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Is it just me, or is it freezing in here? (Royals baseball, baby!)

When hell freezes over” is a phrase reserved for the impossible, improbable and “no way” type situations. I’ve heard hubs say the words when I mention him in skinny jeans as well as every time I have predicted that the Royals were heading into the post season.

Well, BD…read it and weep:


Our cousin, Nancy, posted this Atlanta polar vortex picture on her Facebook page back on January 7 and her inadvertent prediction is playing out nicely for the Boys in Blue.

Since their first game way back in April, I’ve been a quiet but positive fan. Every time BD wanted to “trade them all” I said a silent prayer to the baseball gods, put on my Moose antlers and sacrificed a live chicken.  Admittedly, I’m struggling with some nerves today. The Wild Card game tonight is at home (they seem to play better away) and somebody stole my antlers (Bella Luna!)


Anyone who follows the Royals knows that their defense is deadly, the Bull pen is nasty and their chemistry unmatched. We’ve watched or listened to almost every game of the season and I have had to talk my husband off the ledge more than once (he’s such a non-believer).

The last time we were in a post-season situation, Ronald Reagan was president, gas was $1.20/gallon and I was a freshman in college.

I could be these guys’ mother…or cougar girlfriend.

So today, I’m sending very specific prayers to the baseball gods and would love it if you added a few of your own.

  • Big Game James: may you own the mound and come out throwing the nasty
  • Esky: may the Gold rest on your Glove
  • Salvy: strike ’em out, throw ’em out!
  • Aoki: Dokey!
  • Moose: for the love of all that is good and holy…NO POP FLIES!!
  • Double play Billy: Do not hit to second base, I repeat, no bloopers to second base
  • Lo Cain: don’t pull a hammie…we need you for October
  • And finally, if Billy hits into his signature double play, remind Gordo, Infante and Hosmer to pick up the slack.


Don’t stop believin’ folks…sometimes Hell freezes over!

43 thoughts on “Is it just me, or is it freezing in here? (Royals baseball, baby!)

  1. I will say a a prayer for you, your antlers and any chickens in the area. I will also say a prayer for any potential cougar girlfriends who get in your way;) Go Boys In Blue! (As a fireman, I never thought I’d hear myself say that…)

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    1. Hi Ned!
      I’m sure the Boys in Blue (and chickens) all appreciate your prayers. As far as the cougars…well, I have to share. The main reason I took those pictures in the first place was for three of my girlfriends who have each claimed one for themselves.
      Perhaps you should focus the prayers on those poor boys running away from us!

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  2. This is a response just to be supportive,
    but I would appreciate any future posts NOT being written in a foreign language.
    You seem to be excited about something? something blue?and cougars?
    IDK..I can’t really understand it all.
    rock on Michelle, rock on


  3. Michelle, I never, ever, EVER follow sports, and my husband is an avid Phillies and Eagles fan. But I want you to know, thanks to this exciting post, I will be following tonight’s game, and I will be enough of a believer to override your husband’s skepticism!

    GO ROYALS 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Ah, yay!!!!! I can hear Journey in the background just because of you. Things to watch for:
      Salvador Perez (catcher) is so much fun to watch and really good at what he does.
      Alex Gordon (#4) is the master in the outfield and soooo handsome, er, a great hitter.
      Wait till you see Eric Hosmer (#35) scoop up the plays at first base.

      Umm…I’m wearing out my welcome, aren’t I?
      (Seriously, thanks for the great note and support!)

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    1. Oh Josie…you are the sweetest person ever!
      So many times during the game I wished I could have texted you. Most texts would have said, “you can quit watching now” and then the next text would have said, “are you still watching this?!?”
      We didn’t get to bed until after 1 am and I just now finally pulled myself out from under the pillows. Craziest game ever!!!!
      Off to see if my son got any more sleep than I did.
      Thank you, friend! You are awesome!

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  4. The baseball Gods have returned some balance to the order of things. No Yankees or Red Sox, but the Pirates and Royals are alive and well in October. Not to mention the Orioles. This is going to be a fun post season to watch. Good luck KC.

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    1. I am psyched about the Pirates, too.
      It feels completely old school fabulous!
      That said, I don’t think I can take another game like the one last night.
      Oh heck…who am I kidding. I love games like last night!!


  5. Ugggg, I’m late replying…again. Anyway, we watched the game. And the one last night. Looks like your boys are in form and prized for something big.

    Hoping so.

    With blessings,


    1. Oh Dani!
      There is no such thing as a late reply among friends, right? I appreciate the time you take to stop in a visit and absolutely know that we have “real lives” to live. PLUS, those darned Royals have me completely sleep deprived…they haven’t finished up before midnight yet!
      Blessings right back at you! xo

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  6. HEY!

    they won, right?
    so excited for you.
    if SF gets in then we can have a west coast/ middle of the country rivalry.
    except I don’t care…
    but i am happy for you!!

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    1. Hey back at you!
      Yep! The Royals won and I about fell down the bleachers of my son’s football game as I listened to it on my phone.

      SF won, too! In the most fun and dramatic of fashions with a walk off homer.
      ooops! You don’t care about that 😉

      What a gorgeous city, though. I was supposed to watching baseball and all I kept hoping for was a view of the water behind center field. I’m almost positive that was the Golden Gate bridge in the back.
      I must come visit!
      You are so sweet to remember, come back and speak in my foreign language for a bit. xo

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      1. I have the BEST friends in the whole wide world!! Xo
        (Psst! As soon as you start watching the Royals, you’ll be happy to note several players are easy on the eyes. Just sayin…


  7. Sorry I missed this one Mama. I fell out of my chair at Ned’s chocolate chip comment. Whatever you do, do NOT bring chocolate chip cookies. You will get hungry, forget, and then eat your cookie bikini top.
    But then they would show you on tv, so I dunno. Carry on! 🙂

    KSU looked good today!

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    1. Omg…Ned is always good for some fall out of the chair laughs. I read his posts almost as much for his replies to comments.
      I’m trying to picture a chocolate chip bikini top….got milk?

      Go Bulldogs! Woo! Hoo!

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