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Life’s Music Playlist: Reader’s Challenge #3

Happy Friday folks!

If you’re like me, you’ve trudged through fourteen inches of snow and/or messy  life circumstances to make it through another week of being who you are and doing what you do.

You’ve met (and missed) deadlines, possibly been buried in laundry and have pieces and parts of life buzzing and picking at your brain like gnats in your ear. Perhaps the bills have piled up, you’re uncomfortable with new work responsibilities, worried about your kiddos and things just seem so serious.


Admittedly, I’ve spent the last week (or two or three) bathing in a repugnant cess pool of self-pity and constant over thinking. Add to that, I haven’t had a good run in almost three weeks–this hummingbird is about ready to go beast mode on Mother Nature.

After I mumbled something about the meaning of life during in the context of melancholy poetry, my bestie scolded me gently, “Maybe you’re reading too much of your own stuff.” She is so smart!

It’s time to lighten things up a bit, don’t you think?

Whenever I’m having a bad day, I purposefully harness the power of laughter by looking at silly YouTube videos, watching Jimmy Fallon’s best, reading my favorite humorist (hey Ned!) and playing music that I don’t let my kids listen to…LOUD!


Life’s Music Playlist

  • Time to draw a line in the sand or stand up to a nasty person:
    Hair of the Dog by Nazareth
  • Work dictates a 3 a.m departure time for Fargo, ND followed by 10 p.m. arrival time in Denver, CO:
    –No Sleep til Brooklyn by the Beastie Boys
  • Jeans a little too tight?
    –Brick House by the Commodores
  • When you need people to pipe the heck down:
    Smoke a little Smoke by Eric Church
  • Need a little romance?
    Let’s Get it on by Marvin Gaye
  • Presentation to give in front of 500 people and sound smart while doing so:
    –Brave by Sara Bareilles
  • When the last mile of a 10 miler (or 1 miler) just isn’t going well:
    –Lose Yourself by Eminem
  • If you’re pissed, upset, and want to punch something:
    Fake it by Seether (explicit version works best)
  • You just wanna dance!
    Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
  • Get pumped up before heading into the grocery store:
    –It’s Tricky by Run DMC
  • Cruisin with your bestie:
    Calornia Lovin’ by 2Pac (nothing says misfits like two 40-something mamas head bobbing to 2Pac in a Ford Taurus)
  • And finally, you just need to pretend like you don’t have a crappy job and that you’re a paid singer: At the top of your lungs, please (window rolled down)
    Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

I LOVE music because it has the power to fix things–or at least feel like they are fixed. Don’t judge me by my playlist, but there are times I have to bring out the big guns, shout the profanity and buy into the bad decisions other people are singing about. These tunes help me iron out irritability, remove negative energy and focus efforts elsewhere.


Well, kids…I have a router to fix, meetings to attend and toilets to clean. Time to rev up that playlist.

 I wanna be a Cowboy baby!

What songs do you listen to when it’s time for you to kick butt and take names? Share with us all in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “Life’s Music Playlist: Reader’s Challenge #3

  1. I love your playlist! Probably because all those songs are on mine lol I use Break Stuff (Limp Bizkit) when I’m pissed and want to break something though, and when I have thoughts of “maybe I should have been a rockstar instead of a Mom”, Jukebox Hero (Foreigner) or the classic – Johnny B. Goode!


    1. Oh Jennie..I love you more than I did yesterday 🙂 Isn’t it awesome how we can be moms (us), poets (you), photographers (me) and then completely lose our minds when we want to act like a rock star on a bad day. I’m jammin’ sister!

      Thanks for playing!!


  2. A few of the songs from my recent playlist. More will come to mind later but these were at the top of my mind:

    Driving behind the slowest person on earth when I’m in a huge hurry (as I seem to be 90% of the time) – Bad Habit by Offspring

    Times when I need to just dance – Groove is in the Heart – DeeLite and/or A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley

    Not sure why, but on mornings I just am not feeling like going to work I tend to play Do You Right by 311 and things seem a bit better.

    That’s all for now – rock on!


    1. Okay, Brandy…those are awesome! OFFSPRING in traffice? Priceless! And yes, you can’t not dance to Deelite. You are even more cool than I thought…and I thought you were pretty cool to begin with 🙂
      Thanks for playing!


