Music While You Wait

Alive and Kicking! (Music while you wait Vol. 3)

Alive, kicking and barely breathing these days. But smiling and grateful (or is that code for clueless and punchy?)

Just a note to check in and provide music while you wait. I’m only through half of the blog reading I wanted to get caught up on in April, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it’s a train, at least it’ll be an adventure, right?

Today’s playlist is dedicated to my sweet hubby who’s been keeping the home fires burning while I do whatever it is I do to stay gainfully employed. A little P!nk and Katy Perry (his favorites) to give him some eye candy to watch on his iPad this evening while I’m snoring like a banshee beside him. Closing out with Luke Bryan so he can make fun of me one more time:


On another note, I did a little writing this morning and paired it with some photography, too! If you’re game, check out the post “This kind of fire” on the Ps and Qs page.


Without further delay, here’s Big Daddy’s playlist.

Pending for May:

  • Travel series to debut May 5
  • Waiting to hear back from the #Amtrak writer’s residency!
  • More you, less me







9 thoughts on “Alive and Kicking! (Music while you wait Vol. 3)

    1. Hey Diana,
      You are so kind! I’ve never been nominated for an award before, so you just made my day. I’ll have to check out the rules 🙂
      That said, congrats on YOU being nominated. I just hopped over to your page and saw your award and the awesome picture of you and your hubby. You guys are beautiful together. Thank you again for your kind nomination. I need to get caught up over on your site!


  1. I love Pink and Katy Perry. And that Luke Bryan spill is good stuff, too. Way to go Big Daddy, you da man!
    PS- Noticed that you were nominated for a Versatile Blogger award, and I couldn’t agree more. Good stuff.


    1. My BD is da man for sure! He did enjoy his own little playlist 🙂
      We saw Pink in concert. WOW! She has amazing talent AND acrobatic skills. In fact, after putting up my little post yesterday, I plugged in my iTunes and listened to her all day.
      Thanks for stopping and for your kind comments. I’m still new enough to the blog-o-sphere that I’m not even sure what the Versatile award is…but, it certainly touched my heart and made me smile.
      Hope you are having a great week, Cayman!


  2. I adore P!nk. She’s another artist that makes me feel like her songs were written just for me. So many of us have walked similar paths,mall with our own unique takes on them. Hope you got some sleep!


    1. Isn’t she just amazing Deanna?!
      We saw her in concert and I cried several times during the show. Aside from the fact that she is completely gorgeous (hubby and I were glued to her abs!), she has amazing talent. Writer, singer…acrobat!


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