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Turns out that there IS crying in baseball

I’m not a crier.

Well, not really.

Unless you count Hallmark commercials. Or, okay, Humane Society ads. And yeah, when a family member or friend is hurting. Or seeing pictures of my kids (and their friends) when they were babies.

And yes. I cried a little when the 2014 Forever-Champions-in-my-heart Kansas City Royals made into the World Series. And again when they just couldn’t get Alex home.  So, maybe there IS crying in baseball.

At the risk of getting all sappy, I’ll just quickly say that these guys represent way more than baseball. Despite the enthusiasm you’ve seen on this blog and that my friends have seen on Facebook, I do think about things other than baseball.


Seriously. What is it about a sporting event that can incite such a passion in the fans who watch? I’m a grown woman for heaven’s sake! I’ve got children to raise, a husband to feed and problems to solve. Why invest so much time and energy into a group of individuals I’ll probably never meet or interact with?

Because these guys spent a season reminding us of why we watch sports in the first place. Athletics, when done right, teach life lessons about teamwork, respect and having faith in other people you depend on…or who depend on you.

Sure, it’s fun to poke at the opponent, chide a buddy who likes a rival and to get all crazy when the announcers paste pictures of their favorite pitcher on the monitor while your favorite one is throwing the junk.

Courtesy of Louisa

But, the bottom line is that these guys had the charisma to bring people together. In an age when it’s so easy to be polarized because of different politics, religion, beliefs, and environment, how cool is that something as simple as throwing a nasty change-up,  stealing a base and hitting a home run can bring us together?

The fun of this season, hands down, have been the people I’ve shared it with.  Many of my blogger buds took the time to come back and find an old post just so they could tell me good luck or check in on me. Wow! Your texts, tweets and comments touched me beyond belief. I watched almost every game via text with my family back home and our little league baseball moms. My family and bestie and I even saw some games in person!


The sting of losing at the end of an awesome season has lessened and I’m already looking forward to next year. In this day and age, anything that works to bring a group of people together in a unified moment of joy–or sadness– is a great thing. There will be plenty of times when we are at odds with each other, so let’s hang on to this moment.

And you know what? It’s okay to cry a little. Crying means you care. Especially when it’s something (or someone) beyond baseball which is all these guys have ever been.

Could someone please pass me the tissues?


52 thoughts on “Turns out that there IS crying in baseball

  1. Admittedly, I was kinda rooting for the Royals simply because I don’t like the Giants. I don’t really follow baseball anymore, though, and I only found out about all this because of Facebook.

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  2. While I feel for you, really, I do…I think my thoughts on the Royals are known. The only game I got to go to this year and we lost to y’al! Grrr.

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  3. Terry, you summed up what every Royals fan was feeling. My Facebook has been flooded with my true Blue-believing Kansas family rallying around our team. I felt I couldn’t breathe a word against the Angels or Giants, currently living in California and all, but everyone knew where my heart was. My brother also went to several games, painted his hair and beard blue (I guess elementary school nurses get away with such theatrics), and he shocked the heck out of me with what I’d call FB posts directly inspired by God himself! Such flowery speech, imagery, and passion…all for them Royals:) I said, “Hey! I never knew you could write!!” He credits college essays, but I know everyone has their muse. Can’t wait for next year.


  4. It allows our passion, our love for something to have an outlet. Our hearts are not designed to contain love. It is a part of who we are and radiates out from us. Trying to hold it in would be like trying to hold your breath. A bit pointless when you pass out onto the ground 🙂 Mind you, the excitement can feel like your going to sometimes 🙂 And the truth is, you are closer to your heart center if you ARE able to cry and show the truth in how you feel. It is the one’s that point and laugh that cannot express that and have trouble within themselves. Just shows me the beautiful and balanced heart that you own Michelle. Go girl! Namaste


  5. well….
    I am sorry Michelle, but hell, you looked great at those games, so there’s that!
    I peripherally paid attention…most people said it was an amazing series all around and that the teams were wonderfully matched, so while that’s not great for you personally, it seems like a good thing for the game.

    i know, i know…i am spouting what i hear, i have no idea.
    I was rooting for the royals tho, i was, but i found out something else about baseball…apparently we S. californians are not EVER supposed to root for N< Cal teams, and vice-versa… i thought i was being disloyal to my state!

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    1. I just love you! I truly do 🙂
      Your fellow Californians would probably kick me out of the state. I always mix up the Angels with A’s and I imagine that’s blasphemous.
      You’ve been on my mind, lady. How was your yoga weekend a couple of weeks ago?


  6. I am not sure if I mentioned it here, but I am blown away at how many female sports fans there are. On Twitter, the sports tweets are almost always from the ladies (at least on my feed). I am constantly in awe of that (I don’t know why – what am I? A caveman?) But I can see that this shook you up a bit. But that’s when you’re a fan, right? You live and die by the sword.

    Anyway, I agree with M – you look great in your fandom shots…lol.

