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It’s a good thing he’s cute…

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Dear Dad,

I’m reaching out to you before Mom tattles on me. I think she’s pretty mad, so if she shows up before you finish reading, just hide me somewhere. The Rat Rod will do.

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I’m very sorry about what happened out on the trail last week. I didn’t know that her knee was hurting before we started our run and that it was going to end like it did.  What’s a torn meniscus anyway? I didn’t understand when she hollered at me about it. Can I sniff it? Pee on it? Does it taste like bacon?

You see, this whole thing is her fault. She’s been neglecting and forgetting our regular runs together. And, you know how I am when she turns on that blasted Garmin after a long time off. It beeps, she jangles the leash and I. just. get. so. excited.

I’m just a sweet and cute dog with no place to go and nowhere to be unless it’s with you guys. She’s slowing down and apparently those knees just ain’t what they used to be. Does she still think she’s 20? OMG…imagine how old she is in dog years!!!

How I am supposed to resist the bunnies, the squirrels and ankle-biters who dart out on the trail? You always taught me to stand up for myself and those little jerks annoy the heck out of me. YOU let me chase the squirrels…why can’t mom just let me go and be free? She’s always been the fun-eraser in this family.

And, in my defense, I didn’t see the tree. The squirrel and I went left and she went right still hanging onto my leash. Who knew that a person could bounce down a hill like that. I don’t think the scratches will scar. Well, except maybe that one on her head. Yeah, that’s gonna leave a mark–the tree was pretty big.

Anyway, if she comes looking for me, just pretend that you haven’t seen me. I’ll  hang out in the garage until the storm blows over and I’m forgiven.

Don’t forget to feed me.



PS: You wanna go for a run? Looks like it’s just gonna be you and me for a while.

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47 thoughts on “It’s a good thing he’s cute…

  1. Bwahahaha! Met your jogging match did ya Mama? Ruff story. Ha! Don’t growl at me, now. Ha! Blaming poor Cleve is barking up the wrong tree. Bwahahaha! Tree bark, dog bark, just as annoying. Pfffft! Sorry, I’m trying to stifle the laughter. Maybe it’s the color – brown dog, brown trees, low light – hard to see the difference now? Ha! Did the squirrels come to check if you were a nut laying on the forest floor? What did they decide? Haha!

    I’m sorry Mama, I couldn’t help myself. I hope you’re OK , except for your pride, of course. Cleve seems fine. Ha! Except for having his meals in the barn, that is.

    Hey, I missed your last post, I noticed. I’m gonna have to go back there and write about how beautiful you are. 😀

    Oh, as an aside, i did anotehr guest post over at Cordelia’s Mom I would be honored if you had a few minutes to drop by and have a read. Thanks very much Mama.


    1. Oh Paul,
      You made me laugh out loud and wake the whole house!! I’m doing fine…just nursing the pride, right?
      Actually, he is barking and whining right now…apparently he thinks this beautiful fall morning is wasting away and that it’s time to go again. I’m giving hubs the leash this time 🙂
      As always, I love it when you stop by and take the time to comment.


  2. I have said the same thing about our pointer, that looks a lot like yours, MANY times! It’s a good thing he is so cute (and smart)! I’m sorry to hear about your injury! Hope you heal quickly!


    1. Hey Kim 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Cleve says thanks, too.
      As far as the injury…I’d like to blame it all my pooch, but it’s really just old age and overuse 😉
      Happy Friday!


  3. oh man!
    I’m so sorry!
    I do think the dog is cute but I was still going to go off on him until i read the comment above about you only being able to run 2-3 miles at a time…with a torn meniscus?!
    what are you some sort of super-human?
    ice cream and movies on the couch sound better to me!

    Feel better soon sweetie!

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    1. No super human here…just super stubborn and cortisone-injected 😉 Can I get a red cape for that?

      Thank you for being such a protective friend. Last week’s incident is probably the last push I need to do that yoga you and I have been talking about 😉
      Thank you, Michele. Hope you have a great weekend!!


      1. make sure you tell your instructor about the torn meniscus…
        there are ways around all the poses to h\help not re-injure that and also poses to help strengthen the surrounding area and protect it in the future.
        That’s a good sign about whether or not the yoga instructor is good..if they can help, go for it!

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    1. It’s always the boys that are “bundles of bad cuteness” that get us in trouble, isn’t it?
      You are so right, thank goodness about the video. The poor, scared lady on the park bench was embarrassing enough 🙂

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  4. love love love LOVE this story mamamick!! Our family dog was a purebred pointer, white and black.

    We named him Sir Archibald Wisdom White…cus omg did that rascal ever teach us wisdom!! Sadly, he has gone on to his reward, for enduring when my daughters and I would dress him up in bikinis, or put ballerina outfits on him and make him dance with us…

    good old Archie.

    Does yours know how to get “that” look, and shiver like he is certain you are gonna spank him, until you relent, and pow off like a shot and grinning like “pulled another one off” lol!!

    Totes loved this, from the memories stirred to the absolutely hilarious and creative writing that you did! Thanks for this today!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sir Archibald Wisdom White…yes please! He sounds regal and wise and sooooo sweet! I’m so glad you enjoyed this, Charissa. I love all animals, but there is just something extra special about our pooches, no?
      Methinks you should write about Archie. How long has he been roving the heavenly fields?


  5. Ah, he’s adorable, but the torn knee…not so adorable. How long will that take to heal? I love the wisdom we get with old age, but I’m still envious of the body I had in my 20’s that I took for granted. I wouldn’t take it for granted NOW…and I’m sure you and your knee feel the same. Sigh. Hurry and get better.


    1. We totally took those bodies for granted didn’t we? I may need to hop on that bike after all. The knee has been bad for about a year after I did a Tough Mudder last September. Surgery is inevitable and I prefer to stick my head in the sand for now 😉
      Are you all healed up?
      (Also remembering your sweet pooch…I hope this post didn’t make you feel sad again)


      1. No, it didn’t make me sad. It made me laugh. Your dog is so cute and I loved the post from his perspective. I don’t blame you about surgery. Good luck when you do it. I’m mostly healed up and getting stronger. I could ride now, but I keep chickening out when it’s time to go. Tonight my husband is making me get on the greenbelt (which is smooth and paved) to get me over my fear (which I didn’t know I had until it was time to get on again). I’ll get over it though…eventually. Hee hee.

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  6. Oh no! The light-hearted perspective of this makes me laugh (heck, any story told by a dog makes me nod in recognition), but the seriousness of what happened is terrible. Are you in a knee brace? How long can you put off that inevitable surgery?

    And have you let Cleve back in the house yet?


  7. Ouch! Just walking around with a torn meniscus can be no fun, depending. I can relate. What a great way to relate the story, but what a painful way to walk the dog. You’re not supposed to head-butt a tree along the way! Hope you’re on the mend and that Cleve isn’t banished to the dog house for too long.


    1. Hello my friend!
      Today is soooo beautiful out and I’m dying to take him for a run. I think I’ll just let him run circles in the yard and enjoy him that way.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  8. I giggled out loud at this:

    “What’s a torn meniscus anyway? I didn’t understand when she hollered at me about it. Can I sniff it? Pee on it? Does it taste like bacon?”

    What a love, Mr. Cleve.

    If you’d ever like a breather, send him here to Illinois. R and I would like to love on him a bit.

    With heart,


    1. Hi Dani,
      Happy that this made you giggle out loud. He’s a sweetie for sure (when he’s not chasing squirrels!)
      Thank you for the visual you provided….the one where he has his head hanging out the window as he makes his way to Illinois to visit 🙂

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