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The Church of Baseball


Even though a faint dusting of snow still lies on the ground, the 2013 USAAA 13-and-under state champion Rebels will be packing up cleats, adjusting cups and heading down the road for the first game of the season on Saturday.


I’ve missed the baseball mamas (dads, too!) and we sisters from other misters have spent many weekends huddled together in blankets or sweating in lawn chairs on the sauna-like concrete in mid-July.

Game in December? Nope!This was mid-April!
Game in December? Nope!This was mid-April!

It’s time to reinstate the superstitious practices where white jerseys are worn on Championship Sunday, Wendy stays in the bathroom when we are at bat and Melinda walks down the road when it’s rally time. It’s also time to speak the lingo that belongs solely to baseball and the disciples who watch it.


A Mama’s Baseball Poem

You got this bud!
That wasn’t yours
Now you’ve seen it

Atta Kid!

Need a golf club for those, Ump!
Be good with two!
Deep breath
Ducks on a pond

Atta Kid!

Strikes here, kid
He’s going!
Can of corn
Turn two!

Atta Kid!

My beloved Kansas City Royals also have their home opener in Detroit on Monday and hopes are high for them to be World Series contenders.

I’d also like you to meet my second favorite third baseman:

My most favorite third baseman:

My favorite baseball player of all time:


Instead of further poetic pontification, I’ve left you with a video playlist that highlights the sounds of the announcers, the clink of a bat, the whooomph of 108 stitches into a leather glove and the Church of Baseball.

Even if you don’t love the game, I’m sure you can appreciate the calm that baseball, apple pie and boyhood camaraderie provide as the run around bases chases the last bit of winter out of our souls.

Let’s play ball!





22 thoughts on “The Church of Baseball

    1. The strike just about got me, too, but the Royals kept me going.
      I go to the church of baseball in the Spring…but worship year round at the altar of football (NCAA and NFL).
      I should have been a boy 🙂


  1. You’ll be busy now! I’ll wish warm thoughts and weather your way. My friend is a baseball mom; I’m a soccer, track and cross country mom, so I’ve definitely done my share of nasty weather sport watching–hail, snow, ice. Nothing stops games here in Idaho except the occasional lightning. Good luck with your baseball.


    1. Ahhh…Idaho….I LOVE Idaho 🙂
      This is the time of year I think of track, too. Windy, rainy and in itty bitty shorts waiting at the start line. In fact, you are probably getting revved up the season right now, right?


    1. Hello again! I found you, too 🙂
      Basketball might be the only sport my kiddos haven’t played..which is surprising given that daddy was an awesome bball player. You sound like a busy mama, too. Thanks for stopping.
      (now, I gotta go fix a typo in here that my hubby told me about!)


    1. Me, too! You’re a Georgia Bulldog, right? Who’s your pro team? Me and the NE Patriots have been dating in the off season. Don’t know where it’s going, but I’m cautiously optimistic 😉

      BTW: My favorite second basemen (Gordon Beckham) is a Bulldog. CLAIMED!


  2. Yay baseball! Yay spring! I know next to nothing about it, but I do enjoy going to a game, sitting in the bleachers, the green grass, sun, swallows swooping, cheers, and some cracker jacks.


  3. Ahhh, BASEBALL! So many good memories brought up by your post. I was a spectator and ball girl for my brothers’ Little League teams in northern Illinois, and a Chicago Cubs Bleacher Bum in the late 60’s/early 70’s. I was a proud momma in the Atlanta area youth leagues — joining the other mommas and pappas in watching our daughters and their softball prowess. I was part of an excited family as we watched the Atlanta Braves in their stadium in the late 80’s/early 90’s — before Turner Field was built. And I cheered on my oldest daughter’s high school team for four years in Maryland.

    I miss baseball here in Norway! Thank you for sharing a little of your life and bringing back so many wonderful memories for this middle-aged empty-nester! 🙂

    And good luck to your teams!


    1. Hello dear Cindi!
      Your comment totally made my day as I read about your “mama baseball love”
      Actually, I’m going to be back and respond properly (I LOVE your notes!) but wanted you to know that I think of you often and that I’m so glad you stopped by!
      Talk to you soon!!


    2. Hi Cindi,
      I just had to come back to your lovely comments. I absolutely love that you were a Cubs bleacher bum!! I watched the Braves in the 80s and 90s too (because we got WGN our little cable station!).
      You highlighted the joy when you mentioned how you cheered your daughter on for four years. Just something about that team camaraderie, the sounds of summer and spring and all things (and all kiddos) baseball!
      I’m so glad I was able to bring a bit of baseball to Norway…do they play cricket? I actually have NO idea!!
      Thank you again, Cindi. I think of you often and it’s on my April objectives to read more, learn more and actually write less. I want to spend time on others’ blogs and yours is one of them!
      Have a great week my friend!!


      1. *Your* comments — especially this last one — made my day of memories expand again! (I had fun digging through my photo archives for a couple images of my adult daughters when they were younger for a photo challenge.)

        There is such joy in being a Mom, isn’t there? That joy can be best personified by the feeling of being in the stands, surrounded by other parents, cheering on our favorite player. 🙂 I’ve had a lot of experiences in my 55 years on this earth, and worn many hats … but momma-hood is my most cherished one. Watching our little ones grow, their interests get focused, their abilities expand is so rewarding, isn’t it. (And discovering adult friendships with these amazing people is the icing on the cake — you have a lot to look forward to!)

        Norway’s huge team sport is soccer. Skiing and other winter sports are also huge, as you can imagine. 🙂 It’s a very active and healthy country!

        I know what you mean about needing more time to read other blogs. I’ve found so many that I want to dive into … now, if we could only harness our super-human-woman-powers and add a couple hours to each day in order to do so.

        Have a fabulous week!


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