    Until next year… 🙂


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    1. LOL! Confession time, here. While it’s true that I DO love sports, that love has a nefarious beginning. When I discovered that cute boys play football and look good in baseball pants…well, ya know. That said, I got bored of those boys and developed my own passion for sports. I don’t watch basketball or soccer…but, that’s probably because my kiddos don’t participate in those.
      As far as caveman…that’s not all a bad thing. I’m a firm believer in honoring our roots 😉
      Thanks for you kind words about the fandom shots…pictures are always better when you’re with people you love. xo

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  7. I’m sorry for the outcome. I was thinking about you!

    Those 7-game World Series events are really what it’s all about, isn’t it? Following the results in the news, all I could think of was “now THAT’S baseball!”

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      1. We’re in the middle of autumn storms rolling up the Atlantic/North Sea/Norwegian Sea following the gulf stream, with rare moments of a break in the clouds …. and my husband just called “oh look, there’s a bit of ice on the fjord”. But we had a glorious spring, summer, and Indian summer September and October this year, so I have no complaints! 🙂

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  8. Very emotional post Mama – I don’t follow sports much and you almost had me in tears. Ha! You are without a doubt one of the best fans your team has and one of the best looking as well. Have you been ironing your family’s team shirts again?


  9. It’s funny Michelle…I’m not really a football fan but when the Seahawks did so well last year I couldn’t help but get caught up in the hype! What a lovely change to have everyone focus on what we have in common, something positive -instead of our differences. Sports have the power to do that. And make us cry! 😉


      1. LOL!! Yes it is ha ha
        I watched them, too.
        Apparently there is a whole new line of ‘girl’ fan clothing coming out for the Seahawks. Might as well acknowledge all the girl power!!


    1. I was SO rooting for you guys! Truthfully, I don’t watch a lot of NL because there’s just so darned much baseball to watch through the season. That said, it was so fun to watch all of these teams just play their hearts out this year…Pirates included! I know it’s been even longer for you, right?
      Thank you so much for stopping by today. I love finding new readers and blogs. Have a great Monday!


  10. Although I will forever be a Cleveland fan (first and foremost, above all other teams), KC has always been my second favourite team. Mostly because I was born there and it is where my dad is from. When I was a little girl, long after we moved to Ohio (where my mom is from), my grandma loved to send me Royals gear. The affinity stuck, I guess. I was disappointed that they lost this year’s series, but it was an excellent run!

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    1. I loved learning this about you!! I had no idea you were born in KC. I live about an hour away and have been a fan since was old enough to understand the game.
      Very cool!
      I’ve been a terrible bloggy friend and hope to spend November getting all caught up in my reading. Hope you are doing well, friend!


  11. Michelle, I have to tell you…we were in KC (on business) for the first 2 games. I had actually planned on reaching out, but time slipped away, as it often does. We watched every game and were gutted for the last…not for the athletics, but for the message at the heart of the games: humanity, personhood and defying the odds.

    It IS more than a game.
    May it always be.



  12. Oh, I’m so sorry….. I was rootin’ for them too, my Tigers were a bust this year, since Leyland stepped down and they traded Fielder… wan, wan. Besides, the Royals are just more like the good ‘ol American apple pie baseball we all grew up on. Next year, right? 🙂


    1. Squeal!!! Another baseball fan. Personally, I love the Tigers, too. Isn’t that odd being in the same division and all? Verlander shredded us a few times and I think Martinez won an award yesterday? MVP?
      But, yes, I digress. The best part of the Royals was seeing them play like my son’s little league team. Full of life and respect for each other.
      Thank you for stopping by…I need to hop over and see what you’ve been up to!!


      1. Verlander is a machine, isn’t he? On a side note, what with school and all, I’ve been mostly a spectator in the WordPress world as of here recently. Making my rounds though, maybe I’ll get bit by the writing bug soon. Really just need to open a doc and free write for about 20 mins and just hit publish, no worries no editing. I like to comment though, communicating is more of the fun I think. 🙂 Here’s a laugh for you, my remote is busted so I can only scroll-up channels one at a time on my TV. While I was typing that last sentence I wanted to see what was on channel 62 so I was furiously mashing the “up” button with my left thumb and quite confused when I kept stopping and it seemed like I was just getting commercials……… I was hitting the “last” button and jumping back and forth between two channels for 3 minutes. Derp! And yes I’m very adept at typing with one hand. Hmmmm….. maybe that’s a post….. “WHAT MUNDANE TASKS ARE YOU ADEPT AT?” It could be a viral post, where you explain your what, why and how then ask someone else what they are adept at. Nah, maybe just a category on WordsForthe or here, where people can talk about a past-time or chore that they take pride in or gives them peace. Strangely, I like to sweep…..sometimes……..sometimes…..

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      2. Oh my goodness…I am laughing like a maniac!
        There’s your post right here. You should just copy, paste and publish and watch the fireworks fly.
        I can’t even reply on my phone…you were replying AND flipping. Nicely done, my friend!!


