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Friday Favorites


Turns out I really WASN’T Blowin’ Smoke (see previous post) because it’s FRIDAY and I’m going to make my self-imposed (FAKE) deadline. It will be the first one I make all week. Woo! Hoo!

You have given me so much joy as I read about your favorite people, places and things. Thank you so much for the e-mails, text messages and comments. I can’t wait to share them with you.

From my mom, Marguerite–a truly heartwarming note that made my day:


“One of my favorite things is looking at your Dad’s grey hair, sun wrinkled skin and beautiful eyes. My heart still skips a beat! I also love seeing my children becoming the wonderful parents and people they are.”

This is a picture of I took of my handsome daddy at a recent football game. My proud (and love-struck) mom was standing right beside me as we snuck in several snapshots.

From my fabulous mama friend, Terri:

“The feel of Sunday, it just feels different from any other day.
Hearing ‘I love you’ from a child and knowing that they really mean it.
The tug of crappy on the line.
The sight of the first morel mushrooms popping up in the spring!”


And let me say, Terri looks adorable in waders and boots.  I will NEVER get used to the spelling of crappy, though I DO love the taste!

From beautiful Brandy:

“Smiles of my kiddos
Boots (the picture above is for you, Brandy!)
Christmas and everything about it: the music, decorations, Black Friday shopping, Christmas movies (including the cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime ones), I could go on and on!”

Here’s Brandy’s house…in early November.  Doesn’t this make you smile….

GetAttachment[1] (2)

From my awesome co-worker and friend, Susanne who taught me all about “keeping calm and carrying on….”

“My favorite thing could be what every 45-year-old mother of four children would say: sleep, quiet, and booze. But ah contraire, my favorite thing is my bed, but not the reasons your thinking (get your mind out of the gutter). It’s for a nightly ritual called “snuggle time.” My beautiful 6-year-old daughter will inevitably sneak up into my lap with her thumb in her mouth and her ratty blanket and ask, “can we snuggle?”
Off the two of us go, up to my room, climb into bed and rest, no TV, no iPads, no phones, just us. Before you know it, her twin brother will appear, climb in and join the quiet or conversation. Followed next by his 9-year-old brother. The four of us will snuggle for a while and one by one, they move on to their next stop.
Then, my all time favorite thing happens, my 12-year-old son will eventually show up, if I wait long enough. He will wander in and start to talk. I do a lot of nodding, listening, but no sudden movements for fear that I will frighten him away. Just the right amount of questions to keep it going for as long as he will let it and then POOF…the moment is gone and he’s off to text his friends. I hope snuggle time lasts forever!”

You should see Susanne’s beautiful kiddos…all blonde, beautiful and Scandinavian hockey players (minus sis!)

From sweet (feisty) Louisa–one of my favorite people in the whole world:

“My first cup of coffee in the morning – quiet, reflective, inspiring time
One-on-one conversations with my kids, open, funny, honest
Music that makes you smile because it evokes a memory–U2, MC Hammer (yes, I just said that!),  Elton John
Church and personal time with God.
The simple beauty of Kansas….

GetAttachment[1] (3)

(photo credit to Julie Unruh)

Louisa doesn’t even get upset when I send her 6 a.m. text messages (during her quiet coffee time) and I know for a fact that she SHOULD have also listed ACDC in her “song list.”

From a dear, quiet friend who preferred to remain anonymous.

“Wearing my husband’s sweats and t-shirts…could care less if I am seen in public with them on. Gives me the feeling that I am wearing one of his big ‘ole bear hugs all day long!”

To see these two together, you’d have no doubt that their love is strong, vibrant and beautiful…20 years and counting! This simple little paragraph made me misty and INSTANTLY happy!

Which is the whole purpose for posting these.

My BFF Kelsey called me a couple of weeks ago and said, “Hey dude, I’m sorry I haven’t sent you any favorite things yet. But, I have to tell you. I think about it everyday. Even though I don’t send anything, I think about my favorite things and people and it makes me smile and it makes me happy.”

Then she sent me a picture of her Boo….


Who just happens to be one of my favorites, too!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week-end is filled with joy, love and favorite things. Keep sending them…lots of Fridays to come:

Up next: Let’s Get Naked! or “Deep Dark Secrets in Keeping House”…it just depends on where the Mountain Dew takes me.

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