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Whiskey Nights


fresh and fragile
I snuck into my mother’s
makeup drawer
threw on some
name brand mask
and clunked across
the living room floor

in the in-between
life was lived in
the car seat with the
cigarette burns
sidewalks under
yellow street lamps
in the shakes and pours
of whiskey nights

I met him among the
clinking and the
water rings
dimly lit perfection
we held hands
like a repeat romance novel
all-in on
worn bar stools

in the beginning I
swam so hard from
late night television
to warm skin then
four years crept like
vine work up our chests
until I’d built a
rooftop on his heart

I wander now
from the couch
to the convenience store
above to heavy darkness
in a home with
four wheels four limbs
living breathing
he is common ground


Thank you to the beautiful and big-hearted Michelle for allowing me to share my own idea of home on her amazing blog. My husband Joe is my world, and wherever he goes, I go. (And that is all I need.)

– Nicole Marie


Happy 1st anniversary to Nicole Marie and her sweet hubby, Joe. Nicole was the very first poet/writer I stumbled upon when I came to WP and I’ve been hooked ever since. Be sure to visit her at Words and Other Things for gut-punching, poignant and beautiful poetry, fiction and life perspectives. This pretty girl is the real deal and I’m so honored that she shared her home with us.

Thank you, Nicole Marie! xo Michelle


78 thoughts on “Whiskey Nights

    1. Good to know, Ned!
      My husband tends to get all wiggly when I go mush on him.
      Glad you enjoyed Nicole’s piece…her writing is captivating. Each new piece becomes my next favorite 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!


    1. Some things come full circle. I told Nicole that the post about her wedding last year was what drew me to her words and her site. She was a gem for sharing this 🙂


      1. It made me think so much of where home should be, what home should be. It should be in your heart and with someone you love, in your lovers heart. Home isn’t a place, it’s a state of being. Much love, you nailed it.


  1. That is a beautiful poem, Nicole. I especially like these lines:
    “I met him among the
    clinking and the
    water rings”
    – there is something so wonderfully magical about your use of ‘water rings’, as though it is better than a wedding ring: an eternal circle of emotion that captured you both.


  2. Beautiful poem as if the words a floating like a music….hey Nicole wishes to you and your dear husband….I am going to follow you to read more of your poems….if you have time I have written some…you can visit mine.


  3. Missed this sweet poem for some reason when it came up in my wordpress feed in June, but I recognized the cute couple in the picture right away when it came up on Freshpressed today. Very nice poem and ode to your marriage, Nicole Marie. Well done.


  4. Congratulations on getting Freshly Pressed. The poem is gorgeous, as are you.
    I still want to borrow your wedding dress. I just have to figure out where to wear it.


    1. Hi Samara,
      I remember “finding” Nicole Marie when she first posted pictures of she and her hubby from their wedding. I fell in love immediately…and yes…the dress rocks!!


      1. Hi there! MamaMickTerry- there’s a shorter name than that, right?
        I’ve been seeing you around for a while, but I guess it took our friend Nicole and her incredible poetry to get me to move my butt over here!

        I’m so glad I did. Your blog is filled with wonderful surprises! I’ll pour a glass of wine and wander around, if that’s all right.


      2. Oh Samara,
        I’ve seen you too and love your brave voice. Thank you for stopping by and wander all you want…I keep the good stuff in the liquor cabinet–help yourself!! And oh–just call Michelle or Mama or whatever you want 😉


    2. Samara, I love you. Congrats to YOU on getting Freshly Pressed. The dress is yours, whenever you’d like. Seriously, I’ll mail that shit. Sisterhood of the traveling dress?



      1. I love you MORE. You know why? Stuff like, “I’ll mail that shit.”
        You are awesome.
        I do need to know- are you a 2-name person? like, you’re not Nicole, you’re Nicole Marie?

        Kayso, I love that we’re hanging out on FP together! Woo hoo!


      2. When I’m trying to sound all mysterious and professional, it’s Nicole Marie. In other words, I just think it looks pretty, since I’m never mysterious or professional.

        To my friends, it’s just Nicole, so that includes you, lady. 🙂


    1. Nicole Marie is a true gem–be sure to check out the rest of her talents at her sites. I fell in love with her poetry (and stories) right from the beginning. Thanks for stopping by!


    1. I cried when I read it! Nicole Marie is a gem–be sure to check out all of the other wonderful works she’s composed over at her site.
      Thanks for stopping by,


    1. Nicole Marie is a truly talented and warm woman. You should hop over to her blog and check her out there. I was so honored to be able to steal her away for a bit. Thank you for stopping by!


  5. Congratulations Nicole for the first anniversary, I am sure there are many more to come and celebrate 🙂 You are simply beautiful with words and excellent with poetic expression. It is profound.!


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