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The Secret Keepers

Happy Friday, my friends,

Today’s post comes from a dear friend and fellow blogger–Karen Perry. She is one of the bravest and most authentic people I know. In this article she address the truth and the pain behind being an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

An excerpt:
“I submitted my essay but I also want to shine a bigger spotlight on this project because I fear that they may not get many submissions. Not because it’s not a worthy cause or because there aren’t enough people out there to contribute but because survivors of abuse are secret keepers. We’ve had to be, either as a form of armor to protect ourselves or because we’ve been pressured not to tell.

But sometimes, we keep the secret because we’ve never truly acknowledged to ourselves the effect it has had on our lives.”

She wrote this poignant and important post on Monday and since then, there have been 142 shares from the website, 19 shares on Twitter (not including retweets), 23 shares from the Facebook page and almost 2000 people reached on Facebook.
I’m sharing it one more time because the message is important. Send it to someone you think might need it or read for yourself…it might help you, too.

3 thoughts on “The Secret Keepers

  1. With how much is going on in the year 2017 with sexual abuse, it is blogs like this that all helped get it started, so people could get the courage to speak up about sexual abuse. When I came across your blog the other day, I was searching the web for sexual abuse. Briefly here; After a full day with my father, where we went to the a ballgame, rode some gocarts, had a great dinner, he led me, hand in hand to his bed when I was 11 years old. Innocence was lost! His way of ending a wonderful day, to fulfill his sexual needs, led to years and years of agony I had to carry with me. How do I get a voice to speak up? It seems so much easier now with the many women coming out. But, that couldn’t have happened without great blogs like yours leading the way. Thank you!

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    1. Hi Anna,
      Your words are so kind and you have touched my heart this morning. I am so sorry for you having to endure the unthinkable. You sound resilient, strong, and amazing. Karen (the author) has some amazing resources in this article as well as other articles on her personal blog – she has helped me learn so much in this space, too.
      Sending you love and healing. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


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