Photography 101: Glass

photo 1
Kansas City, MO near Union Station no filter


Hi everyone,

I hope this note finds you doing well and having a great week. Whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving in your neck of woods, I’m thankful for your friendship and that you take the time to stop by and say hello.

I reach for the camera when the pen (or keyboard) isn’t working. My husband and I have often said that we prefer forever-captured memories to anything on video. My lap top is only a few months old and already it contains more than 2000 pictures. He recognizes my “photo face” and has often succumbed to incessant whining when I see something camera-worthy on the side of the road.

Today’s photos are exactly that (minus the whining). These images are of an old abandoned building on KS Highway 75 just South of the Nebraska border. I’ve looked at that old building during the hundred trips before and always thought I’d stop.

I finally did and just in time.

The building was torn down and gone by the next time I was there again a few weeks later. It just so happens that Tuesday’s WordPress 101 photography lesson was glass and these images fit within the theme even if that glass is a bit broken.

Thanks for stopping by the side of the road with me.

iPhone import 519
iPhone photo, Snapseed saturation edit


iPhone import 511_edited-1
iPhone; tilt-shift edit


iPhone import 512_edited-1
iPhone, no filter


iPhone import 524_edited-1
iPhone; tilt-shift edit



PS: I’ve mentioned before that I’ve decided to phase out my photography blog: Ps and Qs and migrate the photos over here. If I’m organized, it’ll be on Wednesday mornings. If I’m not organized, it’ll be when they happen. You know me well enough to know that it’s probably the latter. And, as always, I’m open to suggestions!

PSS: I finished the first draft of my novel this morning! Now, the REAL work begins. #editingsucks

46 thoughts on “Photography 101: Glass

  1. Oh, Matthew recognizes my “photo face” too! He humors me when it happens in his presence. mIght be the only time I truly embarrass him as “MOM”. LOL

    Congratulations on the first draft! 🙂

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    1. Awww…thanks friend! I’m novice, too! In fact, my iPhone takes most of the pictures because I’m still figuring out my camera. I think I’ve only had the camera about 8 years 😉
      Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!!

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  2. Love your photos and I’m excited that you’ll be putting them here. Congrats on finishing your novel, and I certainly don’t envy the editing process. It must be like using the extra fine sand paper on a wood project, just before putting on the finish.


    1. Hello, my friend!
      Thanks for the kind words and for always taking the time to stop by. What a great analogy for the novel-finishing process…unfortunately, I think it’s going to take more than fine sand paper to fix this one up. I might need a sledgehammer first 🙂
      Hope that you (and your crystal dragon) are doing great. xo

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  3. editing!
    wow, Michelle, what an accomplishment!
    I love the pics too….and that they were done with iPhone, since that’s the only camera I have right now. I might buy some of those fancy filter apps the….they look cool.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…BIG hugs and love!

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    1. Hi Michele,
      Thank you!!
      The only app I ever really use is called Snapseed. I don’t even remember if cost anything. If it did, it was reasonable. I used to use my Instagram account for edits, but there’s a lot more at Snapseed.


  4. Wait a minute. Some of those pictures were taken from inside the building. Let me get this straight: you stopped at an abandonded building, broke in and proceeded to take photographs? Sheesh, you photo bandit you. What if there had been dragons or monsters living in there? What if it had been the headquarters for a large drug gang? What if Pinky and the Brain had been using it as a base to take over the world?

    And you mentioned that you had passed it many times, so I assume you were working and would be dressed accordingly. So, did you attack this poor building in skirt and blouse with heels on? If so, is that your standard breaking and entering attire? If nothing else, you should at least put some of that blackening under your eyes like the football players do, so you could look really mean and discourage the monster and dragons from attacking.

    Ha! Awesome pics Mama. I really like the one with what apprears to be an iron cross that shows the overgrown drain and the small triangle of broken glass.


    1. Ha! Ha!
      You know me too well, Paul! Here are the answers to all of your fantastic questions.
      1) The building was abandoned, however the front side was completely missing and therefore, easy to enter.
      2) That said, there was a huge No Trespassing sign blocking the entrance.
      3) Turns out that the sign was easily moved with a kick of a heel.
      4) And yes, I was dressed for work–heels and a skirt
      5) The building was way easier to photograph than the old car I found in the middle of the field earlier that day
      6) I would have used eye-black, but my son needed it for football 🙂

      As always, I love hearing from you Paul. I have a couple more abandoned places to break into…perhaps you’ll be seeing those on here soon. That is, if I don’t get carted off to jail first 😉

      PS: The pic you mentioned was my favorite, too.


  5. thanks for taking us roadside – and cool that you got there right before it was taken down – (spooky cool)

    and whew- contrats on the novel – and have fun editing (wink)

    have a great day amiga ❤

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  6. Beautifully pictures, and done as always with the gift of the Michelle within.
    Oh, and go book! 🙂
    Best wishes for Thanksgiving my friend, may it be wrapped in the love of family.
    I also give my thanks for your friendship, laughter and soul within your blog my friend. Looking forward to much more. Mark

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    1. Blessings right back at you, Paul!

      Thanks for your kind words and never-fail support. I’ll make you a deal…you live vicariously through my NaNo experience and I’ll live vicariously through your next marathon 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Congrats on finishing the first draft of your novel!! That’s awesome! (I can’t wait to read it some day. :)) Those photos are absolutely beautiful. Could I have your permission to use one as inspiration for a poem? With all appropriate credit to you, of course. ❤


  8. Love the photographs, love the poetry (oh those restless bones!) and I’m so amazed that you finished your first draft! My best writing has all been on post-it notes lately. 😉 I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xo


    1. Hello my friend!
      I hope you had a fantastic and blessed Thanksgiving, too 🙂
      I’m giggling wildly at your comment around post-it notes. I have so many scattered thoughts on pieces of paper, that I actually spent money on some pretty post-it notes so that they would make the journey from my purse (my desk, my night table, my suitcase, my car) and up on to my idea board. Now I have a pretty mess that stares at me all day.
      I would love to see your bulletin board…I bet it’s filled with poetry, too.
      Thank you again for the kind words–you made my day! xo


    1. And, you are an excellent editor!!

      In fact, I gotta remember to ask you a specific question when I write you back with my draft.

      Regarding you being a klutz? I don’t believe it for a minute 😉


  9. You are a woman of many talents. These are great shots of an old building. They make me think about all the stories that happened inside those walls. That’s what story telling is, be it pen or camera- evoking an image,making us think. Well done.


    1. Thank you, kind sir!
      I love photography almost as much as writing. I’m still learning all of the technical stuff, but seem to muddle through. I take photos for the very reason you outlined…I love that a picture can represent a different story to different people. So much fun and no spell-check required 🙂


    1. Thank you! Thank you!
      You’ll be able to tell when writer’s block hits me…my page fills with photos and takes the space the words should be. It’s nice to have that option.
      I hope you’ve had a great week and that you are safely home.
      I always love seeing your smiling face come across my screen.

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