ronson).

    Second, and God rest his soul, Feelin’ Alright by Joe Cocker.

    Wait, one more! America by Neil Diamond. All three will energize!


  9. SPOTIFY! My lifesaver many days. I can’t wait to listen to your “Feel Good Playlist” … and am resisting reading previous comments so I’ll be surprised. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Although I tend to do more “chair dancing” than anything now, below are a small selection of those artists and songs that have gotten me moving in my 56 years on this earth… I’m sorry. I couldn’t limit it to a total of a song (or two).

    I tend to break rules like that.

    Donna Summer: almost anything, but especially “I Feel Love” and “Last Dance”

    Madonna: a lot of her earlier songs, but especially “Express Yourself” and “Ray of Light”

    Lady Gaga: many, but especially “Marry The Night” and “Born This Way”

    OK, now to keep chair dancing to Gaga while working on my next post ….

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    1. Soooo….my best friend in the whole wide world is a chair dancer. Just recently, we were together on vacation. All of us sitting demurely at a table when the music keyed up and the dancing broke out. She couldn’t help it! Sometimes you just gotta move, right?
      And oh, Donna Summer! I still have that record! My mom and dad still have the turn table.
      Great additions, Cindi…this list is shaping up nicely!


      1. I like your best friend!! Yes, sometimes you just HAVE to wiggle. No matter the surroundings … or who you’re with. I was at “Motown: The Musical” in Des Moines with my 84 year old Dad a couple months ago. He was quiet and observant. I was wiggling all over the place. Most of the audience was joining me. ๐Ÿ™‚

        In looking up songs for your playlist, I discovered the “70s SMASH HITS: The Grooviest Mix in the …” list on Spotify. Very wiggle-worthy, and highly recommended! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  10. I’m not sure why but one song I can’t resist is American Authors ‘Best Day of My Life’. It just makes me smile. A lot. Another one I love that I always for get is on my playlist is Natasha Bedingfield ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’.

    I know. I’m a dork.

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      1. Since I found and posted that video, I’ve read that the Dover Police have admitted it was staged.

        But what a fun and enjoyable staged lip-sync/karaoke it was! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. I think it’s still fabulous. Even though it may have been staged, you can still see the “real cop” come out as he scans and watches his environment mid-stream. It made me think of how many times I’ve danced in the car during the work day! Loved it!

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  11. One of my feel good songs:

    “I Love to Boogie” by T. Rex (I dare you to try not to move while watching this video.)

    Honorable mentions: “Low Rider” by War, “Kiss” by Prince, and the entire album Ella and Louis by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.

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    1. That video was AWESOME! Of course, I was doing the boogie a couple of seconds in. You know me too well.
      Remind me…what was Ducky dancing to?

      Adding all of these to the list!! It’s shaping up nicely!!


      1. Otis Redding of course!
        Try a Little Tenderness….

        Couldn’t resist looking up his entire dance:


      2. Of all people, how on EARTH did I miss your comment? Sorry, love…it’s been a helluva week ๐Ÿ™‚
        (Psst: I just added your song to the list…now I remember what Ducky was dancing to)


  12. So one song that really gets me in a beautiful place lately is an old Beatles song – “I’ve Just Seen a Face.” Because, wouldn’t that be awesome?

    Another: “Friday I’m in Love,” by The Cure.

    Now I’m ready to roll!

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    1. Ah yes! The Cure and The Beatles. Worthy additions for sure!
      Note: the Beatles must not have this song on Spotify, but I’ll be sure to look again and add if I find it. Full list goes up tomorrow!
      Thank you for playing and hope that you are doing well!


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