Freestyle Friday


Courtesy of Sharna Crow
Courtesy of Sharna Crow

Oh, some of us like to watch and some like to dance
Though we all wake up with the same stamp on our hands
Counting stars and counting cars and just counting miles
Doing it freestyle, you style, me style
Ain’t got nowhere to be child

~Lady Antebellum


Freestyle: a performance or routine featuring relatively free, unrestricted movement or intended to demonstrate an individual’s special skills or style, as in figure skating, gymnastics, wrestling or surfing.

Since I have absolutely no special skills in figure skating or gymnastics, looks like I’ll have to stick to surfing…er, wrestling…with words. And so, welcome to the first installment of Freestyle Friday! This is a new feature that will run each week barring life’s disasters, airplane schedules and inevitable laundry piles.

Each Friday, I plan to highlight or write short articles on philanthropy, music, books and movies. There will be mindless humor, cute animals, and feel-good stuff. And, if I’m brave enough, I may even share some original poetry borrowed from the Hummingbird nest that I hide in sometimes.

Right now, I’m in that creative stage where the ideas are flooding in and topics are taking up space on my writing board.

My brain on post-its

Please help make these Fridays more about you than me. Do you have a charitable organization you’re passionate about and could use a little publicity? A good news story you want to share? Several of my blogger friends ( Beth, Ned, Hook and Char) are looking to publish  in 2015 and I hope to feature their work during this series as well. (Shhh…I haven’t really told them that part yet!)

If you have an idea, need a platform for your book or something positive to share, please find me via my Contact Page. I won’t have many rules, but will avoid negative and highly controversial subjects. Not because I’m scared, but until I’ve walked in everyone’s shoes,  I don’t feel qualified to freestyle in the unknown.  Plus, the hard stuff makes me all wiggly and I already have a hard time sitting still.

Don’t worry, friends–you grab the surf board and I’ll find a bike. We’ll have a great time figuring it out together.

Embed from Getty Images

Note: I’m not entirely sure, but I’d wager that Ned taught the guy in the video how to dance 😉

52 thoughts on “Freestyle

  1. This sounds like a really terrific and fun venue, Michelle! I’d expect nothing less coming from you 😉

    By the way, I’d like to clarify that I did not teach that guy to dance. I was his stunt double for the pole dancing, though…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re very generous, Michelle… sooooo, can we talk about me borrowing your lawn mower?

        I’m shooting for a February release of “Ned’s Nickel’s Worth on Writing: Pearls of Writing Wisdom from 16 Years as a Shucking Columnist.” In the meantime, if there’s anything I can do to get the word out about your new feature, don’t hesitate to ask 😉


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  2. Huzzah!
    This looks like a bright spot in my every Friday.
    And I will contact you about something close to my heart, tho not now…looks like you got plenty of ideas!!!

    i’m glad this is your playground, I’m not sure mud-wrestling, or was that jello wrestling? suits you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It was soooo great! I went with a really good friend (who goes regularly).
        My biggest problem will be not dropping everything to do it all of the time. How often do you go?


      2. 5-6 times a week! LOL….
        and since (well I haven’t written about the but,,,)
        i am going off FB, more time! More classes!
        (and maybe more writing and reading and teacher training!)
        The addicting part for me came from the quieting of my mind, the meditation…like nothing else. And I feel like that off the mat too.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I could see the quiet meditation being the addiction for me, too. I want to do more days, but am trying to hold myself back from yet another something I pour my whole self into. Starting with Fridays through January and then adding each month. PLUS, I want to practice at home, too.
        I can’t wait to hear about your weekend seminar!


  3. AWESOME!!! I’m excited for your new Friday creative space AND I’m thrilled to (fingers crossed) be a part of it very soon. Your support of fellow writers is – plain & simple – Kick Ass. 🙂

    Love your face, my friend. You rock my world. Hope you had a beautiful and magical holiday and New Years. xoxo

    P.S. (Ned, can you teach me to pole dance like that?)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooo!!! I can feel a feature forming. “Ned’s Pole- Dance School for Divas” Not that we’re divas–it just sounds cool.
      And as support for fellow writers…i have learned from the best. You are one of the reasons l know and read so many talented folks. Sooo glad our paths (and compost piles) crossed paths.
      Love you, cutie!


  4. I’m going to enjoy your Freestyle Fridays! (And, I love “brain on post-its” photo … your way with words grabs me even with a simple photo caption!)


      1. Awesome! I’m making a list of topics right now (to enhance what I already have on the brain board).
        If you have anything specific, drop me an e-mail…I’ll be thinking, too!


  5. Freestyle has always been my favorite way to go at anything. You continue to amaze me, Michelle. You’re like a bright, beautiful humming bird moving at the speed of light.

    Looking forward to your Freestyle Fridays.


    1. Awww….Mary….you honor me with your kind words. If freestyle is what you do, then you make it look really beautiful. Thanks for all of the likes on my Hummingbird page–a work in progress for sure.
      How did your NaNoWriMo turn out?
      Thank you for your encouragement and your visits–it means more than you know.


      1. oh dang! As my husband asked, “Why are you so ate up with this? It’s a poster and a t-shirt”
        Men have a great way of setting us straight…which is why I’m a huge Cayman fan 🙂


    1. Hey Katie!
      I LOVE when I see your pretty smile come across my screen.

      Sooo…Miss Mabel is sitting on my desk!! It arrived via FedEx two days ago!!

      Anyhoo–you were on my list to reach out to. Are you planning any launches in 2015? If so, I would love/be honored to have you here, too. I like other’s words so much more than my own–to have you and Beth in the same space? #yesplease


  6. It’s an awesome idea, Michelle. Jennifer at Another Jennifer blog did a Philanthropy Friday feature you might want to check out. I love that you’re doing this, and can imagine how it will grow!

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  7. Ah, food for the Soul. Love it, Michelle!! I’ll let you know if I think I can contribute anything, but for now I’ll look forward to seeing what heartwaves you’ll be making.

    Love and light, friend.

    With heart,


    1. OOOOH! I will definitely check it out!
      I may need to request to reblog your stuff for my Friday feature. I was going to ask you anyway (I love your music reviews).
      Thank you so much, Mark!


  8. *Charissa reads lil mama say her husband said it’s just a poster and a t-shirt…and scratches her head…just? JUST??? She sighs, once again thinking men don’t know anything. Just a poster, just a t-shirt*

    *Charissa gets up and goes into her spare room, every inch postered 3 inches deep with meaningful crucial events and concerts and talks she went to but doesn’t remember…and then looks at her 6 drawer chest of drawers crammed full of every t-shirt*

    *Charissa thinks “Hmmm…gotta getta life*

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  9. just getting caught up on a few posts here – and that lady antebellum video was funny – the simple filming and great backdrop – your Freestyle Fridays are going to be a very nice 2015 tradition 🙂 ❤


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