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Be Brave (Part 2)

Remember yesterday’s instruction to Be Brave? Here’s a little more to get the juices flowing as you head into another challenging week of work/parenting/caregiving/being-all-you-can-be.

Christy, a talented blogger and newly found friend, reminded me that “brave” is her word for 2014. Her kind comments (and enduring bravery) reminded me of a fantastic song by Sara Bareilles.

I’ve listened to this song no less than 50 times and am eagerly looking for the next opportunity to be courageously outrageous.

Watch the video, listen to the words and let the joy fill your heart like it filled mine.

“Say what you wanna say…
Just let the words fall out
Honestly, I wanna see you be brave! “

What an anthem for us all!

How big is your brave??

6 thoughts on “Be Brave (Part 2)

  1. I know I commented on the original post about this song, but! I need it more now than ever. I’ve been feeling an unreasonable amount of timidity and fear about some big steps and scary moves in the future– I need to just embrace them and listen to this song on repeat a thousand times 😉


    1. I read your post yesterday and thought, “Now THAT is bravery!”
      Another fitting quote that I’ve seen in several places:
      Son: “Can a man be brave if he is afraid?”
      Father: “That is the only time he can be brave”
      You are right there, my friend!!


      1. Aw, is that Game of Thrones? I’m such a geek.
        And writing these posts gives me some measure of anxiety but… I want to tell that story for so many reasons. Thanks 🙂


      2. It IS the Game of Thrones. You are good! I found the quote on Christy’s blog as well as several other spots. I have yet to see the show, but it looks awesome.
        Keep telling your story…I have to believe it helps on so many levels.


      3. It most definitely helps to tell my story/stories. Thank you for being someone who will read along with me in that process.
        And oooh you should watch the show! I’m not a huge TV person but it is soooo good, promise!


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