A Little More Serious

May He Rest In This Piece

I’m thrilled and honored to have written the following guest post for my friend at A Holistic Journey. The prompt was to write about someone who touched your life and changed it in big or small ways.

What you’ll read is 500 words about a man who touched my family’s life. What you won’t read are the thousands of words more I could have written to honor his memory.

When you write your own story, you inevitably tell somebody else’s and hope that you get it mostly correct. Special thanks to the Holistic Wayfarer who helped me get as close as I could. Thank you, D!



12 thoughts on “May He Rest In This Piece

      1. no, no…
        it was beautiful.
        we all have our sorrows, and, in the end, it’s the take-away that is important. what our people left us with is what matters….i am blessed, as are you.
        sadness is jus a feeling..gratitude and new attitudes and ways of living reflective of the lives THEY lived are what counts.
        xoxox Happy Christmas!

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  1. I apologize that I didn’t originally realize this was a guest post. The sentiment remains the same, and I am so sorry for your loss. You write eloquently and with true feeling and emotion. Thank you for sharing, as difficult as I’m sure it was. ❤

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