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The KC Chiefs: Should I take them back?

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This morning, before the first rays of daylight even hit my face, I was awake and “they” were on my mind…AGAIN. Fuzzy images of Dwayne Bowe running down the side line, Alex Smith completing passes and a defense that reminds me of the good old Derrick Thomas days.

Damn memories.

I texted my BFF,  “I’m tempted to have a one-game stand with the Chiefs today. Should I do it?”

Kelsey quickly replied back, “Dude, I won’t tell anyone.” 

I’m so tempted.  The jersey is already in my closet and I’ve got hot shoes and war paint for the occasion. There is plenty around this house to keep me busy, but I’m already mentally cancelling moving around an imaginary list of chores that need to be accomplished so that I’m free during game time. Those old feelings are surfacing and I can’t find anything to curb them.

Admittedly, I wouldn’t mind if they laid the hurt on the Broncos. The Mile-High team that so often ruined a perfectly good Sunday with a last-minute, full field drive by Elway (you have GOT to be more than 4 touchdowns ahead with that man), but I have my pride to consider.

That doesn’t change the fact that I’m starting to get weak.

If I do cave, that just sets me up as a prime target to enjoy the rush one minute and get hurt the next. Feelings of regret tomorrow morning coupled with the walk of shame.

If I don’t cave, I could be missing out on a really fun afternoon full of decadent memories and debauchery. Worse yet…what if someone ELSE  jumps on the bandwagon and I don’t? I’ll have to look at FB  pictures of some other girl with MY team. Some other blue-eyed girl who still needs to be carded for beer wearing only a half shirt and a smile.


Did I just say “my team?”

I’m going to neither confirm or deny, but if you can’t find me at 3:15, you might go looking in a shady bar somewhere…I just washed my Marcus Allen jersey and found a very nice pair of high-heeled shoes.

….to be continued.

PS: If you don’t know where all of this started, feel free to take a peek at the original Post: Why I will Never Love the KC Chiefs Again

4 thoughts on “The KC Chiefs: Should I take them back?

  1. A one-game stand, hahahaha! Dude, there were some fabulous games on the past few days. I was thrilled that my GA Bulldogs turned it on, and, wow, that Auburn/AL game… wow, just wow. I was happy Atlanta won too–though they make it really hard for a girl, ya know. Most of my teams like to take things down to the wire, ugh. I’m sure it has cost me a few precious days off my life, LOL.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, M, enjoy this week!


    1. Hi Christy!

      I totally thought of you during the Georgia game…gotta love this time of year!! I was in the car during the Alabama/Auburn game but kept getting text message updates from my fanatic mama friends.

      As far as the Chiefs…so glad I didn’t shave my legs for that debaucle. I think I’m going with the Patriots.

      Hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well. I LOVE your page and am looking forward to some vacation time when I can spend quality time writing AND reading.



      > Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 17:40:25 +0000 > To: >


      1. Just spit tea all over my keyboard at not shaving legs, LOL.

        T’giving was very nice … low-key, lots of good food, lots of football.

        Stop by anytime, whenever you need a breather or inspiration. xoxoxo



      2. That one got my hubby, too. Thinking about adding it at the end 🙂

        I certainly do stop by your page frequently. I’m finding that my writing is much better when I’m reading…I can tell that I need to pick up my frequency again. Darned writer’s block!

        xc,m 🙂

        > Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 19:16:51 +0000 > To: >


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