Friday Fun

Ready to Re-On-Vay


“It’s time to re-on-vay…”

This is the phrase that my best friend Kelsey whispers to me every time we go on vacation together.

“Re-on-vay” is short for “let’s relax on vacation and let’s not say the whole sentence because we are too relaxed to finish it.”

Our families have been doing the re-on-vay together for almost ten years. What a blessing to find another set of people just as dysfunctional as we are who get along well enough to travel together. They tolerate my need to be at the airport at the butt-crack of dawn and I tolerate their need to do things that involve deep water and sea sickness.


So friends, we are off to someplace paradise for a while with my bestie and her husband as well as another fun couple making their first trip to the tropics. Even though the homestead will be in good hands with Grandma and Grandpa (and 5 dogs) I’ve got the pre-vacation jitters as I try to prepare both of my kids to tackle situations I’d normally micromanage if I were here. As difficult as it is for me to leave them and the always-a-gnat-in-my-ear responsibilities, I’m old enough to know that this quality time with BD and friends is a much-needed reboot and kick in the pants as well as an opportunity to grant some independence to Tanna and Dane.

And, before you get the urge to throw snowballs at my head, let me provide a little gift for you. I know that this time of year can be stressful, so hop over to Brene’ Brown’s site and read this short article, “The show must go on. But at what cost?” It was exactly what I needed yesterday when I found myself drowning in a pile of Christmas lists, bills, work assignments and high school wrestling schedules.


Now pop an umbrella in your hot chocolate, throw in some ear buds and escape from the self-inflicted chaos with my playlist. Perhaps you can re-on-vay today, too.

Psst: The Kenny Chesney sandwich is just for you, Christy. xo

78 thoughts on “Ready to Re-On-Vay

      1. Blow a kiss to the ocean for me, for I am far from there,
        Behind the moon and under hills I sojourn while I stare
        Inside my heart (where you reside regardless of the miles
        that yawn between us vast), for just a glimpse of your glad smile,
        Please…Blow a Kiss to the ocean for me, so far…and yet so near.

        The ocean sings and shouts in steady thundering loud voice
        And yet it also whispers to the ones that make the choice
        to listen with their bones and answer with their ruddy heart
        that yearns to cast off every weight and burden and depart
        for destinations where there is no sorrow, shame, or fear.

        You there, at the ocean, me, across that vast expanse
        and laboring in desert sands, I listen…for your glance
        my way, and I yearn for the sound, the smell of what will be
        when I can fly across the sky and land there, at the sea.
        But for now, please…Blow a kiss to the ocean…just for me.

        ❤ to my sisters…how I wish I could cross these miles, these seas, and find my true homeland at last and forever.

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      2. Oh my goodness, Charissa!
        Beautiful…it’s no coincidence that I thought of you when I mentioned that Dani’s reply sounded like poetry. Ask and you shall receive.
        Thank you, my friend.
        I’ll blow a kiss to the ocean for both of you.

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      3. omg…so I read that line, thought “Oh Mama that is a poem!” and then lil mama sez “Hey that’s a poem!” lol
        Thanks mama…only to the real ocean, the kiss…the other one? That cannot be crossed yet? It can pound sand.

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  1. P.S. “When our lives become pageants, we become actors. When we become actors, we sacrifice authenticity. Without authenticity, we can’t cultivate love and connection. Without love and connection, we have nothing.”

    Ding, ding, Brene.
    And that’s a wrap.


    1. Thanks Ned!
      You’re assuming that there will be tan lines…oh wait, it’s not THAT kind of beach 😉

      *note to self: Key Lime Pie

      Psst: I’m still home today and hope to hop over and read about Barbie and GI Joe–I’m so far behind on my bloggy reading!!


      1. Haha! You’ll know if it’s “that” kind of beach right away because, for some reason, the only people who go to “that” kind of beach are the same people who really shouldn’t be walking around without a trench coat on. You and your group would definitely stick out… well, figuratively speaking.

        As for the key lime pie, aside from being my favorite kind of pie, it’s Kenny Chesney’s strangest video. Mostly because it’s the only time I’ve ever seen him without a hat on. There’s a reason he wears a hat…

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      2. I am looking up that video…I’ve not seen it!!

        You are so true on “those” types of beaches. I’ve not been to one, but have seen some visitors from there trickle over to the conservative sand.
        A couple of years ago, hubby and I were walking along the beach and met a woman and her husband walking toward us. The woman was very pretty…and topless. My dear husband had plenty of time to look away and regroup. It wasn’t until she was just a few feet away that he tripped in the sand…right in front of her. Priceless!

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      3. Hahaha! Poor guy! That sounds like something I would do. Even without the distraction(s). My wife and I wandered onto a nude beach by accident, once. A man came jogging by with his dog. I told her I hope they don’t play fetch.

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  2. Dysfunction draws dysfunction. This principle explains 96% of all friendships I’ve ever had. Put away a rum and Coke Zero for me while you’re there, would you? If I had an Instagram I’d steal that first picture and brag to my friends, “yeah, I roll with these chicks.”