      3. *note, I stole that line from a PinkFloyd song.
        And thank you, here’s a little tidbit about the painting.

        According to Tennyson’s version of the legend, the Lady of Shalott was forbidden to look directly at reality or the outside world; instead she was doomed to view the world through a mirror, and weave what she saw into tapestry. Her despair was heightened when she saw loving couples entwined in the far distance, and she spent her days and nights aching for a return to normality. One day the Lady saw Sir Lancelot passing on his way in the reflection of the mirror, and dared to look out at Camelot, bringing about a curse. The lady escaped by boat during an autumn storm, inscribing ‘The Lady of Shalott’ on the prow. As she sailed towards Camelot and certain death, she sang a lament. Her frozen body was found shortly afterwards by the knights and ladies of Camelot, one of whom is Lancelot, who prayed to God to have mercy on her soul. The tapestry she wove during her imprisonment was found draped over the side of the boat.

        Although the painting is typically Pre-Raphaelite in composition and tone, its central framing is more typical of traditional compositions. It is typically Pre-Raphaelite in that it illustrates a vulnerable and doomed woman and is bathed in natural early-evening light.[8] The lady is portrayed staring away from the crucifix, which sits beside three candles. During the late nineteenth century, candles were often used to symbolise life:[1] In this image, two have blown out.

        Also note the chain she’s holding onto tethered to the shore, and the lantern on the bow.

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  13. I was so rooting for them to make it all the way….what an incredible season they had! Since my boys (STL Cardinals) didn’t make it to the WS, I was hoping the Royals would bring the trophy home. It was a shame they didn’t match up again. I just couldn’t root for the Giants even though they are National league. It was a grudge I think…..
    I grew up near St Louis and I am still a faithful fan even though I live in Texas now. (Rangers have a Cinderella story too) so I can tell you yes! without a doubt there IS crying in baseball! LOL! Hopefully KC will do it next year!! 🙂


    1. Hey Courtney!
      So awesome to meet a fellow baseball fan! My most favorite high school English teacher was from St. Louis and loved the Cards. We got to have a party in English one of the years they won (1984?) and I’ll never forget it. I was sorry to hear about the tragic loss of one of the young players.
      Love the Rangers….love them all…even the Yankees 😉
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I hopped over to your site for a bit and I can already see that we have some similarities. I look forward to getting to know you better!


      1. Actually sweets… they were not in the World Series in 1984, however they WERE in 1985 and they lost! And guess WHO they lost to??? That would be the KC Royals! 😀
        The only time they were in the World Series and WON in the 80’s was 1982 and they beat the Brewers. They did, however, win the National League Pennant 1982, 1985 and 1987. Maybe it was one of those big wins he was happy about? What a completely cool teacher to let you guys have a party!
        It was a horrible loss of such a young life… Oscar Taveras was only 22 years old and had so much potential 😦 They had a moment of silence for him before game #6. His 18 year old girlfriend was also killed in the accident in the Dominican Republic.
        I was half way rooting for the Rangers when they went up against the Cardinals in the WS in 2011. I would have been ok with them winning since it was the first time in history for them to go. But when they blew it the second year in a row I was less sympathetic and that was because the pitching coach is a moron! It’s all about the pitching!! 🙂 Even though I didn’t want the Giants to win the WS, I was in complete awe of Madison Bumgarner! That boy is gonna make history! Ok… I will shut up now! LOL!

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      2. Oh my goodness…we are going to be fast friends, I can just tell!
        I was on the phone with a co-worker today and we both lamented over Alex Gordon not making it home on that triple-ish bomb he hit in the 9th in game 7.
        I DO remember that it was the Cardinals we beat in ’85, but I didn’t want to start off this friendship with that little reminder! It must have been 1982 when we had our English party…oh goodness…I was a sophomore in high school.
        I loved reading your replies and comments today…I clearly need to hop over and read what you have going on in your world. Thanks for spending the time over here today.


  14. I’ve been a dedicated Detroit Tigers fan since I was a little girl which means I’ve been a fan for a LONG time – lol. We recently were back in Detroit and took my 87 yr old mother to her first game since they tore down Tiger Stadium. It was so much fun. They played the Royals and to the delight of the HOME team, we won. You can be sure I was rooting FOR the Royals in the World Series though. There’s always next year. BTW – I’ll eventually get around to posting a few photos from that game, although most of what I took was of Miguel Cabrera – lol.


    1. AWESOME! I get all giddy when I find other baseball fans.
      Believe it or not, I’m a huge Detroit fan, too. Justin Verlander is a beast and I’m so happy that we stole Omar from you last year.
      I’ve noticed that while the rivalries are real in baseball, they don’t seem to be hostile like what I notice in football (which I love, too).
      I would love to see your photos of that game. I went to a Royals/Chicago game and most my photos were Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon and MOOOOSE!
      Thank you for taking the time to stop and comment. So happy to meet you, Maya!

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