Music While You Wait

Ba-Bye Metaphors and Hidden Meanings! (Music while you wait)

Hey y’all!

I hope you have had a great week. Been a little too serious over here on the MamaMick side, so I’m lightening things up a bit before posting my last piece in the Life is a Highway series next week. You guys rock for reading all of my sentimental ramblings.

Today’s post doesn’t have anything to do with anything. I really appreciate singers who write their own stuff. Eric Paslay keeps it simple and unhidden in his cool song–great beat and fun to sing along with.



This ain’t about hometowns
Ain’t about back roads
 Ain’t about shoulda, coulda, wish I woulda
Rear views looking back
This ain’t about goodbyes
Ain’t about come-backs
Oh, got nothing to do with the stars and the moon
Man you’re gettin’ way off track

It’s a song about a girl
It goes like this
Ah, little heartbreak queen
Rockin’ the jeans
Baby, just read my lips
It’s a song about a girl

Every time
Ah, don’t think too hard
Dig too deep
Or read between the lines

~~Eric Paslay, Song About a Girl


13 thoughts on “Ba-Bye Metaphors and Hidden Meanings! (Music while you wait)

  1. I get tired of all the seriousness here sometimes to. I dont think I have ever heard this song and my phone wont let me listen through wordpress, so I guess I have to get off my butt and walk over to the laptop. Lol


    1. Oh sorry! I noticed the same thing on my phone!!
      Thanks for reading Diana!
      Just an FYI…I’m going back through your archives today (later). There’s a poem of yours that I remember reading and I want to look at it again. Hope you are having a great week!!


  2. Your hometown post got me to thinking in a way I needed to. I was ready and your post came along, and I am grateful. That being said, some days call for a simple, good song and no further work beyond listening and enjoying. Thank you for providing both.


    1. Thank you, Kristen! Honestly, the Hometown post did me in a bit. One more serious and then I’m getting silly again 🙂
      I hope you are doing well…spent some time at your site earlier this week. You are a gem 🙂


  3. I appreciate the lightheartedness – and I almost did not want to leave a comment that is a little heavy – but seeing that it has been a few days since this posted – though I could share….

    But the counselor side of me gets irritated with this so called “eye-candy” – it feels like soft porn to me – and well I know it is innocent to the healthy – and skinny skin shots (of almost nudes) are just the norm in our culture – and even though this video only had a few – all the women portrayed were of a the “underfed” frame and that stereotype irritates as well.

    But getting back to the so called eye candy for a second, well for so many men sunken and worn down in the horrible addiction of porn these days – and after counseling different folks on and off for two decades – well porn robs families of health.

    sometimes this so called simple seductive stuff seems all benign – and it may be for many, but it makes me ache for the down side of what this kind of seductive stuff means to some people – it means bondage. And while this video was MILD – and I am so sorry to slam it in any way – especially to you sweet mamma- joy!

    But the messages in these songs DO matter – and like the way it portrays woman sometimes as just sexual beauty – now don’t get me wrong – that is good and all – but I could go on and on about the mixed messages I get from this video – but I won’t….


    1. My dearest Yvette,
      Thank you so much for valuing our friendship enough to step up and say something. IF I disagreed with you, I would say so…but, I don’t. Even the little voice in my head (while going through a brief edit) said, “Um, are you sure you want to use the words “eye-candy?” And, while the women in the video (for the most part) were shown as independent and strong…I agree that they were playing to the willowy stereotype. In other words–I shoulda known better! Lemme see what I can do to rework the post later today(even though it’s probably run the course). Thank you, dear friend, for calling me on it. xo


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