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Run like a dog!

Run like a dog!

“Run like a dog” was the morning’s mantra pasted on Facebook. Flippin’ -30 outside and my dog (Cleve) would still want to run. For miles. He’s the one who usually gets me outside even in the craziest of conditions.  We ran yesterday at 24 degrees, but today’s 20 mph north wind and 9 degree air temp are keeping me firmly planted and wrapped in a blanket in front of the Green Bay game–much to Cleve’s dismay.

“Are we running, Mom? Can we go running, Mom? Please take me running? Are those running tights? And your watch? AWESOME! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Now! Now! OH.MY.GAWD. NOW!”

The FB post went on to share how dogs want to run no matter how cold or hot. They don’t wear a heart monitor, they don’t measure pace or worry about looking cute in running tights. The inspirational FB dude told me to get off my butt and go “Run like a dog. ”

Imagine if I tried to run like my dog. It would look something like this….

Trot, canter, gallop, stop suddenly. Repeat. Ditch dive, lurch forward, sprint backwards. Repeat. Lift my leg. Stretch, take off urgently. Sniff, urinate, chase squirrels, poop.


Can you visualize a grown woman in tights chasing a squirrel up a tree after popping a squat on Croco Road?

Nobody needs to see that.

I’m gonna lay in front of the fire.

Like my OTHER dog.


16 thoughts on “Run like a dog!

      1. Hehe. Stay warm, my friend. Btw, the lows on Tuesday are suppose to be 10 degree F here. Yes, and I’m south of you. I shutter to think how cold it’s going to be in your neck of the woods. Fido may have to run on the treadmill this coming week. 😀



      2. Ewwwww….treadmills! As promised, it’s -9 with -24 windchill here. Mr. Cleve will have to stay curled up under my desk while I pretend to work at my day job 🙂

        Stay warm, my friend! Good to know that you’re south of me–I like visualizing where my friends live when I write.

        XO, M

        > Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 00:41:05 +0000
        > To:


  1. Haha! Yes, I don’t think I’d like running like MY dog: super motivated for about 20 seconds, tongue flapping, legs flailing, suddenly realizing my body is not up for the exertion, stopping, looking about for a soft patch of grass, collapsing. I wonder if there’s a “My Fitness Pal” entry for that workout?


    1. Hi Aussa! I could totally see Snavs finding a soft, snuggly patch of grass 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and reading (I’m working on a comment for your latest AMAZING post). If I run across that Fitness Pal app, I’ll be sure to let you know 😉


    1. Thanks friend! While I’ve not ran up the tree, I’ve definitely ran INto a tree (thanks to a squirrel and my zealous dog). I appreciate you stopping by and reading…always a joy to hear from you!


  2. Cleve could be my MacKenzie, except she squats instead of lifting her leg. But just getting me *out* there is one of her many gifts to me, and I’m so grateful for that.

    However, there’s something to be said for just lying in front of the fire. So that’s another excellent gift suggestion from canine family member to human. 🙂


    1. I love MacKenzie already! I assume you were able to bring her with you and keep you company in Norway? I’ll need to see a picture at some point. I love pooches!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading all of my stuff. I’m hoping to get caught up on my WP reading this week–talent like yours inspires me 🙂


      1. Thank you for your wonderful compliment, Michelle! I responded to your writing immediately (thank you, Robert Frost, for introducing us) and can’t wait to explore your blogs further. But I sure understand the “catch up with my WP reading” – if I could spend all day reading and commenting and responding, I’d be a happy girl. Darn you, *real life*!

        Mac has a staring role on my blog. I’m on the “other side” of motherhood (empty nest syndrome, adjusting-to-a-new-country blues, and menopause, anyone?!), and she’s honestly been a foundation for my sanity many, many days.


  3. Awww…she’s a chocolate lab! Kisses to Mac 🙂
    Cleve is not my “list today” having woke me at 4 a.m.
    Empty nest and menopause…my nest is half empty and menopause keeps dropping in for a visit…she’s bound to stay one of these times 🙂


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