Adventures in Imperfection


So often we see our bruises as markers for bad memories, mistakes or poor decisions. I view them as reminders of grand adventures, unraveling laughter and lessons I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

My best stories are often inspired from the black, blue and yellow marks on my knees or head (and my heart).

These bruises make for better conversation
Loses the vibe that separates
It’s good to let you in again
You’re not alone in how you’ve been
Everybody loses, we all got bruises
We all got bruises

~Lyrics by Pat Monahan

How often do we forget to be joyful in the face of struggle? To hide our emotional battle scars and bandage over the wounds with futile attempts and masks.

To cover up our bruises.

We all got bruises–it’s okay to let them show.

15 thoughts on “Bruises

  1. Bruises are the markers of my journey, metaphorically speaking. Bruises show me that I am human and that I am fallible. Plastic bubble wrapping myself does nothing except preserve something that is meant to be touched and hurt a bit. I don’t want to become a museum piece, so I allow life to handle me, rough me up a bit, put me back and let me show of my human-ness to the world, yes?

    We all have had our struggles, and continue to have. It’s ok to open our arms and show others our bruises. People have done the for me, and I pay it forward. Being a part of, and not apart from is what keeps me in the game.

    Thank you for this – wonderful words to ponder today 🙂



    1. Dear Poet Paul,

      I always look forward to and value your comments. Plus, you gave me a chuckle with the bubble wrap as I’ve been accused of needing some just for safety 🙂

      “I don’t want to become a museum piece”

      So true! Exhibits in museums don’t get to interact or be a part of the audience viewing the pieces. What fun is there in that, right?

      Thank you again for stopping by and adding your thoughts–I always learn more after reading your entries.


      Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 17:57:00 +0000 To:


    1. How cool is that! I love Train. Happened to hear this song during a three-hour drive. It made me happy, so I thought it might do the same for someone else. Thanks for stopping by…I’m way behind on my reading! I’m sure you have something juicy waiting for us!

      Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2014 21:21:48 +0000 To:


  2. i love this post. i never hide my bruises, emotional or physical. i either wear them as prideful badges, or painful lessons learned but i never hide them. by the way not sure if you are following me or not but i am now following you


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