  3. As usual you seem to know how we all are feeling sweetie. 13 f’ng inches of snow and it’s cold, boring and life just downright sucks in Kansas right now. Life insurance has risen and jobs are lost, dealing with kids, bills and elderly with dementia. I want to sell everything I own and move to the Bahamas but my children aren’t having it…….so I clean, (cuz I don’t cook), and I play music. Here’s what I listen to…….

    Nelly Furtado. Say It Right
    Sly and Family Stone. Dance To The Music
    KC and The Sunshine Band. All of their songs
    Michael Jackson. Pretty Young Thing
    Tommy James.
    Eddie Money

    Anyways I’m showing my age. I remember you always liked Pour Some Sugar On Me. I always played Highway To Hell while driving to work on I70.

    Love ya you sweet beautiful woman



    1. Can you hear me squealing clear across town, Debbie? You done good, lady! LOVE all of the ones you picked and am pretty sure you and I have danced to a few (our men were optional partners!) Nelly Furtado–yes! PYT is still running through my head–I can’t think of any I don’t love on your list.
      I had the music on all day and Scott finally sent me out of the house. He said, “You have got to DO something before you go crazy and take us with you.”
      Bahamas…you and me pretty lady!
      Love you, too!


    1. Aw, thanks Mr. Hook 😉
      The fact that you called me young is another step in the right direction! BTW: Lighter themes continue this week (I’m saving serious stuff for my other website). With the weather and two dogs in the house for three weeks, one has to keep a sense of humor, no?


  4. I love this! I’ve been having severe cabin fever lately and haven’t been a real peach to be around. My favorite time of the day is when I can put in headphones and blare the music. This usually doesn’t happen until all the kids are asleep, but it helps with my mood so much. My playlist always changes but my go to, screw everyone playlist includes Metallica– they just remind me of younger days when I had nothing to worry about. So “Master of Puppets” is high on my playlist.

    Lately I’ve also been addicted to “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri– because I think I can sing when I have headphones on and I want to sound like her, I’m convinced that I do. I don’t, but I sound good when I can’t hear myself. Make sense? lol

    “Gorilla” by Bruno Mars because I like the dirty lyrics even though it’s not my standard style of music.

    “Troublemaker” by Olly Murs because that just makes me want to dance.

    I’m going to go through your list and play those tonight, see what I’m missing out on.


    1. Awesome picks, Dye! I’m cracking up cuz I’ve done the whole singing while my headphones are in thing…hubby has made stop on more than one occasion 🙂 Yep..can’t screw the world witout a little Metallica.
      A quick note on a comment you left me earlier (yes, I’m behind). Your acceptance of everyone truly DOES come through–it was why I was drawn to your words in the first place. As I mentioned, I sent many of my mama friends your direction…they love your site!! LOVE it!
      Back to the playlist–it will totally give away my age. When I wanna feel like a younger bad A, I reach for Bruno Mars and P!nk.
      Happy head banging, dear and thanks for stopping by.
      XO, Michelle


    1. You are awesome, Mae!
      Honestly, I had a bit of “publish this” remorse. What seemed like a simple concept soon turned into wishing I hadn’t posted something so personal as my less-than-literary playlist. As comments continue to pour in from people I respect and admire, it dawned on me that we all have our different releases that are personally relevant. Seeing your call out to Punk Rock (REAL punk rock!) helped me relax a little and take comfort in the fact that it’s awesome to have friends who can discuss the Bronte sisters and eclectic music in the same week-end. Thank you 🙂


      1. Thank you so much! I am glad that you did not let your “publish this” remorse get in the way of keeping the post up. Even intensely literary people (usually) have a wide variety of inspirations, some of which come from so-called pop culture. I’m no different. In some ways, punk rock has been as important to my creative and intellectual development as 19th century Russian literature, George Bernard Shaw, and 20th century modernism (see: Joe Strummer and The Clash). My December 2010 wedding revolved around literature and punk rock (and Scotland, for my husband). I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 🙂


    1. Tee! Hee! This was an old post and I had to read it again. I’m glad I did cuz it’s time to rev up some tunes!!!
      Thank you for taking the time to read it and making my day!! Xo


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