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    1. Hi Eli!
      You would fit right in…rum and coke and dysfunction–it’s the perfect combination!
      As far as the Instagram…it’s my favorite social media account. I post pictures just for me on that site–you can be social without being overly social 🙂
      BTW: I have several of your posts in my inbox and am eager to read. I promise I’ve not been ignoring you 🙂


      1. Hey yourself, Michelle. I think rum and coke takes the edge off the dysfunction – or does it enhance it?

        I just bring myself to Instagram yet. Do I have to have one to look at yours?

        Thing is, like a Twinkie, my posts have an extended shelf life. They’ll be ready for you when you get there. Even on some beach, some where.

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      2. It’s so funny–I picked up Instagram so I could keep tabs on my kiddos’ social activities and now I take more pictures than they do!
        My username is @mamamickterry–you are welcome to view it. It’s kinda boring and artsy stuff–not anything Star Wars that would be remotely intriguing to you 😉
        Have a great weekend with all of your girls, Eli! Is soccer over?


      3. We’re done with soccer! Grace’s team won second place at our end-of-season tournament. Winter training’s right around the corner though … we have a shorter off-season than NASCAR does.


  3. Have a super time, jealous as hell and oh…. Hope u don’t get many cramps in your feet ( wink, wink )…. Remember, u told me when that happens 🙂 Do a little recharging for this MUCH NEEDED housewife would ya?! Enjoy!


  4. Oh, Mama! How can you do this to us Northeast-bound winter-sufferers left behind, Michelle?

    Enjoy the vaycay. Relax, just do it. Dysfunction your little heart out to its fullest, both families. Deserved for anybody who must get to the airport at the butt-crack of dawn. (Me, too, much to my dear wife Karen’s chagrin.)

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  5. have faun on vacay – thanks for the Chesney amiga – and what a great time to slip away for some life giving sun – vitamin D and mmmm mmm goodness. 🙂
    oh and fun pics – I like that shadow one the most – with the three gradating shadows – but have fun and be safe 🙂 ,3
    love ya ❤


    1. Hey Yvette!
      Christy from RoS gave me the Kenny ideas…I can’t believe I almost missed him!
      As always, I love hearing from you and am so tickled that you have such an eye for photographic details. I’m woefully behind on my reading, but I promise I’ll be back to get caught up with you, too.
      Have a great weekend, amiga! xo


      1. Hey Mamma-joy – hope your vary is going nice (or went nice) and it really did not take keen observing to appreciate that shadow shot because it was a photo of just shadows – so you made it easy – lol

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  6. I’m actually more happy for you than jealous, which is saying something given where you’re going and who you’re going with. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids beyond measure and we have so much fun on vacation. But it’s so much fun to spend time with old friends. It makes me feel like a younger, happier version of myself to get away from the usual roles. So yes, really happy for you and hope you’ll post some pics from your trip so we can all bask in the warm sunny glow. Have an awesome time!


    1. Oh Kristen,
      You just know things don’t you? It IS a lot of fun to spend time with friends and go back to being the person your spouse married before the bills and the babies and the responsibilities took over. I’m bringing my good camera, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty of photos to share (please cry Uncle! when appropriate).

      Have a great weekend, my friend!!

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  7. Have a great time Michelle, may your re-on-vay blow the cobwebs away, refresh the mind and allow you to really let go and ‘receive’ something for you.
    One of the hardest things to do, especially from you as you are a giver. Now give to you…and no squirming…just accept. And enjoy. Namaste

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    1. Oh my goodness, Mark…you know me too well!
      No squirming–okay–I’ll try my very best! That said, I know that there will be a volleyball net and paddleboards at arms’ length.
      I’m also excited to see that you have a post waiting for me in my inbox. I’m guessing it will be the perfect bit of prose to get my brain heading in the right direction.
      Hope you are doing well, my friend.
      Thank you for the kind words.


  8. Now that’s my kinda sam’mich!
    On a total tangent, I would sing “Anything But Mine” to Spot, so I adore Kenny for all sorts of reasons.
    Have a great time! I’ll miss you!

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    1. Awww….loved that you sang to Spot. I was just giving Cleve a big ole good-bye hug while I hummed Bob Marley 🙂
      Have a great weekend, cutie. I have free texting via iMessage, so I may send you a pic or two. That is, if the phone even makes it out of my suitcase 🙂
      Run some miles for me! xo


  9. Yay! You’re probably long gone by now but I’m so excited for you! I hope you have a fantastic trip. I’m inspired that there could be trips like this for me and the hubs down the road in our future. I sometimes forget that our little ones are actually getting older everyday! Beautiful photos too. 🙂 xo

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    1. There ARE definitely trips like this down the road for you. We started making it an every two year thing once our kiddos were a little older.
      It was great, it was fun and so refreshing. I’m trying to extend my vacation state of mind on this busy Monday, but the work e-mails are calling me away from the beach.
      I hope you are doing well…I see that I have a delightful post from you waiting for me in my inbox.
      Mayhem? Bring it, baby!

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