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Music while you wait (Vol. 2)

Source unknown, but greatly appreciated!

Hey friends!

Just a quick note to let you know all is well in MamaMick land. I have so many fun and exciting things to share with you, but “day job” planes, trains and automobiles have kept me all tied up. I appreciate your visits here and on my photography site. In fact, it feels like a Christmas present when you reply or comment–like getting a real letter in the mail! I’m eager to get caught up on all of the great stuff you are writing, too.

Here’s a quick recap of what to expect in the next couple of weeks:

  • Spring Storms have arrived in my neck of the woods–it’s time you saw the Weather Girl side of my personality
  • Almost Spring also means that I’ll need to make sure hubby is reminded of the gardening rules–Eliminating Husbands and other Garden Variety Pests
  • Guest Post–I’ll be sharing an excerpt from Running on Sober that the awesomesauce hostess with the mostest Christy is having me write monthly-ish for her page–The Braveheart Chronicles (you can click here if you don’t want to wait!)
  • Throwback Thursday–Who You were Before You were You (This may include a Reader’s Challenge)

Thanks for your patience while I take all of the swimmy stuff in my head and transfer it to the keyboard. In the meantime, listen to this happy song by David Nail.  It makes dance like a crazy person in the kitchen and I always crank it up to cover the braying of my own voice when I sing along.

I don’t look like the pretty chicas in the video, but I have a husband who makes me feel like I do (even when he’s the one who caught me dancing).



12 thoughts on “Music while you wait (Vol. 2)

  1. Waitaminute – eliminating husbands???
    A bit extreme in the quest for roses and fresh basil. no? 😉

    Fun tune.
    I bet the girls in the video doesn’t look quite that pretty all the time either. Though I think my wife is beautiful all the time.


  2. Yeah – them chicas are all dolled up and prettied up for the cameras, my friend. As Guapo said, they ain’t all purty all the time. They’re just doing a job for the music video gods. I am sure if you ask hubby (the one you want to eliminate, by the way) he’d say you’re the belle of the ball 🙂

    Glad to hear that you’re keeping busy. I got tired just reading that. I am primping (plushing? Plinking? Pumping?) up a pillow to rest inbetween keystrokes here as I listen to that darn tootin’ fella talk about chicas painting toenails.

    I hope I can keep up with it all.



      1. We’re engaged because we’re an endangered species now…and hey, if we’re gone, who’s going to take out the trash on Wednesday mornings? I bet the author of that book didn’t think of *that* 🙂


    1. Bahahaaa! Paul and El Guapo have expressed some pre-post trepidation so it’s good to know that I’ll have a fellow gardener in my corner when it comes to pest elimination. Stay tuned–hope to edit that piece this week!


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