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Pity Party



“After carefully reviewing all the applicant packages, I regret to inform you that your package was not selected to move forward in this year’s residency selection process.”

Wait. What? I didn’t even know I had a package!

Back up four months and allow me to explain. If you remember, I applied for the #AmtrakResidency in March with wild, romantic visions to write the next great American novel and best seller while traveling the rails and soaking in the countryside.

Turns out that 16K other applicants had the same idea.

Source unknown, but grateful to Christy for sending it my way yesterday
Source unknown, but grateful to Christy for sending it my way


I received the rejection e-mail yesterday along with 15,885 other dream-dashed souls. It was a long shot and while I’m disappointed, I’m realistic and not even close to being devastated.

Life is too short, right?

I may have missed it by a mile…or an entire line of rusty Union Pacific cars. Who knows? What I DO know is that my husband is a little relieved–he still doesn’t trust me with the water bill much less travel. I’m determined to pursue this whole writing thing with a 5:30 am. pre-day job discipline at my beautiful, homebound mahogany desk.


Thanks to talented blogger friends–Christy and Paul along with my forever bestie, Kelsey…I turned what could have been a downer (with other unspoken disappointments) into a day that I’m forever grateful for.

Pity Party?

Not me! The venue sucks, the food is horrible and I can’t find chocolate anywhere. This is one party I will not be attending.

Peace out!

Thank you Kelsey!

41 thoughts on “Pity Party

  1. Sorry it didn’t work out, but good for trying. I have Amtrak points if you want to go maybe to the next city over 🙂


    1. You are so sweet, Sheena! It was an interesting process (applicant fields were limited to 1000 characters!!)
      Actually, they gave all of the applicants a 15% discount code and I would love to use that. We have an Amtrak station less than 15 minutes from my house…I’m going look at routes today. Shhhh…don’t tell hubby 🙂


  2. I’m sorry you didn’t win (and wow, I can imagine 16,000 people wanting to go) but I love how you’ve written about the experience with humor. Nice that we get to benefit from your rejection. Your writing made me smile this morning.


  3. Sorry about the disappointing news, my friend. Wasn’t meant to be? An empty statement at first, then eventually we see the wisdom in that later when something that was certainly meant to be comes down the line. I am glad you got out of that pity party. I threw some real shindigs in my days 🙂 I still have my moments, and even days (ugh) so I understand how powerful and depressing they can be. It’s a dangerous rabbit hole.

    Anyway, glad I could be of service some how… 🙂

    Blessings….today’s a new day!



      1. Cool! I hope you enjoy my poems. I have included the poem I wrote for you, Courageous Voice, under the chapter heading of ‘over the tracks of society’. It seemed rather appropriate given your liking of all things trains and tracks (and all the metaphors therein!) ;-). So there is a little piece of you within the book…something inspired by your soul. 🙂 xo


  4. You know, one out of 15,885 is still a rather respectable club to be in. I mean in the big scheme of things, I guess I’m one in the other 7.046 BILLION or so that didn’t apply. So you got that going for you. 😉


  5. Oh man, I’m sorry you didn’t move onto the next round, though expect it’s one of those dream assignments in fantasy only. Can you get chocolate on a train? Anyway, you have the right attitude, as usual and all the way.


    1. You are SO right, Kristen!
      Certainly, this was a fantasy assignment not something worthy of putting eggs all in one basket type of thing.
      As for chocolate…I’ve learned to bring my own along. In fact, I feel like baking chocolate chip cookies today 🙂


  6. well, that’s disappointing!
    i’m sorry and i’m not gonna add platitudes about there being reasons, etc.
    sounds like you are already moving on…which is what we do, we move forward, baking cookies


  7. I, too, am sorry that you won’t be riding that train . . . on the other hand, WAHOO to you for giving it a shot!

    I thought about entering when I first heard about it, but upon reading the fine print (there was A LOT of fine print) decided nope. Not for me. For one thing, if you won, you were agreeing that Amtrak had rights to whatever you wrote. Also, they sometimes have chocolate on a train, but when they do it’s not good chocolate. And I am picky about my chocolate!

    So here’s to right attitudes, writing anyway, keeping the rights to your effort unless someone is willing to pay good money for it, and choosing your own chocolate!!


    1. Dear Mary,
      Your comments are so kind and timely. I did remember seeing the small print (and the twitter backlash resulting)…guess it shows what I was willing to give up to sit in a seat. Oy vey!
      Now that I look back (and re-read your comments), what’s to stop me from buying my own darned ticket and writing a masterpiece for spite?!
      Well…masterpiece is stretching it, but I’m sure I could come up with something at least as tasty as your yummy chocolate 🙂


    1. OMG! I totally stole it and sent to friends several times today.
      And, if you could see my hair right now, you’d know that it definitely applies in the most literal sense 🙂


    1. Oooo! I love chatty chattertons!! I’ve seen yours and they would be hard to resist. I am very lucky…I actually love being in my office, it’s my sanctuary when I’m not in the garden or when my own chatty dudes stop by to visit 🙂
      And, yes, I’ve hit the jackpot in many ways. Have a great rest of the week, Karen!!


  8. But we all love your writing, and the beauty that you share
    The wanders down the highway, the dreams from yesteryear
    So don’t let a desktop jockey, only looking for advertising space
    Disturb your inner harmony, turn your writing into a race
    We all appreciate your giving, sharing your journey from your heart
    It means so much more to us, keeps us enthralled from the start
    So allow that inner wisdom, words filled with the beauty of love
    Be given from who you truly are, a gift from the Lord above



  9. Oh, I am sorry to hear. You are a great writer and I an sure there is something more spectacular out there, just waiting for you! And with abundant amounts of chocolate!

    And thank you! I was just getting ready to plop myself on the pith potty, then I opened WordPress to read some blogs. Ha! Dag it! You sure know how to spoil a party 😉 Love your attitude! Hugs.


    1. Hey Maggie!
      Oh, sorry ’bout that. I always was a bit of a party pooper 😉
      Thank you for your kind words, for popping over to my house and for making my day. I hope your day got better and that Friday finds you rockin’ and ready for the weekend.


  10. Chocolate always fixes things. We’ll have to make sure you have some on hand next time. And that HAIR pic is hilarious!!! Too funny.


  11. well I was just coming back to say hi – and also wanted to agree with your other readers- it is their loss!!! and I agree with the comment about doing your own thing – because sometimes the closed door leads to the open window that had the diamonds waiting….. hmmmm ❤


  12. Argh, I hate hate hate that feeling of disappointment when you realize something you’ve wanted is not going to work out 😦 But in the end, it always does– in ways you may not have thought. I like your take on the pity party though… doesn’t sound fun at all, so moving right along!


  13. Sorry about the disappointing news Michelle (even if I’m way late!), but how awesome is it that it’s making you even more determined to do what you love? Go you. x


    1. Nadia! Nadia! Nadia! So great to hear from you 🙂
      I’m a horrible host..been meaning to e-mail you about your guest post. I promise that I will soon.
      In the meantime, just know that I’ve missed you and was so happy to see your sweet smile pop up in my comments 🙂


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